Vape Review of Mr. Blintz E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

April 25, 2018 6 min read

welcome back guys to indoor smokers I'm Chris your host and one of the things that people ask me all the time is to do more ejuice reviews I've kind of got a simple palate when it comes to different ejuice flavors just last week I found in the e to learn

Vape Review of Mr. Blintz E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

Vape a unique and unbelievably delicious breakfast classic with a bottle of Mr.Blintz by Vape Breakfast Classics. An inhale of smooth apple topped with a garnish of whipped cream will send your taste buds into dessert vape paradise. The exhale of this vape juice provides a warm serving of ricotta cheese wrapped in a blanket of flaky crepe. Be sure to get your bottle of Mr.Blintz E-Liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML) right now!

Vape Review of Mr. Blintz E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Mr. Blintz E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

welcome back guys to indoor smokers I'm
Chris your host and one of the things
that people ask me all the time is to do
more ejuice reviews I've kind of got a
simple palate when it comes to different
ejuice flavors just last week I found in
the e to learn I have fallen in love
with so today we're going to do just
that look at some ejuice as we take a
look at the cosmic fog and lost fog
collection we got the sound effect for a
foghorn now be the time to put it in
so I actually do remember trying cosmic
following like a couple of years ago and
I do remember being really good at the
time but I only had little bottles of it
and went quick I always got new stuff
coming in so I kind of forgotten about
but fuck I just got this new batch of
bottles from the chillin company they
sent me this along with a few other
things to look at so I busted open this
to Barry and I pretty much finished the
entire freaking ball like I like one
tank filled left with it but one of the
best all-around fruity bass I've ever
tried quickly became my all-day bake
another one I was familiar with I tried
in the past was this shocker which is
another delicious fruity vape with like
a tart sort of lemonade finish puckers
you a little bit on the way out it also
got this crypt which is supposed to be
like a candy melon flavor I haven't
tried this one yet but I'm excited too I
thought what I would do today is give
you guys my impression of that to Barry
because I've been vaping on this for
about a week straight and then we will
break open a new flavor from the lost
ball collection these are supposed to be
like a little bit more maybe premium
adult type fruit flavors and things not
quite as much in the candy flavor so we
are going to be trying the dapple whip
today and I'm actually putting that on a
tank on the nebula bait this is probably
one of my favorite 400 watt or below
type vaping going on here it does have
an option of a single 18 650 or I am a
big-ass 26 650 which is what I got in
here now one of the only mods I had seen
that gives you at 26 650 option which is
really nice for one battery you're
getting about twice the battery life off
of it slick design on it it's really got
a nice gunmetal with a leather wrap on
the back so just an awesome freaking
bait and this will give up to a hundred
watts so I think a tank I have empty
right now is a big baby beast so I think
is what we're going to go ahead and fill
up with that dapple whip and then these
are the 60 milliliters balls which I
believe you can get for just under $25
over on the site right now so I'm
put a link to where you can get these
from the site that centum to me who
really catching a very strong apple and
caramel coming right off the top of this
oh yeah that smells like you are
freaking holding caramel apples sniffing
it right from the fair I'm excited this
is a brand new flavor to me I have never
tried this dapple whip from the lost
fawn collection I've actually never
tried anything from that lost log
collection yet so there's gonna be my
first taste of it alright just going to
do about a half a tank in case I want to
fill it up and try one of their other
flavors well I'll let that soak into the
coil for a second if you already have
that Chu berry filled up in my alien
iridescent version here with the baby
bees tank on it so I'll take a couple
hits off of this and tell you guys what
the flavors I'm getting on it are we're
going to be doing that at 55 watts
woo oh yeah just incredible it's got
just about the exact same flavor going
in as going out it's just a very smooth
well-balanced baked all the way through
you don't catch like any kind of
lingering flavors or anything comes on
clean kind of crisp and ends the same
way goes out and just kind of leaves you
want a little bit more so I would say
mainly strawberry is the number one
flavor then you're getting some hints of
some tropical fruits
it is sweet not super candy sweet maybe
like that tropical pack of Skittles
oh yeah I can't say enough for anybody
who loves a sweet fruity tight bake this
is actually one of the few that has
gotten me off of that black cherry berry
for a week so now I want to tell you
something so I already know I love that
one can't get enough of it
that is the - berry by cosmic fog I'll
put the links right in the video we can
get that but right now I want to take a
look at this brand new lost fog
sin and this is the dapple whip it's
supposed to be like a carnival in a bake
so hopefully they're talking about the
delicious carnival foods and not that
sweaty app's carne kink we'll find out
and then this has a little bit of a
higher vaping range so we're going to be
doing this one at 65 watts on the big
baby beast on my nebula woo right now
that caramel is coming across stronger
than anything but I feel like I need to
give it a couple more drags as to pull
the flavor all the way into that coil
holy Christ
I feel like I've been transported to the
Saline County Fair or maybe apple
blossom or something it is very strong
sort of sweet apple maybe even like a
granny smith type apple flavor you're
getting but I would say the caramel
quickly kind of overwhelms the whole
thing and there's almost I think like a
fried element or something to it because
I'm catching a little bit of like a
fried freakin Twinkie or something in
here god damn the clouds are just
incredibly dense thick and full of
flavor man I would say this Loft Fall
collection is a little bit of a smoother
maybe a downplayed sort of fruits and
caramel and that type of thing not so
candy sweet as the original cosmic fog
which of course I love the candy sweet
stuff too but this is actually like a
real legit caramel apple maybe fried
caramel apple something like that
hell yeah that actually is good enough I
would fill a full take of it it's making
me curious about their other flavor the
streak and know that even naked guy
running across a football field that is
actually a strawberry yogurt type flavor
you guys know I have my own version of a
banana strawberry yogurt in the baster
juice and so I'm really curious to see
how they did with this it actually says
a Greek yogurt so I guess that means the
vapor is going to be thicker than the
regular yogurt so thank you very much
chilling bake company they have a great
collection of cosmic fog over there as
well as the brand new lost fog
collection so I will put a link
underneath the video where you can go
check out the e-juice flavors we looked
at today I'm so glad they sent me those
flavors it's nice to have something a
little bit different get off the black
cherry berry for a while if you guys are
interested in checking out this nebula
mod is well very unique mod I love mine
I'll put a link underneath the video we
can go check that out as well so alright
guys thanks for hanging out with me for
a while today be sure to use the link
there Neath the video if you want to go
check out the flavors of ejuice we
looked at or this mod and don't forget
to subscribe if you haven't already
clicked on little Bell so you get the
notification when the videos go up like
comment if you are so inclined and then
I'll let you guys get back to the rest
of your bacon live kiss you guys right
back here on the next video same day
channel same bake time

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