April 25, 2018 12 min read



By Ksenia Sobchak

Backyard Boogie by My Labs Eliquid is a refreshing blend of fruits reminiscent of those hot summer nights and that cooling sweet fruit bowl.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MY LABS BACKYARD BOOGIE EJUICE

hey what's up guys it's cage here from
cage clouds dot-com and tonight we've
got a juice review I'm going through the
four different juices from the bad drip
labs juice line and I'm gonna basically
answer the question after I vape each
one of these what do I love what do I
hate stick around alright guys so yes
tonight we are gonna do a juice review
we've got four different juices to go
through now all of these are from the
bad drip labs juice line at bad drips
let bad drip I'll put a link
down in the description for you to check
that out now I got all of these I got
the entire line from my very favorite
vape shop in the entire world that is
the e spot vape shop in Alexandria
Louisiana a spot vape shop they also
sent me this t-shirt because you know
Green Green I mean how can you not love
grim greens so tonight we're gonna we're
gonna pay homage to him and we're going
to do a a juice review of these four
different flavors and we're gonna talk
about each one of them for you now
what's cool about these is I love the
marketing on them they come in these
little like a little prescription bottle
or whatever like in the in the opening
if you didn't know what this what this
juice line looked like you were probably
thinking I was like holding up my
prescriptions or whatever but I'm not
these are the these are the packages
that they come in they come in these
little prescription bottles and it's you
know just like what you're used to and
then inside of each one of these they
give you this little little thing with
their little smiley face logo which is
kind of cool I got one get one up on the
on the old bookshelf because it came
with a sticker as well so that's kind of
nice so anyway but that's not really
important and you don't care about that
what do you care about you care about
how do these juices taste and so that's
what we're gonna do we're gonna go
through each one of them and I'm gonna
try to answer that question how do they
are they good are they bad is it
something that you want to buy so that's
that's kind of what we're gonna do
tonight so yeah the one thing I want to
mention before we get too far into this
is that all of these juices can be
purchased from the e spot vape shop
online their online store it's a spot
vape shop calm
I'll put a link down in the description
there and they they're selling each one
of these for $22 for a 30ml bottle so
you know pretty decent pricing for for
what you're getting but why don't we go
through each one of them we're actually
going to start with what are we gonna
start with well why don't we just go why
don't we go along with the cart because
they give me a card and it tells me you
know what these are so why don't we
start with that the first one we're
gonna do is serial trip this is the the
bottle that it comes in and again all of
these you know kind of come inside this
little bottle so you get serial trip
here this is a let's see what does it
say it says conceived from the tear
drops by the way all of these
descriptions are a little
tongue-in-cheek okay but you know you
still get kind of what their what
they're trying to lead you to so
conceived from the tear drops of crying
clowns is your daddy's favorite fruity
cereal slathered on top of a gooey
frosted doughnut drowning in a sugar
rich milk bath alright so let's break
that down
that is favorite fruity cereal so you
know obviously they can't say it here
but that's Froot Loops slathered on top
of a gooey doughnut and then you've got
a rich milk bath so that's what we're
gonna try this is uh I've got this one
in a what is this this is the mutation
xv4 on top of the sigelei 150
temperature control I've got this one
way too high for what we're gonna vape
right now let me turn this down a little
bit because that would be really really
high for what we're actually vaping all
right this is a point 6 ohm build and it
is at 45 watts so why don't we try this
out again this is a serial trip from the
bad drips lat bad drip labs juice line
so yeah
sorry I did get one more one more one
more toot as as Grimm green would say of
that before I actually talked about it
so yeah I mean this is a good juice this
is this it tastes just like Froot Loops
it tastes like you've got a bowl of
Froot Loops kind of sitting in front of
you and you know you're you're eating
that or whatever on the inhale you get a
really strong Froot Loops flavor flavor
I'm not getting I'm not getting that
gooey frosted doughnut very much there's
maybe a little bit of kind of a bakery
flavor that really really subtle in
there but I'm not getting a lot of that
I am getting on the exhale I'm getting
that kind of that creaminess that comes
along with the milk so I can see what
they're doing there and I really like
that actually but I'm kind of on this
one I wish I got a little more donut
because more than anything else it just
it kind of reminds me of a lot of other
Froot Loops Froot Loops that I have
tried and the one good thing about this
one for those of you who have tried a
lot of fruitloop vapes some of them tend
to get a little lemony you get that like
really really strong lemon flavor on a
lot of these fruit loop different juices
and this one doesn't really have that I
mean I can taste it but it's not an
overpowering lemon flavor that you get
on some of these so that I really do
like about this one and you know for a
