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Strawberry Milk by Moo Eliquid is what happens when we feed perfectly ripe strawberries to healthy cows and let them roam freely in the fields until it's time to milk them. Sweet and milky at once? Hell yeah!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MOO STRAWBERRY MILK EJUICE

I'm glad you joined us if you uh if you
are a member of the Facebook group you
saw me post a picture of three different
juices yesterday from one line not
yesterday but a couple days ago
yeah yeah I was letting you guys know
what we were gonna be doing this week
while we recorded and those juices were
mu e liquids oh dang they brand-new yo
um I'm gonna waste my time trying to
straight here you're gonna get a close
shot of it they are they are one of the
most well-designed bottles I've seen in
the last year yeah they stand out if you
put this on a shelf next to other juices
it stands out like fucking crazy yeah
it's gonna white white scheme with gold
embossed all the lettering on the sides
are gold you'll see nephew it's a vinyl
wood it's a vinyl sticker it's got a
great character and it has the little
kitschy cow print dripper love that a
farmhouse kitsch
yep love it love and B plate flavor
profile is a strawberry milk yeah sure
no no okay so uh unfortunately the way
we record we record only one day a week
on Saturday
I believe these liquids literally just
came out yeah yes the first time I've
been able to find him on a website okay
so that distributor who sent it to me
said that it had it was an unreleased
but it seemed like time was was coming
soon that they were gonna release it so
it might have been released at this
point I'm not a 100% sure it looks like
it okay so it looks like it has been
really good today oh yes it has been
released yeah it's definitely within the
last couple days $21.99 4:30 milk yeah
so it's you're pretty sure average
premium pricing yeah they have three
flavors strawberry milk a banana milk
and an almond vanilla milk well we're
gonna look at today is the strawberry
milk and only available in 30s at the
moment yeah that's what it looks like
out of the bottle it smells tremendous
the tremendous real milky very milky
that's the thing yeah
the strawberries there you can get in
the background but like the first thing
I smell in the deeper and darker of the
smells is the milk yeah let's jump of
course check out these fantastic fucking
bottles make it quick so I can think
yeah all right yeah so here we are
taking a look at mu e liquids strawberry
milk this is probably one of the coolest
models I've seen in quite some time
it's gold embossed lettering it's got
the nice little cow figure on there and
it's got the kitschy little cow print
dripper on it if you don't like that I
don't know what to tell you you probably
don't like much of anything alright so
let's get up in baby service with mu e
liquids yeah it's a good mix of like
kind of tacky yeah with classy with
class baby it's awesome
okay well first big day got my own
twisted messes dual flat dual fuse
Clapton's on the thing
the phantom mine the phantom on remote
oboe okay clouds very milky very milky
she's good strawberry kind of writing on
the top on a wave of milk you understand
I'm saying I do so it's the it's a very
rare that you get a strawberry cream
where that milk stands out here it is
the strawberry is strong on the exhale
especially but on the inhale it's a lot
of milk and I'm left with a little milk
aftertaste clowns bro and everything is
the milk flavor as opposed to a cream
flavor it's a milk strawberry yeah yeah
as opposed to a strawberry milk
ooh it's like I you know I get just the
tiniest little twinge of a throat yet
but but very so um still very light
great lung fill on it a density that I
like yeah it's just fire for me dude the
strawberry itself is a little bit
Candice it is but it's also um it's got
a tinge of of that kind of fresh
tartness of fresh strawberry I got I'd
say 3/4 candy
yeah but not offensive not too sweet not
super OC or anything no and not even
gross like like you know like the quick
strawberry milk powder it's not like
that no it's not it's not processed
tasting no exactly it's not fake yeah no
cuz the start of the day without a doubt
damn and even if I wast a blow Holmes
like I said these little fuse Clapton's
still the same ones I've been rocking
for like the last two weeks because
they're so great at that point 0 9 so
I'm at super low ohms here and this is a
kick-ass 70 yeah I mean it's in 70 VG
right here big letters but it it's uh
it's wicking like a 75 or an 80 I just
wanna tell you then the clouds against
Danny drop its like those ones that are
so good they drop you know I mean
amazing production for 70 this she is
like whoa I mean I know we've had so
many strawberry milks but I can art each
other this is one of my favorites just
the balance of it
I like it I love it I like it um I
actually wish they would have went more
with a fresh strawberry as opposed to a
candy strawberry that's my one gripe
with it the milk though is on point it's
not for me
it's almost as accurate as the one that
we had before that everybody hated the
my okay
oh yeah it's got the same kind of
milkiness to it except without the
center they stop short of making it
disgusting yeah no it's for me I liked
that juice nobody else did this stuff
though I would say is like that but
toned down so that it loses all the
sourness and the sharpness and that
smell it's got a great snow
yo this is my opinion but personally I
like it better than unicorn milk I like
it I think unicorn milk is a little
sweet for me um this calms it down for
me I love the cream first
I think it's beating all those
strawberry creams it's very bold I stand
behind it I wouldn't go that far I do
think it is a very competent strawberry
though because the dose is right it's
one of the only ones I've seen they put
the milk first
on the inhale it's all milk yeah I mean
they'll pee oh it's milky strawberry but
not too sweet that's not I could milk
itself is sweetened plus the strawberry
it's getting it's it's getting a
sweetness I would say from the
strawberry yeah probably them absolutely
it's probably the most accurate to me
for me of a strawberry milk like a
straight-up Nestle strawberry milk yeah
cuz you get that milk sometimes the milk
is just a little afterthought and now I
get a little bit of that milky this
shi'ites milk in the front yeah this
stuff has I would say equal parts if not
more milk of in strawberry then it's at
least equal 50 parts milk 250 parts
strawberry yo we got another one called
banana milk oh and an almond milk too in
yeah there's good as this one I'm gonna
be happy with it um if I'm honest like I
said I would really much prefer the
natural strawberry flavoring that's the
only thing that's gonna mark it down in
my book but is it a confident strawberry
milk I'd say so it's it's confident and
then some because they really worked on
the milk aspect of it I almost say it's
like wow okay we give it a nine point
seven damn yeah I love it
I'm gonna stay eight five I think it's
it's way above average but I think that
the candy strawberries holding it back a
little bit for me mmm
fair enough yep whoo I'm excited for the
next one's yeah Muay liquids coming up
in the game and how could you resist you
put this up there on the shelf
Oh any other fucking juices design
yeah just a strawberry milk oh yeah
alright well that was the first one from
Moo look forward we're gonna be playing
you know we're gonna have some more
throughout this week we're gonna have
all three of them and we hope that you
enjoy these videos because we enjoy
Bateman josh is in love with this dude
oh yeah he's in love with the movement
whoo I mean look just a stir I like them
all right people until next time please
keep your coils tiny keep you aware

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