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Mr. Macaron hits the spot when you’re craving rich, full flavored, and complex blends. Mr. Macaron Strawberry Cream is a well layered blend of ripe strawberries and exquisite cream. Don’t let the simple profiles stray you away, these are some of the deepest dessert flavors available as they include hidden undertones! VG to PG Ratio 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Mr. Macaron Strawberry Cream BEASTLY BECAUSE Mr. Macaron offers rich, full flavor blends that instantly leave you satisfied! This is one of those lines that is just jam packed with flavor! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MR. MACARON STRAWBERRY CREAM

what's going on ladies and gentlemen how
y'all doing today man welcome welcome
welcome back to three let's fix faith
nation eight family um vapors
welcome welcome and those who are
procrastinating the quit smoking hey
coming doing the vape side I got my Star
Wars Christmas yeah I gotta eat liquid
no for that mumbo jumbo don't eat liquid
today mr. macaroons strawberry
strawberry strawberry cream man I'll
tell you I did the salted caramel from
this bread and I want this one on
Instagram and I'm surprised know if I
got sweat so I'm gonna do this one now
what kind of purchase this one cuz it
was the next clear L we're gonna
purchase out there well I picked it up
from them directly so they have a
website right there mr. micro room I'll
put the link down there ya know what
call it's a 70 Pete it's a 70 30 70 VG
30 PG all right it comes in zero three
and six I believe their prices were 22
for 60 mil yeah 60 mil pretty cool nice
packaging they got right there give me
the ingredients warning labels and
everything pretty cool nice nice they're
pretty cool I'll tell you 60 miles even
you find the wrong all the places too so
you can look around and shop around you
make me feel so if you're interested
well I got it on the freak show version
2 or mine Essex mini
Q class running at sending watts reading
at a whole point to fog this is a fuse a
stagger fuse Clapton button special
about it but I love my freak show
let's go but let's go with the test okay
good cloudless 470 man take a little
second to drop as you can see did look
get that strawberry did that strawberry
it's more like not an artificial
strawberry it's like that real authentic
strawberry that you get from a
strawberry jam like you know from the
strawberry jelly I mean that's what
strawberry I'm getting pretty good get
that strawberry and a little bit of that
cream : inside of you but when you get
when it comes out when you got to tell
that you get some creamy creaminess to
it then yeah I could work with this one
it's real good man and my bill the
course helps it to so and this freakshow
brings out the flavor on it I did a
review on the past in the past to 2225
yeah the notes it says it's right on
I'll strawberry cream it is and it's
sweet not strong sweet not light sweet
it's right there it's like that merengue
that merengue cookie
if you have every one of those little
sugar cookies
nice and sweet strawberry creamy it is
all wrong
it is good guys I like it I tell you
I've been digging this in this brain I
gotta pick up another bottle of salted
caramel and I'll pick up another one of
these too because I really like it for
the price they go and they range from 20
to 25 you look around but you you catch
them on their on their website too they
are wanted from them and I'll be
purchasing it because I like these I
like this brand this brand has been
pretty good to me I've been enjoying
their fate you know so that's all I got
for y'all nice little quick one give you
our nice little heads up what's going on
well mr. macaroon strawberry cream man
pretty good woman and you want to check
out the other flavor that I had talked
about the salt to eat camera you can
check that one out my next one I got do
got pick up that vanilla one they got up
another one out there so gotta pick that
one up in the near future enjoyable
Pleasantville vape not harsh it's good
telling you I like it I like it I like
it you know I'm very honest with y'all
and they'll say oh boy you tling you
like a lot no got something I'll do that
sometimes I just don't put on the Front
Street they don't deserve it okay but
some I have to because someone's just
too bold to be just displaying stuff all
day well anyway thank you thank you
thank you thank you I'm gonna mumble too
much for y'all
thank you for coming back Felix pace I
appreciate it love all the subs full of
all the lights y'all give me and if you
like what you saw today and you know one
subscribe to me all right give me a like
alright I appreciate all the love okay
thank you very much and as I always say
remember check out the Sun not blowing
smoke are to be smoke-free okay make
sure we're on top of the advocacy game
out there okay you can check me on all
my social links - okay I'm always
speaking about advocacy all around okay
sometimes I just
barb the Instagram would have a kissy on
the thing okay but thank you thank you
I'll catch you on the rebound y'all take
care be safe out there peace

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