Vape Review of NAKED 100 AMAZING MANGO

April 21, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of NAKED 100 AMAZING MANGO

Vape Review of NAKED 100 AMAZING MANGO

Naked 100 eliquid is a delightful blend of fruits and creams in an unexpected way, which brings unexpected flavor and hidden notes to your eliquid. Amazing Mango is just that, an amazing mango flavor! The mango is picked fresh from a tropical island, blended together with ripe peaches, and topped with a delicate cream creating perfection in a bottle. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Naked 100 Amazing Mango BEASTLY BECAUSE Naked 100 Eliquid creates fresh made combinations of fruit and cream, which produces delightfully balanced flavors with unexpected results. The Blast of Amazing flavors will have your tasted buds Flowing. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of NAKED 100 AMAZING MANGO

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 AMAZING MANGO

overdose babes keep you awake sweat and
it coils tight
the clouds clear removal the jews well
to overdose welcome back to overdose
beeps Yello hello and yellow hello and
Yolo Yolo and below don't be that guy
don't be the yellow guy all right so
we're looking at some ejuice for you
today um this is a prep it's called
naked 100 Toma story Travis uh people
over to Swartz who we have done reviews
we're in the past we love we actually
really love this they're kind of started
the yogurt revolution they did that you
know didn't kind of they did stuff they
did do it um they kind of knocked that
out of the park too they get really a
job I actually really liked home a lot
of companies can have a yogurt yes
yogurt flavor an absolutely smart um and
so the source people I consider them you
know friendly you know we don't know
them personally from say friends and
that they send a message and asked if we
would take a look at their friends lined
it's not has there nothing to do with
the Schwartz but is uh you know friends
of them um friends of theirs I mean have
made this line called naked 100 naked
100 there's three flavors they have them
in 60 ml bottles and they are all fruit
based flavors
yep mainly fruit based I think this one
here we got amazing mango and it
actually does have a cream element to it
it says okay so yeah definitely as a
amazing makeup features a perfectly ripe
fresh juicy mango subtle undertones of a
peach infused cream mmm the mango does
smell real like a real peel delicious
like the peel from a mango the actual
mango yeah like you get you get that
smell knocking want a cream I smell now
I get another mango so we'll see how
that how that breaks down let's check
out this bottle band they come in 60
mils which I love I don't know come on
69 I like the bottles yeah you're gonna
see the little ingredients on the side
they had the vinyl stickers stay with
yourself film it alright we'll be right
back amazing mango from Naked 100 this
one's a little hard to see on camera
the writing is kind of blending in with
the the background but in real life it's
kind of hard to see - so this is 70/30
this is in three milligram this is a
mango peach cream vape as you can see on
the little icons there this is a 60 ml
bottle it comes in 60 ml bottles we love
that all right we're back boom was that
crazy or what they're nice I like them
they're nice I like the very classy
understated understated I love the
little like kind of kitschy pictures on
the side to tell you what's in I'm
absolutely yeah great gives you an idea
at least of the flavor components so
what's going down yeah that's right okay
I got mine on the noisy cricket on the
velocity um doctor like 0.68 Somoza
cuckoo so it's not like it's noisy
mm-hmm so it's not like crazy waters or
anything and fry like I don't know 80
donor one so it's actually really creamy
yeah yeah get that crimp I immediately
get the cream uh I would say it's more
like the peach is there but I think it's
more like a mango in Mangrum it's a
mango cream yeah with maybe just a
little peach vector the beach kind of
supporting the mango up a little bit
70/30 70/30 um and it's definitely thick
enough like going on your cotton it's
definitely a you know nice thick 70 no
problem here I don't know cloud it's a
legit 70 yeah I know god I don't hate it
no and we're not big fruit guy out like
just just fruit and then maybe yep you
know the cream is kind of saving this
one if it was just that mango it might
be a little much for me yeah although
it's a natural good freshly sweet Ming
yeah yeah naturally sweet it's not over
sweetened from the from the cream from
the peach and you scream and it's not
over student in the mango there's a
little tartness there's a little
savoriness and that's not over sweet but
it is sweet but naturally stay there
Josh said and it tastes like natural
mango like a real mango not like
artificial no and it you know the peach
that's there is not candy peach either
no it's not I'm actually getting a peach
a little more now just right in the
middle of the exhale just it's
definitely throw up catch it definitely
lives on the exhale the peach stuff for
definitely that's more because that
creamy mango or alternative he'll I mean
in a really nice work yeah I guess
normally natural yeah I get that mango
cream on then hell yeah big-time and
then just the smallest amount of peach
on the XL but still I get the mango and
the in the cream on there so to but the
peaches that are kind of supporting the
mango a little bit you know giving legs
the peach is my attitude yeah definitely
yeah definitely bright sweet peach the
fruit peach yeah well I mean for not
being fruit favors mmm isn't maybe
that's why we're not fruit papers
because so much of it doesn't come
across as natural and sweet you know
yeah I think that you know when you
first start vaping you think fruits
that's what the first thing you always
think like you know after tobacco's
because getting coffee will start
tobacco's but they think that's going to
be comfortable for them and they go okay
I don't need to do tobacco's let's do
fruits and I think they're great goes
through that fruit phase and there was
points what I liked fruit vapes but I've
just kind of matured in my in my tastes
and I like things a little different now
I like a lot creamy kind of stuff
this hits those notes glue it up it
really does end up yeah Scotty about 470
it really is a nice monster great long
fill um it's a hit it's a good joke
grape juice this is a really good jus I
want to help them sorry I know you did
uh there's one thing I want to address
somebody asked in one of the other
videos how the nicotine felt so I think
we should start addressing that the
nicotine here feels very clean very
smooth no throat hit from the nicotine
at three it's at three three so there
shouldn't be anything like that as soon
as they're using something there they
shouldn't be yep they're not very smooth
very natural this above a lot of juices
because it is so naturally sweet you can
I mean if there's any artificial there
you'd get it and you're not kidding on
stuff yeah you're right with that
nicotine especially with a anomic dis
but with some cheaper juices
we should watch out John will touch on
that a little more yeah I guess I'm
dripping this again uh who's read it to
us read it yeah it's good I'm gonna say
8.75 Wow yeah
I really like it yeah like it's got a
good advertise great inhale the exhale
that little bit of peach to it I think
it's complex that I think I love the
cream aspect of it it's fucking on point
yeah and I do like to vape man it drops
that's a good filling vape on the grade
yeah just under yeah yeah but I like it
oh yeah sorry be naked
100 yep check game three flavors and
this one was amazing window yeah amazing
mango good name for it it was pretty
amazing yeah Mingo is not easily done it
comes across this earthy sometimes or or
too artificial
you like your candy like who needs candy
Tomatoes yes great job with the natural
sweetness if really nuts yeah so thing
you that the Schwartz actually are the
ones who sent it out but thank you for
the manufacturers of naked wire as well
yeah for agreeing to let us review it we
so far we like that you know that shit
was good amazing window that's a win for
us definitely try it out
yep alright to warn the line you'll see
him I'm gonna see him checked in alright
so next time people please keep close
tight keep your wick sweat

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