April 17, 2018


Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Menthol combines the rich taste of ripe strawberry, crisp kiwi, and a subtle hint of sweet ruby red pomegranates all mixed together with an added refreshing exhale.

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 BRAIN FREEZE EJUICE

guys negative sign buy my juice video
for today's review we got some of this
naked brain freeze advertising
strawberry kiwi and pomegranate with a
splash of menthol and really sort of
excited to try this flavor it supposed
to be a good taste I'm really forward to
it I used to smoke menthol cigarettes so
personally this is anything like that I
am so with it
considerable clouds in my personal
opinion I really think this is
definitely going to be a big juice
people that are looking for a good
menthol hit it's flavorful
it's definitely taste like strawberries
and Kiwis on the inhale and on the
exhale you have a little bit of
pomegranate or
massive clouds like big clouds
I like the speakers you like the clouds
it all works out in the end
taste-wise I'm blown away by pace with
this juice that honestly tastes like a
delicious menthol normally you really
don't have a delicious mental this is a
mental that I could actually stand so
Fran taste wise with this juice taste
the strawberry and kiwi on the inhale on
the exhale you taste I'm a granite with
a cool mental very refreshing personally
I'll give it an eight but for clouds I
got to give them a nine because it blows
considerably decent clothes my name is
Johnny Five don't forget to give me a
big thumbs up let me know in the
comments below Suzanne you guys want me
to take from the future and as always
make sure you guys hit the subscribe
buttons in the corners also hit the bell
and I will catch you guys in the next
later taters

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