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Neopolitan by Moo Eliquids brings the delicious flavors of the tastiest of all ice cream flavors. The rich sweetness of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are all present front and center in this amazing new e-liquid.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MOO NEAPOLITAN EJUICE

welcome back fuckers this is Air Care
the real deal vape reviews today we're
going to be taking a look at mu e
liquids Neapolitan this was sent to me
by premium vape supply com for the
purpose of this review that will not
change your alter my review or opinion
in any way this is a seventy-thirty v GP
g it's available in zero three six and
12 milligrams nicotine I never had any
of the mui liquids line i have been
looking at them i have been wanting to
try them I've heard good things
fortunately they sent me over this to
review so I have the chance and I'll
just tell you right now this makes me
want to try other mu e liquids this is
seventeen dollars and ninety-five cents
for a 30 ml bottle if you use my coupon
code t or d 10 that will save you ten
percent off the total dropping it down
to sixteen dollars and fifteen cents if
you spend 25 or more you get free
shipping if you buy a hundred
milliliters of e-liquid or more you get
free priority shipping so let's get
right to this you have your warnings and
stuff on that side 7030 you get the
label muy liquids Neapolitan you have
your ingredients California warning
store at room temperature shake well
under age sale prohibited and the top
cap has the cow print to it so let's get
right to this review going to do a taste
test first
tastes like Neapolitan ice cream does
have a little bit of a weirdness on the
taste of it I hit me like after I did
that but of course we got a helicopter
going by and I will say I received this
yesterday and that's where I'm at I
tried it I was like taking this to work
took it to work last night that's how
much I vaped but let's go I got it at 80
watts on a point 20 on my gear best
coils on my limit lessard ETA plus nice
cloud production for a seventy-thirty
that's what I would expect clouds do
disappear a lot quicker than a max VG
flavor to this one to me is just
ridiculous I've tried my man from one
hit wonder which is supposed to be the
Neapolitan actually got a brand new
bottle opened tried it didn't like it
i've tried it in the past the company i
bought from was sold out of what i
wanted and that was one of the options
so i chose it there's a waste of
thirty-seven dollars i think it was that
i paid for it I just didn't like it the
Neapolitan wasn't there it was missing
stuff and had like a little chemical
taste to it and I think it depends on
how it's stored because I've had my man
that was vey pible this shit wasn't even
vapo bull but that's my loss and that's
what I took it for but I got this in I
was like oh Neapolitan I was like I
don't think I'm really going to like
this but let's give it a go I tried it
like I said there's the result
taste chocolate I taste strawberry I
taste vanilla some sometimes I taste a
little more strawberry other times I
taste more chocolate sometimes I taste
more vanilla kind of mixes up nose
exhale a lot of strawberry that time
this flavor is just on point like I said
I never tried movie liquids I've been
wanting to and I don't know I just
haven't I'm not big on buying like $18
30 ml bottles when I could get like
bigger bottles for 20 30 40 bucks I'd
rather buy big because like I said this
is the result this would have been 16
plus shipping if that's all I bought and
it would have been gone in like two days
that's just a little bit too much usage
for me that's just because it's good
just a nice blend of all three and one
there is a creaminess it is ice cream so
that's what I would expect plus it's muy
liquids they always it do something with
milk aren't really much to say I taste
strawberry I taste chocolate I taste
vanilla that's what it's supposed to be
flavor on point my rating on description
on their description to what it actually
tastes like is a five my rating on
whether I like it or not is a five this
is something I would buy again believe
they sell 60 and 120 ml bottles not a
hundred percent sure on that but if I
could get a cheap bottle bigger bottle
I'd buy it just a good blend that's all
I could say 1695 with my coupon code not
a bad deal for a 30ml so if you haven't
tried it and you're curious to do so go
ahead and check that out and like I said
very much to say it tastes like it says
it tastes like I taste all the flavors
good shit I would recommend it no throat
hit no peppery nicotine out of the nose
this is quality eliquid with that said
it is august six august eighth is in two
days no more new products a lot of shit
happening just make sure you're up to
date the reason you see a lot of
products coming out bump and shit out is
because after august eighth you cannot
come out with anything new so you will
never see another movie liquids flavor
unless they make one within the next two
days so pretty much just stand up and
fight for your right the vape don't give
up a lot of states are getting fucked
over me and PA we got screwed and your
state could be next so make sure you're
still emailing even if you feel like it
don't do nothing like here in PA we
could have sent five million emails Tom
Wolfe all the dems in even the
Republicans in the state don't give a
fuck about nothing except
money they don't care about vaping they
don't care if it saves your life all
they care about is the money that they
are losing from Big Tobacco paying on
the taxes and they're just not getting
it cigarette sales tobacco sales or its
lowest ever probably and they're just
losing out on the money so they need a
new way to make money off of people and
the source of the government is to text
to people not not their paychecks
because they still make money but I
don't know I don't even want to get into
all that I do a little bit of every
video but as always you gotta fight for
your right to vape Kasasa fought I'm not
blowing smoke aim saw the vaping militia
no more casualties org stand up make
sure you're doing the call to clean it
up a bit make sure you're doing a call
to actions and just do what you can do I
I can't say it'll be beneficial but
you're not losing nothing trying you you
would like to think that you taking the
steps to express your feelings in your
knowledge of vaping and it might not
feel like you're accomplishing anything
but it only takes couple minutes to send
the email and just keep on doing that
donate to the cause until next time
peace out bitches

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