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Mr. Macaron hits the spot when you’re craving rich, full flavored, and complex blends. Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow balances out fluffy marshmallow with a smidge of vanilla. Don’t let the simple profiles stray you away, these are some of the deepest dessert flavors available as they include hidden undertones! VG to PG Ratio 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow BEASTLY BECAUSE Mr. Macaron offers rich, full flavor blends that instantly leave you satisfied! This is one of those lines that is just jam packed with flavor! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MR. MACARON VANILLA MARSHMALLOW

what is going on YouTube it is classy
here coming at you with another
ejuice review what I have for you guys
today is an e juice called mr. macaron
the flavor that I have today is a
vanilla marshmallow this is available in
only 60 milliliter both glass bottles it
comes in zero three six milligrams of
nicotine what I have today is three this
is a 70/30 VG PG ratio and the flavor
profile is basically it's a vanilla
marshmallow macaron cookie macaroon
cookie the price point on this 60
milliliters of vanilla marshmallow by
Mack mr. Mack Iran is 1699 on their site
so this aegis was sent to me by
high-society for the purpose
of this review they want me to give my
honest opinion on it so that's what I'm
here to do so what I have today is my
Koon 24 millimeter on top of my revenant
mod they've been on some alien coils by
clean AF coils so yeah let's hop right
into it guys and for disclaimer I have
my fan on it's hot so I apologize about
that so
definitely getting a nice throat hit off
of this it's not white at all it's like
right smack in the middle you're
definitely going to get that
satisfaction for sure there's no burning
or itching or any kind of discomfort in
the throat or the nose so it's perfectly
fine so that's for flavor it's very hard
to pinpoint what it is the blend seems
complex for these people but I am
getting a vanilla and what seems to be a
marshmallow with like a tiny bit of
pastry but it's very hard to decipher
what exactly it is I can't really say
for sure it tastes like a macaron of the
marshmallow macaron but I guess that
this is it I think this is probably the
closest you're going to get
yeah the marshmallow was not strong at
all the majority of what I get is
vanilla and a hint of the pastry what is
supposed to be mimicking a macaron but
the marshmallow isn't strong at all I
can't really taste it that well anyway
what I'm getting is like I said the
majority of it is vanilla and macaroon
is basically a vanilla macaroon with a
hint of marshmallow yeah it's very it's
it's very light on that I can't really I
can't really taste any marshmallow
it's very sickly so I was really looking
forward to this flavor but uh yeah it's
not a bad flavor but would I buy it
again probably not but a it's it's an
all right juice
we're 70/30 VG PG it's to be expected
what the cloud production would be it's
a not completely you know dense and
crazy where will clog it would plug up
your room but it's definitely solid for
70/30 and there you have a case that is
vanilla marshmallow macaron by mr.
macaron hope you guys enjoyed it if you
did please leave a like and if you want
to see more content like this hit that
subscribe button I really appreciate it
and let me know what your thoughts are
on this eat juice that's it guys stay

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