for a cereal vape I think is a free I
think it's a fritti that's not even a
word no it's a pretty good vape for what
it is so if you're looking for a Froot
Loops vape this is a really good one for
you alright so next up we've got
Farley's gnarly sauce this is uh this is
the next one that we're gonna try and
this one says based off the recipe older
than Bob Ross's paintbrush Wow Bob Ross
reference that's awesome so older than
Bob Ross's paintbrush we piledrive tangy
Kiwi the fruit not the bird into the
heart of psychedelic strawberries dipped
in a light bubblegum neck
so this one I'm gonna be trying in the
this is the Mad Hatter mini RDA and I've
got this on top of the the EVIC VT seed
mini 0.6 ohms and 50 watts let's go
ahead and give this one a try so yeah I
love this juice as you can as you can
kind of see from the bottle I'm quickly
I didn't get these that long ago I got
these uh what yesterday day before yes
I'm going through this one pretty quick
this is a really really good juice on
the inhale you get a very very strong
berry flavor that's you got taste I
taste the strawberries a lot more than I
do the Kiwi definitely on the inhale I'm
getting a ton of strawberries kind of a
Oh and not really even strawberry it's
kind of like a mixed berry flavor and
then on the exhale I'm getting this this
bubblegum kind of like you guys remember
big league chew
where you would buy the big league chew
like when I was a kid we would play
baseball and we had to have the big
league chew cuz I don't know it just
looked cool or whatever and you'd have
it in your back pocket and you pull it
out and it was these little strands of
bubblegum and it was this pink bubblegum
flavor and that's kind of what I'm
getting on the exhale in fact I can even
just the vapor that's kind of floating
around the office here I can smell that
that pink bubblegum flavor and it just
it's a really really good juice and this
is this is one that I could I could
totally vape all day long and never have
a problem with it because you you get
like I said with that that nice berry
flavor that you get it's not too sweet
it's not overpowering or whatever it's
just for me for my palate for what I
like this is this is perfect for an all
day vape all right so next up we have
bad blood
this one is described as a crystallized
blueberry extraction splattered with the
blood of a pomegranate hit off with a
trace of vanilla dusting so yeah so this
one I've got on the velocity RDA this is
a this is a velocity clone RDA
and this is a point 3 ohm build I tried
something a little bit different using
using 24 gauge Kanthal instead of 26
usually I built with 26 this time I
decided hey why not let's build with 24
and just see you know see if it's a
little bit different so point 3 ohm
build you don't care about that that's
not important we're talking about juice
right now not about a bill but hey I
thought I would let you know because it
is important so point 3 home bill 70
watts let's give this thing a try
so yeah bad blood is another one that I
could totally totally vape all day long
this is a really really good juice again
on the inhale your I'm definitely
tasting that blueberry I'm tasting for
me again this is kind of like there was
another juice that I did a while back
that had pomegranate in it and I guess I
don't really know the difference between
a pomegranate and a cranberry because
they kind of taste the same to me I
don't maybe it's just me I don't know
but I I taste the blueberry I taste that
cranberry / pomegranate flavor on the
inhale now the one thing that I don't
really get on this one and it's a little
bit disappointing for me is that don't
really get a lot of that vanilla it says
there's a trace of vanilla dusting in
there and I guess it's a really small
trace because I'm not tasting that at
all to be perfectly honest but even
without that it's a really really good
juice and it's again if you're if you're
into fruit flavors like I am this is a
really really good one and one that yeah
like I said this is this is another one
that this bottle is quickly going down
that I could go through and just vape
all day long and never have an issue
with it yeah love that juice love love
love that juice alright guys so here's
the last one for tonight this one is
ugly butter now this one the description
is they don't call it ugly for nothing
uncle Freddy's famous fancy fried dough
showered with carnival cultivated
cinnamon sugar serenaded serenaded with
a Cosby quality banana pudding
you gotta love The Cosby reference in
this particular juice so what do we got
we got fried dough so a donut basically
you got cinnamon and sugar and you've
got banana pudding kind of all kind of
melded into one juice if you will now
this one I've gotten on a different
velocity RDA another different velocity
clone and this one is on the EVIC vtc
mini this is at 55 Watts point four
seven ohms let's give this one a try
yeah so this is like a totally different
flavor then then some of the other ones
I'm actually going to turn this one up a
little bit because what I found on this
one is when you turn up the wattage the
the flavor kind of really comes through
so we're gonna go up to 65 watts and and
try this one again still 0.47 ohms 65
watts let's let's try it one more time
yes so this one is this one is my wife's
favorite out of these four and it's not
it's not my favorite cuz I really really
like I really really like the fruit
flavors in those other two and the the
Farley's gnarly sauce and the bad blood
but man if I'm looking for one that's
not fruit if I'm kind of wanting
something a little bit different this
