April 17, 2018


Vanilla Almond Milk by Moo Eliquid is what happens when we feed crunchy fresh almonds and sweet Madagascar vanilla to healthy cows and let them roam freely in the fields until it's time to milk them. This flavor packs a whole lot of awesome!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MOO VANILLA ALMOND MILK EJUICE

what's going on vapors walk to my review
of vanilla almond milk by mu e liquids
vanilla almond milk is a 70/30 VG PG
blend and nicotine options are 0-3 in
six milligrams oh that's nice
that's really really nice okay so what
I'm getting on the inhale is the
sweetness and is the creaminess as well
the creaminess just brushes over your
tongue really really gently the flavor
itself is actually really really like
this it's very subtle but there's still
a lot going on
that's sweetness I was talking about
that's from the vanilla no no arguments
there it's this it settles in your chin
the Kibaki cheeks there and the almond
develops more at the back of the throat
and it's really really aromatic it's a
very aromatic flavor which I've never
really experienced as such before
constant Winkler I don't think I've ever
had a van over there I don't think I've
ever had an almond flavor before either
so this is a new thing for me but yet
it's actually really really good yeah
the almond flavor does develop at the
back of the throat more and more
throughout the vape in its yeah it's
very very nice but the more that almond
develops that sweetness from the vanilla
oils the vanilla flavor is never lost
it's always there it's always lingering
in the sweetness and that creaminess
just binds together really wet really
well the almond in this the creaminess
then the vanilla for me are two separate
flavors but they do work well together
on the exhale I'm definitely getting
that milk flavor now after that sorry
I've had to look for that because it
wasn't so apparent as I thought it would
be it is very much a back and under tone
for the entire vape and it's really it's
it's just there and it just add that
extra burst and that creaminess just
binds with that milky milky flavor as
well but it's really really good very
well conceived this flavor then after
the vape you're left with a nutty
aftertaste you're not left for much much
at all bit it gives you a nice clean
palate gives you a bit of a dry mouth as
is such bit okay I can look over that
the flavor itself actually really really
good though very well-conceived hmmm
that's really really good so there we go
guys that is vanilla almond milk
reviewed I hope you found it informative
thanks very much for watching guys and
I'll see you soon Cheers a very unusual
flavor but it's actually really really
nice like uber nice
post inhale holding that vape in that
grain crack of flavor develops and it's
not the usual

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