Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Soda-Lish

April 25, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Soda-Lish

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Soda-Lish

By Ekaterina Mironova

Soda-Lish is a brought to you by Momo and is a mixed fruit flavour.

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Soda-Lish

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Momo E-Liquid - Soda-Lish

hey guys I don't from Great British
Papes sorry about that and welcome to
the channel hope that you find something
that's interesting then it's informative
what we're going to be looking at today
is we're gonna be looking at a couple of
the new flavours or one of the new
flavors from Momo a liquids now we have
reviewed for these in the past so I'm
quite looking forward to these I was
lucky enough to meet the guys over at
Expo last week two weeks ago and they
are an awesome set of guys and they are
really out there to please those vapors
and this one is no exception what we're
going to be looking at today is we are
gonna be looking at let me throw the
focus out we're gonna be looking at so
delish I want to say a massive thank you
to the guys over at Momo for sending
these out for the purpose of review
we'll take a quick tour around the
bottle sorry I'm way out of focus take a
quick tour around the bottle then we'll
go over the flavor profile I'm a level 8
so as you can see on there it does have
all your awesome waffle on about your
warnings and everything else it does
come in a 3 milligram and it does have
your little symbol on the from there so
let's bring this back into focus
now so delish this one is so far up my
it is unbelievable I am a lemon fun I am
a citrus fan and something that will
make you one more and this is definitely
definitely in the oak so delish is
described to be a freshly squeezed
lemonade with grapefruit plum and
raspberries and a fizzy finish now let's
go into the price so we can get get
through the flavor profile itself these
come a 15-pound 460 mill ball absolute
bargain absolute bargain that do what
once again I want to say a massive thank
you for him to send him this out for the
purpose of review it is really
appreciated because I have literally
found one of my new all-day vapes
now the flavor profile on this does not
do it justice in my personal opinion but
as I say open not top corner there don't
forget guys taste is subjective so if
you are a citrus fan this is going to be
bang in your alley
straight on the nose is lemon juice now
this is not your sip jiff lemon juice
via pancakes this is freshly squeezed
lemon juice with a bangings banging
great through in there let's have a trip
but I do have a fresh build on here
ready to go so let's get the top cap on
will have a vape
I've tried this already the flavor
itself is so lip smacking its grand
absolute grand such a decadent flavor
and not decadent is in creamy and rich
is sweet its sour its fizzy which is
really surprising now on the inhale I'm
getting a really really fresh lemonade
really really fresh lemonade when on the
exhale is a really quite sour grape
fruit but mingling in in the middle of
the inhale is a random flavor that I've
never tried before
which is plum and it almost gives it
this sweet edge that just takes off the
edge of the sour it's very very nice 15
quid for 60 ml absolute bargain now what
I'm not getting and I think it's just a
little bit lost
it's the raspberry which is not a bad
thing for me because that sort of
mingling of the lemonade the grape and
the plum is very very very very very
pleasant now my only criticism with this
is the fact that it's been released a
little bit too late now a height of
summer I would absolutely destroy
hundreds of mils of this but we've come
into a bit cooler it is still an all-day
babe for me happily all day vape and I'm
really really impressed now as always I
will post the link in the description to
where you can find them direct to Momo's
website a massive thank you to guys what
that Momo for making this juice this is
such a break from the norm and and such
an impression made on me in equivalent
to the first two flavors that was
released now I can only say that I look
forward to more coming from it from a
mobile liquids but I have been a little
from Great British Bake this has been
another juice review and I will catch
you on the next one

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