one is really really good so you get the
on the inhale you get that doughnut just
like straight away you get donut flavor
like a I don't know like a nice Krispy
Kreme doughnut that's kind of nice and
hot and warm and whatever and again the
warmer you vape this it does taste
better it leaks to me when I first
started vaping it I was vaping it kind
of low and then I cranked up the wattage
a little bit and man this thing really
starts popping so I definitely get that
donut flavor I get a little just a
little bit of that cinnamon kind of in
there on the inhale and then on the
exhale it's it's hard to describe almost
it's you
still get the donut and that bakery
flavor on the exhale but there's just a
just a slight little hint of banana I
don't know if it's necessarily banana
pudding or whatever I know that's what
they're calling it but I just get that a
little bit of banana on the end and it
is uh yeah this is again for somebody
who usually like my normal routine is
I'm vaping fruit based juices a lot
actually I vape a lot of fruits a lot of
different things and and that's just
kind of what what I like and so for
somebody like me who normally vapes that
this is a nice different flavor and it's
probably the best donut flavor that I've
tasted after I've tried a couple of
different ones that I don't know I've
kind of had mixed feelings about and
they're not there they just taste fake
to me a lot of the other donuts but this
one this one tastes like an actual donut
that you're getting so this isn't really
this is a really good one so yeah I mean
that's that's four different juices that
I've tried here from the bad drip labs
juice line and every single one of them
I think are our winners every single one
of them are ones that I would fake
probably for me if I was gonna rank them
like an order or whatever of what's my
favorite to my least and it's hard the
the the top two are definitely the
Farley's gnarly sauce and the bad blood
and I kind of go back and forth as to
which one of those is my favorite kind
of depending on the time of day I guess
and then third would be the ugly butter
which I really really like and then the
last one is that cereal trip which again
is good but it's it's out of the for
somebody's got to come in last right so
that one comes in last for me but out of
the four I would definitely buy every
single one of these I would go out and
spend my money on them if you know if
they hadn't been sent to me or whatever
for review and along those lines let me
just think once again the e spot vape
shop in Alexandria Louisiana they have
three locations the Alexandria store
they have one in
Monroe Louisiana and when in West Monroe
Louisiana and they are they are great
people so if you want to support them
and you want to try some really really
good juice I would definitely recommend
going to the East bought vape shop
dot-com and checking out these for 22
bucks I think it's a good deal and I
think that you know for a 30 mil it's
not a bad price at all and for what you
get really really good juices that I
would totally vape I'm gonna vape every
one of these bottles until they are
completely empty and when they get empty
I'm gonna be very very sad and and you
know it's gonna be a it'll be a sad day
when these are empty but whatever when
they get empty then I'll just go and I
guess buy some more because because yeah
that's a thing so yeah I mean I think
that's pretty much all I've got for this
particular review I mean what do you
think about these juices have you tried
these juices do you love these juices to
you whatever let me know in the comments
down below or you can also email me at
Kevin at Kage clouds dot-com and just
for those of you who may not know or
whatever maybe you missed the the memo
on this deal I've got a giveaway going
on right now it has absolutely nothing
to do with this particular juice line
but I want to let you know because it is
going on right now I have a giveaway for
this this is the fishbone plus that I
did a review on earlier in the week and
the giveaway is going on right now
through this Friday so through Friday
the what is it Friday the 18th I think I
don't know if that's right but maybe
that's right it's Friday if it's the
18th then that's great and if it's not
then you insert whatever date in here
that it is for this Friday but so yeah
I've got that that giveaway that's going
on right now go check out the the review
for the fishbone plus on my youtube
channel and you can get in on that
giveaway and hopefully hopefully you'll
win yourself a nice little atomizer here
that I did the review on but again that
has absolutely nothing to do with the
bad drip juice company and the bad drip
labs or whatever so you want good juice
go there check it out east by vape shop
comm buy yourself some juice that's all
I've got until next time throw away that
pack of cigarettes
have yourself a vape and thank you so
much for watching this video
tonight we're going through the four
different juices from the bad drip labs
juice line we're gonna beep each one of
them and we're gonna say the word vape
weird apparently because I guess that's
a thing now I'm going through the entire
bad drip bad drip lat bug will 47 takes
to get the first freakin thing long
right don't hit the microphone don't do
that they don't call it ugly for nothing
uncle Freddy's famous fancy fried dough
showered with carnival cultivate
carnival cult it's really hard to read
this car let's just let's maybe let's
start over I don't know because I didn't
get any of that all right let's start

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