Vape Review of Naked 100 E-liquid Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

April 23, 2018 12 min read

Vape Review of Naked 100 E-liquid Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

Vape Review of Naked 100 E-liquid Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

By Nataly Komova

The Naked 100 E-liquid combo pack features a trio of their top selling flavors including a 60mL bottle of Very Berry, a 60mL bottle of Hawaiian Pog and a 60mL bottle of Amazing Mango. This delicious combination of flavors offers you some of the best fruit flavored vapes available in the market today at a great value. Amazing Mango is a delicious mango with tones of peach mixed cream for a flavor that is good to the last drop. Hawaiian Pog is a delightful blend of passion fruit, guava and oranges reminiscent of your favorite tropical cocktail. Very Berry is a sweet explosion of blueberries and blackberries finished off with a candied lemon drizzle. Save 10% off retail price by bundling and get your Naked 100 (180mL) E-liquid combo pack today!

Vape Review of Naked 100 E-liquid Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Naked 100 E-liquid Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

what up YouTube the German man from
flava chase of vapor views and today got
an image good review from my favorite
ejuice company on the planet bay today
we're going to have a good look at all
three flavours from naked 100 cream I
get out just sends over to me by my man
Mike inocencia we got three flavours
here we got naked 100 cream naked
unicorn this one looks to be a
strawberry and cream not too keen on
strawberry and cream that mimes and then
we got Azul berries that's supposed to
be a very very raspberry cream as you
guys can see the pictures they're really
recognize and then we got go Nana's
sorry for the light it's really really
bright plus I got a new road mic so let
me know how this audio is is it a
difference from the old quality to the
quality you get now so we got go Nana's
this is a button banana cream so plain
and simple right so without further ado
we'll go ahead and throw it on three
atomizers on my JW customs 550 J
so without further ado let's go ahead
and get in with that bomb-ass intro and
I'll see you guys in just a minute
okay guys we are back and today like I
stated before the intro we're going to
have a good look at naked 100 cream wine
okay so I want to send the special
thanks to my man Mike innocencio for
sending these to me out to review for
you guys because number one mild a blast
is my oldest practice my whole day vape
is green blast and I just can't fucking
go one day without it plain and simple
my hands down my favorite geez company
of all time
naked 100 so shout out to you my man
might you're the man all right so we got
three flavours to get through and I got
three Addie's I got the OBS cheetah - we
got the old this is a goon version one
and we got the goon LT in my opinion I
think it's got really good flavor
because it's nice and short and stout
and it produces good flavor in my
opinion very subjective okay so I am on
breezy calm that's these people have a
lot of ye liquids and that was the first
one that popped up when I googled neethu
100 cream the cream line alright so we
got the first flavor we're going to go
ahead and take a look at the strawberry
the strawberry and cream as you guys can
see here really beautiful labels not
childlike at all they know how to make
very presentable autos of e-liquid with
all your warnings your bar codes your
batch number information dates are
really really good always good with
naked 100 and a little word to the wise
I said it in a previous video there are
companies out there that are cloning
these juicers so if you look at the
bottom of the bottle okay to know that
you got an authentic I don't know if
it's going to show up here if you got an
authentic authentic one this is made by
USA v blab and on the bottom it says on
the bottom of the bottle it says USA
vape lab and on the top when it's sealed
it's has the clear cellophane with the
black USA vape lab oh go on it
their trademark there so that's how you
will know you have a genuine product
because a lot of people have telling me
make it 100 socks and it tastes like
shit and ads and all this other shit you
probably got a fucking knockoff okay of
the Jews don't ask me why they're
knocking off naked 100 and a bunch of
the juices but it is what it is all
right so the strawberry and cream pretty
explanatory it would be strawberries and
cream but let me give you see if there's
anything else here serves up of Ag so
good so might consider it amiss naked
unicorn offers up through Venus that you
come to know from maker 100 mix into a
creamy milk base that might inspire you
to toss away every other illiquid in
your collection and replace it with
naked 100 so it is a 70/30 VG PG and it
does come in okay 60 ml bottles zero
three six and twelve milligrams of
nicotine alright let's go ahead and
crack this open
I took the seal off just so I don't have
to pay me guys with all that shit
alright they have been sitting there for
about a week oh I have invade them I
don't vase them until the review so I
get that first honest straight raw
opinion as soon as I vape it so you guys
can get it as well so let's crack it
open and give it a smell alright this
one first off I smell like a really
fresh strawberry and I get a creamy note
it almost smells like a strawberry
custard but not it's a really fresh
strawberry got a nice clear liquid it's
like a little going towards the yellow
side but it's really really clear really
really nice smells really really good
alright like I said I got it on the 550
J by JD Custom and we're going to go
ahead and throw it on the cheetah
