Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Slam Dunk

April 20, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Slam Dunk

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Slam Dunk

Tropi-Cool is a fruity flavour which has notes of Citrus, Cream, Cereal.

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Slam Dunk

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Momo E-Liquid - Slam Dunk

what is up guys it's picket 1 9 9 3 I'm
back again with a number of you but this
time we're gonna be reviewing two
liquids from a new company or new liquid
I'm not actually seeing before but today
we're looking at my mode Ella quits so
we've got drink me which is strawberries
and cream and we've got slam dunk
so my basel boozy gum from the bottom
there yuck
right okey doke site these were actually
given to me for the purpose of this
review from number one ejuice calm in
fun a link in the description and also
link in the description also on the
screen right here as well but number one
a juice calm great store great website
and really good service so go check them
out guys but anyway let's check this out
so slam dunk is one we're going to be
looking at so far so let's read the
description of this one now I got this
in a free milligram and there's a 30ml
bottle they're doing min and on the
website the moment the 30 Mille bottles
are going full of nine pounds 99 which
is a really good price for a premium a
liquid if you buy in bulk you get two
bottles for seven pound 50 each so
that's that's even better so nearly
fifteen quid for for 60 ml of liquid is
unreal price and this is a premium
liquid guys this isn't you just cheap
but you know I put together it's made in
the UK it says on here my mo IVA quit
calm and it's got no it's got yeah no
dice to tell obviously none of the
nasties this and this liquid also says
on here ingredients include no uh close
so close we last much longer
so description for this one surround
engaged in chanting crunchy cereal
sprinkled with fruits from fairies
Duncan a smashing delicious creamy milk
from the paw of miracles so it comes in
glass bottles as you see and
yes so this is a serial vapor I'm going
to see what this one tastes like guys so
we've got wheat cupping all looking good
inside of here and I'll give this go
guys this is a 70/30 pg/vg blend I
believe and yeah this is a really nice
liquid it's not like you know kilo ones
and the Syrah or the America it tastes
very like the American ones but it's
really creamy it's nice and smooth but
the the kind of cereal taste isn't
overpowering its nicest so and it's
going to be probably quite nice on a
summer's day even there's some really
nice in acquit well-put-together I do
like that one so one I just feel it
could happen I said this here was not
not overpowering but sometimes I feel
that you can have a bit more to it so at
the moment I'm just tasting cereal and a
bit of cream and the cream you taste
some that I mean it says on here the
sprinkle with fruit so I'm not tasting
that me through I'm just tasting the
kind of cereal but it's a nice smooth
fate and I'm quite enjoying it I mean
I've gone free quite a bit in the tank
there probably about a meal or so and
this is quite nice it works really well
in this tank as well and it's good to
see this moment destroyed of course
because it's an almost clean liquid
whereas a lot of these cereals these
days dark brown or go that way after
steeping and they just destroy your
clothes I could feel that this could
maybe be steep it a bit more to bring
out the flavor a bit more but
nevertheless really nicely clean and a
good price so let's have a look at the
other one which is drink me which it I
don't know not a good name to put on the
front of a Annie liquid there because
you drink it it will kill you so and
that's not a good thing to put on there
let's just have a look at the
description this one as you can tell
actually baked a bit of the bottle there
and it is a very nice strawberry
creak that's that's that's pretty much
what it is so let's just have a look at
the description for you anyway and I'll
get three weeks and go from there so
again this one is a ten little Tang tang
tasseling potion from the heavens sweet
ripe with strawberries plucked from the
dreams of an angel whisk to perfection
with the creamiest milk from a thousand
unicorns so on yes glass bottles again
and again it has the same thing in it so
it doesn't destroy your clothes and
looks hmm if it focuses that's not going
to bite there's some pictures in that
yeah so nice um look in as good-looking
adores you in these it nice-looking
bowls and then it definitely drawn you
and if you see that there as well so um
yeah let me go and get free with toys
and we'll give this about running guys
so I am back and this time I've actually
got it in instead I've got two tanks so
this is my Tron s tank and I've got the
Duke Leto as well but this one the
strawberry one sorry trying this in the
the Tron tank
now these these clothes are actually
pretty good I find that the flavors
really cool in here and I'll do enjoy it
so let's give this about guys hope the
airflow is right and that's what we
ah that's really good
it's nice and smooth mo but the FO quite
closed on there but that is really nice
liquid really smooth great on a summer's
day I've been actually bathing it all
day today and it's been a lovely day
here in England so it is a really nice
refreshing bait nice and smooth don't
get much much probably warm going to do
with these is steep them for a couple of
days or so so I feel like it maybe use a
bit more flavor especially with a
strawberry one because it's a bit subtle
in there but it's definitely very very
creamy just saw the other one slam dunk
and I'm enjoying it it's a good liquid
so I recommend they come up both them
from what the price is you can get two
bottles for seven pound fifty each
now that is a great price you can also
get it delivered think if you spent over
40 pounds you get free delivery so pick
up quickly so tanking to an end bottles
and something else and and that's it so
it's a really good liquid and um I'm
really surprised a bit so yeah usually
when you get these coming out you think
I'll just another just another you know
it's not it's nice and clearly Quechan
great to see so I'm fed up of Barney's
liquids and - we excited a - dark and
then you close it just ruined so I'm
really nice neat good guys definitely
recommend picking out especially comes
at a price ten pound 30 new for a
premium liquid in glass bottle
you're not going to find that anywhere
else and though I've got to mention as
well we've obviously you droppers
that you do get with these which is nice
and easy for filling your tanks let's go
we'll just talk about it all quickly so
that one's like that it's got the
website on things on there all the
ingredients all CLP compliant child
safety on the top there so it's all
great to see and then the same goes for
this bowl but just a different color and
different wording on the front so one
yeah gonna pick my price is worth it for
the price you might as well pick up so
this have one final vape guys I will
catch you in the next one

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