April 18, 2018


What happens when you set out to create the perfect replica of sour belt candies? You end up with Berry Belts by Naked 100 Candy. The amazing combination of berries paired into a gummy flavor base by Naked 100 Candy is as close as you'll get to these candies in vape form.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 BERRY BELTS EJUICE

what's going on YouTube
what's crack-a-lacking vapeworld what a
they universe it should man baby in
everybody welcome back to another
episode of that cloud taste network know
all up in your face
got another juice review for you guys
today this one I would like to give a
shout-out to I so sorry use the flower
for sending this my way to review you do
today's juice we are going to be looking
at is naked 100 candy berry bells now
this is a 70 VG 30 PG blend the flavor
profile on this one is berries and candy
so I'm guessing that's gonna taste like
a very sour belt yeah yeah so you know
how we get down here on the cloud taste
Network you guys so let's get this
started off with this smell test oh man
I get that nice potent strawberry smell
maybe mixed with like a little bit of
blue no I'm just gonna say strawberry
smells like exactly like a strawberry
sour belt so on smell test you guys go
go on ahead and give this one up 5 out
of 5 next test we got for you guys is
that throw here
man oh man let me tell you for a sour
candy juice this one is smooth so I'm
throat hit you guys there is none
whatsoever and no stinging no burning no
irritation 5 out of 5 next test we got
for you guys is I nostril exhale pan oh
man I'm just like a third that you guys
super smooth no stinging no burning no
irritation whatsoever so I'm nostril
exhale 5 out of 5 next test we got for
you guys and it's our favorite here on
the cloud taste network and you know
what that is
loud production so here we go let's see
how our clouds let's do it like this now
for a 70/30 blend you guys this G's
clouds nicely does exactly what a server
70 bg-30 PG does nice thick clouds
dissipate pretty fast but that's to be
expected from a 70 VG so on cloud
production you guys four out of five you
would get that five out of five it was a
max PG and the clouds stayed around
longer but for a 70/30 this juice is
gonna cloud trust me now brought last
testing on the cloud taste networking
it's a new one that I've added I'm gonna
tell you guys how the flavor is either
spot-on it's kind of there or it's not
there so here we go
and the flavor is all there you guys
it tastes identical to a strawberry sour
belt so thumb up on the taste man it is
really really good
so my overall opinion you guys on naked
candy 100 berry belts if you got this at
your local brick-and-mortar gone ahead
and pick it up if you have it at your
local vape shop going ahead and pick it
up and if you do not have it at either
one of those stores I will leave a link
in the description for you guys alright
guys that's all we have time for here on
the cloud taste Network everybody thanks
for tuning in just want to say they've
safe they well delay the case cloud
chase and every trip in that bottle you
guys please do not waste a drop they
safe and vague well much love peace out

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