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Mr. Macaron hits the spot when you’re craving rich, full flavored, and complex blends. Mr. Macaron Salted Caramel definitely worthy of being called a salted caramel vape as it is true to its name! Don’t let the simple profiles stray you away, these are some of the deepest dessert flavors available as they include hidden undertones! VG to PG Ratio 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow BEASTLY BECAUSE Mr. Macaron offers rich, full flavor blends that instantly leave you satisfied! This is one of those lines that is just jam packed with flavor! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MR. MACARON SALTED CARAMEL

hello ladies and gentlemen are you doing
vapors non vapors procrastinators
thinking about vaping quittin smoking
have tried everything well and you see
this ejuice review that I'm about to do
yeah you're procrastinating you say home
this sounds like an nice intriguing
flavor I would like to start off vaping
well I'll take the cheese man this
ejuice review i'm going to give you mr.
macaroon salted caramel they have two
other flavors of vanilla of strawberry
they come in 0 36 on the nicotine level
pretty cool it's a 70-30 v GP g not bad
not bad comes into 60 mils nice lovely
bottle nice description I got to get a
magnified glass to read all this so but
it gives you the warnings ingredients
all the good mumbo jumbo by California
you know prop 65 something like that so
stay on top of that California people
out there too yeah I picked it up at
ejuice director calm for fifteen dollars
I used arm I used a code but they gave
me a code and they give everybody a cold
so it's a win-win situation for all of
us you buy for me I guess I could file
hours on a gift card to buy more juice
and you get to same file hours and then
when you order they give you a code and
you give it to your friends and you just
have a gift card five hours modeling up
and buy some more ejuice so that's not
bad for me juice direct com I like that
yeah I'm paper down on our we are dope I
mean we are though we are dough here RVA
never can't get this name right Matt boy
um yeah I got it I'm running on 80 watts
on my DNA 200
from player mods just one is / 133 I got
some fused Clapton's on fused to a
Clapton coil from what toefl does little
to bees I'm reading at a whole point 25
then I got it on a support RTA with the
IP v5 the 22 millimeter and this one I
got it on an appoint 42 regular fuse
Clapton from some other company i bought
from amazon that i picked up pretty not
bad but let's talk about mr. macaroon
man mr. macaroon man this is this is a
winner man you taste that macaroon in
that caramel all in one shot deal in and
out it's no the notes are all there in
one shot deal you taste it all wrong and
it just shakes all on your mouth it's
also delicious and the clouds good
density on the clothes I think it could
probably be another heart VG can
probably be a 75 or an 80 no no stays
cloudy in here for a little while for a
seventy-thirty so pretty good 60 mils
you use that coupon code for you get it
for fifteen dollars can't complain man
can't complain some good jus 60 mils on
top of that yeah they were pretty good
pretty good with their packaging as you
can see nice description all around see
the chef's menu right there and the
vanilla the strawberry and this one salt
it I picked this one out of curiosity
I'm going to pick up one but they have a
three pack for 4999 60 mils on each for
4999 all three that's pretty damn good
this one's been a great wonderful fate
journey with this e-liquid man I'll tell
you I like it a lot man yo I give you
the cold down there you want to go
ordering a go order it like I said we
all win with this I get a file alucard
and I get to buy some more juice
bringing more to your channel you get to
get a save five dollars and get a code
then you can deliver it to your friends
okay so this is not in that day
contacted me this is the straight up
just purchasing from a normal bar just
as I am all right guys with that said yo
i'll let y'all go with my thoughts and
my experience with this beautiful
beautiful jous delicious macaroon salted
caramel man y'all take care yeah vape on
and I catch on a rebound man I remember
check out not blowing smoke kasam are to
be you can donate over there and make
sure we're on top of all the game and
then make sure you check all my social
links man Instagram Facebook you name it
a mob a podium vape shack I'm all around
that all around I'm on a lot of groups
in facebook to Royal vapes 18 Victorian
you find me okay so you have any
questions hey drop a line feel free
leave me a comment give me a like if you
want want to be my sup hey appreciate it
too like I always say you don't want to
be a sub you don't like my content I
appreciate it too okay but thank you for
giving me a view to all y'all mad love
okay always gotta love further loves for
the people that give me love into the
haters ok love for everybody Felix figs
always got love no matter who you are
all right because that's all I want to
spread his love don't smoke dis babe ok
we all try to we all try to quit smoking
at one point in our life and am work and
the only thing that has been working for
us as this fate so let's stay on top of
it and let's fight for RV y'all take
care peace

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