Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Pink Me

April 20, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Pink Me

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Pink Me

Pink-Me is a dessert flavour which has notes of Strawberry and Cream.

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Pink Me

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Momo E-Liquid - Pink Me

hey guys and welcome back to another
review with me lzz juices review so now
today we're going to be doing a third
and final review for moment a juices
technically there's another juice out
there I just don't have it at the moment
so when I go buy it I'll review it
I've already reviewed the Momo pink me
before this was sent to me before by
another reviewer that he had a couple of
juices the UK baked reviews does written
reviews this is their strawberry cream
oh and this is amazing now like I said
I've already done the review I've
reviewed this before but I thought I'd
just do an updated version because it
was literally right at the very start of
when I started reviewing so I thought
I'd just give it a bit more of a updated
with you so I'm on the brass timekeeper
with some got cotton fuse Clapton's from
Diamond mist weight distribution sent
that to me
so yeah let's take it for a smell
and straight away oh you can smell his
strawberry and cream that's all you can
smell and yeah guys I don't even need to
vape this to tell you that this is my
number one strawberry and cream on the
market you can't be it is in my opinion
the best strawberry and cream juice on
the market met the guys at the expo
again they already knew me because I've
done a review for on their juice but the
guys just top guys love their appeal
it's great stuff
no just amazing juice on the inhale
you're just getting that pungent
strawberry fresh strawberry and on the
exhale you're getting the mix of the
strawberry in the cream it is amazing
juice they hit now bang on there I love
it love it love it love it and can't
wait to meet them again
this Expo in May there at stand D 22 so
head on over there and meet the guys
great company and yeah cheers guys for
watching the review and peace out guys

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