Vape Review of Muffin Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Muffin Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Vape Review of Muffin Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

By Nataly Komova

Hot from the oven, Muffin Man is a vape juice loaded with rich and delectable flavor. Muffin Man blends tasty sweet apples with a traditional muffin vape warm out of the oven. The front note provides a soothing muffin profile, followed by a juicy sweet apple on the back note. Get your bottle of this warm apple muffin vape juice now!

Vape Review of Muffin Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Muffin Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

do you know the muffin man the muffin
man the muffin man do you know the
muffin man who lives on one of the most
talked about juices of the year so far
the muffin man you can't get it in any
other size but this comes in a 180
milliliter bottle it comes with two
unicorn bottles I think mine might be a
clone I'm just kidding it's not but
they're normally green tops not white
tops unless they change something I
don't know it even says right here it
even says right here the muffin man a
liquid comes in one six ounce plastic
squeeze bottle along with two empty 15
milliliter plastic unicorn bottles with
green caps the only size you can buy so
are you gonna go roll the dice on this
juice and pick it up online maybe maybe
you will a lot of people are talking
about it if you're like me you're
probably gonna go to your local vape
shop and you're going to try it they're
gonna have a sampler there for you to
try maybe even call them and say hey do
you guys got the muffin man yet the
guy's gonna get it in you know that's
something like that so you can go out
there and you can try it and find out if
it's something that you want to buy
because this is 60 bones my vape shop
misfit vapors it is 65 so it's a tiny
tiny markup in at this store some stores
are selling it for like your 90 bucks
that's crazy that's like a that's like a
50% markup that's just nuts
there's the package one of the unicorn
bottles yeah I've got it in here
when you first get it it's got this kind
of flat top on it but you can switch it
out but um put this top cap on and it's
space looks like a big old mustard
bottle and if you go to a restaurant
they have like their own homemade
mustards and shit as a business like
it's like that size it's that same sort
of design it's got the usual warnings on
there keep away from children California
Proposition 65 yada yada yada nicotine
chemical blah blah blah muffin man
top-shelf e-liquid it's got this cool
little character over here little chef
with some muffins and some apples and
some cinnamon sticks behind them I
thought they look like milk Sheroes at
first it's me but runic USA liquid
nicotine it's an 80/20 VG PG natural and
artificial flavor is the usual stuff and
it's in a 3 milligram Nick tree Nick
very good stuff and you don't have to
let it steep either it's pretty much
ready to go right when you get it which
is good because that's a lot of liquid a
lot of liquid stick $60 is straight when
you think about it cuz 180 milliliters
for $60 what does that amount to people
math math math math math 30 cents a
milliliter basically I paid a little
more than that but 30 cents a milliliter
that's awesome that's awesome in this
juice this juice is it's it's something
in there for everyone I think I don't
know maybe not
waffles really likes it which is unusual
for her because she does not like bakery
at all
I like bakery I like apple vapes too and
that's that's what this this it's sort
of like an Apple Cinnamon muffin it's
so we got this juice to share and while
we were there at misfit vapors they even
went and they fixed the cascada for me
which is totally awesome totally awesome
didn't charge me a dime to do that I
really appreciate it because this thing
was all kind of out of whack and wonky
if you've seen the review then you know
that this is not a one-to-one clone of
the cascada at all and I'm gonna be
doing a follow-up review on it but they
went and they filed down the excess on
the posts the excess on the posts on top
they couldn't file them off with a
dremel they filed them off on the
negative and the positive posts the
screw on the positive post would not fit
after we did that but I went home and I
took these Clippers right here and just
clip that screw down the size easy as
pie and now I've got myself more of a
one to one on the cascada and I've been
that's what I've been putting with my
muffin man in and it is delicious
delicious delicious but this review
isn't about the cascada it's about the
muffin man point of that is basically
this juice works really well in a lot of
things I think it works fantastic in
something with a bit of a restrictive
airflow maybe something with that you
can put the coils right up on the
airflow even waffles has been vaping it
out of her sub tank and it's really good
out of that too but I love it Nauticus
got to love it 3 milligram Nick and tons
and tons and tons of sweet decadent
flavor it's a dessert baked people and
it is awesome maybe a dessert maybe a
breakfast one of those two things is
apples and it's cinnamon and it's not
overwhelming than the cinnamon sometimes
cinnamon for me can be a little bit
overwhelming I don't like hot cinnamon
at all waffles loves hot cinnamon
bakery cinnamon I can take but in small
doses and this is not too too
overwhelming it's really really good you
have to like Apple vapes you have to
like cinnamon babes bakery muffin style
vapes that that's what if you like those
kind of things maybe roll the dice on it
because it's a great price and it can
definitely be an adv
see that's the muffin man it's really
really good
oh I don't I don't usually believe all
the hype when I hear about something
like that
but thumbs up one-hit wonder illiquid
and they're coming out with a new one
some strawberry thing or something or
other and that's supposed to be really
good too and I'm looking forward to
trying that eventually go got a while to
work through this though this is like
getting this is like getting 630
milliliter bottles for 60 bucks and
that's crazy that's crazy that's ten
bucks a 30ml come on value value is what
this is this is value
so that's the muffin man and I'll have a
follow-up are you coming on like Escada
soon enough now that I've filed down
everything on it so look out for that
and remember to comment like subscribe
all that good stuff really appreciate
what you guys are doing there I'm amazed
at how fast this channel has grown it's
been a lot of fun and I really
appreciate it so thank you until next
time I'm your homeboy homeboy Josh bait
bond papers

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