well fuck with that sheet aversion to it
this one's going out 2.28
oh and I forgot to give you a price
price on this is $19.99 I'm breezy calm
I will link all the people that do sell
this item in the video's description I
also will naked 100 the schwartzie
liquid and mega 100 calm in the video's
description for you guys as well
so let's ahead and give it a taste
because I haven't done that let's go
ahead and give that a DAB on my finger
this this case really nice
I get that creaminess I'm almost getting
like a milk and a really fresh
strawberry and as you guys can say I
have not made this like I said I wait
till II review to go ahead and do it
even though it kills me inside because I
want it they I want to vape it's so
fucking bad because they are so good
these liquids and I can't say about
these yet because I haven't tried them
but let's go ahead and saturate my and I
have on here a dual Clapton coil now
these like I said these are still the
coils that I that I installed when I
reviewed this item these are the Clapton
coils that came with the OBS cheetah -
now I'm not sure if they're calling it -
or version - so we'll go ahead and see
I'm going to call it version 2 cos the
second version of it alright you smells
are really really nice man I'm getting a
lot of fresh strawberries and one thing
about naked 100 the Schwarz elicits they
know how to make fucking ear equipment I
you know ever since I tasted Green
blessed I cannot get enough of that
it's my old day vape and I if I lose it
and then I'm going to have a fucking
problem so we're at 0.28 we're at 100
watts I'm going to go ahead and lower it
and a dried and start off at 80 so I
don't have to burn the ever-loving shit
out of my curls ever review for this
coming up so stay tuned that's going to
be a really really nice fucking review
alright 80 watts naked 100 naked unicorn
this is a strawberry and they're saying
there's milk and cream so let's go ahead
and give it a fucking rip
right off the bottom tasting almost like
a custard but not I get like a weird not
not a weird it's a good it's a it's a
good taste it takes it a very creamy
custard type deal but I'm not getting
the cream because I only took one bait
let me go ahead and fucking do the right
thing here
like fucking Spike Lee yeah I'm getting
strawberries I'm getting more of a
strawberry milk and a cream so I don't
want to go ahead and mislead you guys
that's exactly what I'm tasting the
strawberry this is a three milligram
nicotine I get no throat hit let me go
and raise the wattage I said they never
disappoint me and I'm not I'm not biased
I love Naked 100 and their line of
liquids and to be honest with you they
have never let me down I mean there was
one that I didn't like it was the mango
because I'm not into mango it always it
always taste and smell like feet you
don't I mean so I don't know i'm not a
mango person but anyway let's go ahead
we're at 101 watts with clouds up good
I'm getting I'm definitely getting all
the notes in this one I definitely like
I said there's something more than more
than a cream in this one that I'm
getting like like almost like a custard
it tastes it tastes very nice but I
don't want to peg it as a cream I do
taste the cream but I'm tasting like a
very creamy custard a very fresh
strawberry and a very creamy custard
okay so one more shot and we'll move on
to the next one yeah no this is good man
this is absolutely fucking good I'm
getting every flavor in that profile and
it tastes good it's nice and smooth let
me try it out the nose
very smooth you don't taste the same out
obviously through the nose but this is a
very good juice I mean I know it's it's
a flavor that's been out there for a
long time but naked has naked 100 they
have their own spin on it because they
use quality ingredients and it tastes
really really nice it clouds up very
good they go right through the backdrop
they're really nice so two thumbs up for
naked unicorn okay a strawberry ends
cream yes time I had a problem with the
fan because it's like a thousand five
hundred million degrees in here let me
know because I do have the filter on the
road Mike hopefully it comes in through
on post editing and we'll see what
happens it's supposed to be good because
I bought this mic because of the social
experiment coming up this weekend you
guys are going to love it alright so the
next one up for debate I did want to go
ahead and try go Nana's this is there
and bananas and cream alright so we put
another Adi
let's get the goon version one on this
bigger shot one for just two wait daddy
you're right shit alright let me go and
give it a good shake same thing clean
labels picture of the sweet almond very
very nice good and give her a smell
I'm definitely getting fresh bananas not
a candied banana because there is a
fucking difference and I get the cream
so I can give her a DAB here oh that's
mmm very nice like a very creamy banana
because of this analysis all right so
let's go ahead and saturate my booth you
know what's coming next
right and let's go ahead and do that I
do have a dual alien Clapton building he
roams out to around 0.14 / 0.1 pile over
so let's go ahead and saturate the wicks
here this one I'm going to start it off
straight at like 90 95 right control
saturated on me adjust my fucking air
holes here booted out a new male same
price $19.99 you guys can get it I said
I'll link it in the description 96.5
like a temperature sure this one's very
definitely getting the bananas and I'm
definitely getting the cream I mean I
don't know which way to describe it to
you I'm dictating to you what I'm
tasting I'm getting a very sweet banana
and a cream on the exhale note throat
hit it's not bothering me at all as I
would expect from naked 100 they make
