Vape Review of Myriad Of Menthol Juice Sampler (80ML)

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Myriad Of Menthol Juice Sampler (80ML)

Vape Review of Myriad Of Menthol Juice Sampler (80ML)

Menthol, menthol, and more menthol; can you tell this collection of samplers was made for those who are after serious mentholated freshness? Covering all ground, and making sure menthol is center stage, these flavors offer up some serious flavor plus some wildly interesting variations! Enjoy the tingle!

Vape Review of Myriad Of Menthol Juice Sampler (80ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Myriad Of Menthol Juice Sampler (80ML)

is love affection yeah how's it going
guys I am Johnny from juice all
productions this is our new employee
name is Josh
that's my JB Justin Bieber we're going
to review a juice line called mega 100
we've done 3 this is the third one this
is our third one this is a menthol line
from them from them yeah I'll leave a
link to stand up I'll leave a link to
the other two videos by them so far that
I know the last line from that we have
to give it so they got three players
premises they're all pretty menthol
flavors so we'll just go down the line
we'll talk about the flavor as we try
them so this M is called brain freeze
this one is going to be strawberry kiwi
and pomegranate and it's delightful
thanks to my favorite of the line
because Tom get the tips I got actually
drip it
clanking stuck in my head Mentos cheers
thank you mmm minty super refreshing
real clears my sinuses
it's awesome Hey yes nice pickup a lot
of the pom grand yeah I really get the
plumbing and strawberry not so much a
Kiwi sorry but definitely a strong
fruitiness to it it's not like super
heavy on the menthol it's just enough to
really cool things down a bit now just
just a bit just a smidgen close - yeah -
that one next and so this next one is
called frostbite and just so you guys
know all these are 70/30 PG ratios and
then come in 60 ml bottles
this one is a cantaloupe honeydew
pineapple flavor this one is probably my
favorite out of their line out of this
line from them me it tastes like a halls
candy or a halls pop drop its does this
like cause that sounded mean it tastes
like friggin mint that tastes like candy
to me holidays and candies grated castra
thanks for waiting there's swell fella
nation these kids I can see that after
like that see those little most angles
for me this flavor just rolls off my
tongue you're super nice it's not a
harsh hit in the back of my throat or
anything it just it's really smooth vape
for me
I want all the taste like this it holds
eye candy dude
especially like the strawberry cream one
sure yeah cool so on to the next ones
over the rebel you do it
yep on this next one this one's called
very cool this one is a blueberry
blackberry raspberry one thing that I
noticed with they've been on this juice
is that is a lot more than Holi than the
others and not saying that it kills any
a very flavor from it but it is super
strong it's very min Polly tickets
recruited very mentally
someone say it's very cool hahaha
as always there's a getting trained it's
gonna just going to keep talking anyway
so yeah like you said something clear
DEP do could you ratio 60 ml bottles
only just like all the other stuff that
made the plant nicotine opposed to
tobacco nicotine so they're going to
keep your coils more clean nice and easy
on the wick these juices are
it's definitely the most mentholated out
of all three I get more moles out of
that one
throw it down what catches me
everybody's different everybody's
different consider maybe right but I
have yet to have a flavor that I don't
work for Miss Minchin line or from any
of their lines from making 100 I think
they're all fantastic juices just meant
beltline I think they did a great job
with them that didn't really go so
recalibrate for use the strawberry Kiwi
pineapple or star BQE pomegranate
definitely my favorite pick up a lot of
notes on pomegranate
Kiwi is kind of a subtle flavor in
between strawberries a little more
abrasive I really dislike pineapple
flavor stuff I think it pays to pina
this one's not that way I don't feel no
get a lot of melon you know and
cantaloupe isn't very popular in vaping
so it's nice to see that same with
pomegranate not if you don't see a lot
of those yeah and yeah very improves in
there that not everybody UX to use you
know I mean very cool it's just it's the
epitome of one of my favorite kinds of
things like I do lots of mixed berry
flavor stuff mixed berry mix pretty one
really makes very candy stuff and so for
me don't know why I like pomegranate so
much amazing just really good so yeah
anyway so that's the recap not me cat
that's the cap on the video pretty
pretty pretty great line I'm really big
into mentholated flavors but these guys
are really good yep they're awesome
weird menthol hiatus for the last couple
weeks so good lines
definitely great not super super thick
just a really nice casual all-day beat
for me but and one do the outro I mean
this Johnny and Josh from juice well
production and you guys have a good day
change to change taste good join their
little join the revolution
well like and subscribe

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