very smooth juices so let's go ahead and
bring this bitch down to I'll actually
bring it up to let's do 101 yeah let's
do 101 this one's good too I mean I'm
not a banana fan I don't really buy a
banana juices but to be honest with you
this one is really Pleasant as well so
hats off so far so good and I'm not just
saying it because it's my favorite juice
company in the world
if this juice tastes like shit I tell
you and I'm fucking dripping in it on
with this review yeah there's nothing
wrong with this juice it tastes like a
very creamy banana like bananas and
cream I mean the fuck else you guys want
trigger no throat hit that if we know
them honestly I can't knock this juice
it's a I mean it's very sweet so they
may be sweetener in here that may gunk
up your coils I don't know I just I'm
just you know trying it out now so I
can't tell you I don't have enough time
put in to tell you if it's going to gunk
up but if there is sweetener in here it
will going up the coils a little bit but
honestly this is a very good fresh
banana cream juice to be honest with you
for 7030 it's not doing bad because the
vapors is going fuckin deathly excellent
as it saturates into the cotton it
actually tastes better to thumbs up for
the go Nana's I mean I can't one knock
it if I got any other aftertaste or
anything I would tell you alright so
last but not least we got the Azul
berries alright and I would imagine that
is a blueberry and cream because it says
it right there I'm not going to give you
descriptions because the pictures are on
the bottle so I'm going to save you guys
the hassle and for the last one we're
going to use the green LP all right that
one's the same thing this no actually
these are fused Clapton's in here and
this one owns after around point one
eight alright so let's go ahead and give
it a good shake give it a good smell
this one is actually the same color that
we go Nana's okay now I've smelled this
bee bird before it smells like a fresh
blueberry but there's another note to
that blueberry that I'm getting as well
I'm getting the cream yeah fresh
blueberry and cream I mean these are
very simple not too complicated flavors
that I'm actually when I smell it it
actually smells like what you know is
dictated on the label not dictated
presented on the label smells good but
and give this one a taste
getting fresh blueberries in tree so
let's go ahead and saturate the
well let's go ahead bricking dealio
surprise my dog Frankie's not fuckin
barking up a storm I love him but he's a
pain in the butt he's a cute wrinkly
face with a puppy but he's just you know
he booked to everything if you sneeze he
barks all right let's do this one here
just gonna start it out 101 this one is
negative 100 cream Azur embedded so I
would imagine a zoo in honey make blue
curious this one's nice getting a really
pleasant blueberry on that one and like
I said a lot of these flavors are not
something that I would normally vape but
when something's good it's good
and I got a I got to tell you I was
going to say fucking tell you but I
gotta tell you really good let it
saturate into the case you guys
wondering why I do this is because I
don't want to get spit back as you blow
down on the coils it would saturate into
the Freak more and it won't give me as
much a fit back that's why I do that I
know a couple of subscribers are
actually a couple of commenters actually
asked me why I do that and that's the
reason why so true
it's fucking good to get fresh super
even clean and this is like really good
I can't knock this one either
and reset rate these I'm not going to do
that anymore
Mary alright so here we go
cloud productions good nothing to
complain about here it's not harsh on
the throat no throat hit and this is a
oh wait that's what a fucking tasted
there's a raspberry in year there's a
raspberry I knew the blueberry taste of
different as you ever you guys know that
I said I tasted more to that blueberry
and I'm getting that raspberry that's
what the fuck is in there you son of a
bitch yes that's what's on the tail end
of the pink various a hint not much it's
a hint of raspberry on the end you know
you wouldn't think that the blueberry in
the raspberry would go together but they
actually do it's good so I have no
complaints with any of these juices here
if you guys are into a different kind of
blueberries and cream with a hint of
raspberry go with the Zul berries and
I've never had any issues like I said
except for the mango with the naked 100
line but go Nana's was excellent to
taste like fresh bananas and cream and
raw Barry here strawberry and cream
naked unicorn two thumbs up so that's it
guys let me know in the comments like I
said I do have a new road mic let me
know if the audio quality is any better
and that's pretty much going to do it
for me the next review is going to be
the JW custom 550 J with the Dec 550 J
in there I'm still waiting from that
update the six was a diversion six for
the firmware so I can update it but
that's pretty much going to do it for me
guys I hope you enjoyed this video if
you did
what is it coming so you to give it a
thumbs up people give me thumbs that
it's alright everything's alright harm
no foul sure but anyway I don't know how
anybody could despite my videos I'm a
nice guy
maybe people don't like me I got
accepted but you know what
haters comments that's for the haters
not for you guys anyway thank you so
much for joining me thank you what a mic
it sounds like I got marbles in my
fucking mouth thank you so much for
joining me if you liked the video and
you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up
subscribe if you haven't because why
won't you subscribe anyway I'll talk to
you guys in the next video peace

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