Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Drizzle Dream

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Drizzle Dream

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Drizzle Dream

By Ksenia Sobchak

Drizzle Dream is a Lemon Cake and Icing flavour brought to you by Momo

Vape Review of Momo E-Liquid - Drizzle Dream

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Momo E-Liquid - Drizzle Dream

right welcome back to spinning trip
reviews and today we're doing an Aegis
of you on a company that we know and
love and we've done the other flavors
from and that's Momo a liquid you can
add these up at WWE liquid comm they're
on Facebook and Instagram and you can
also email them at info at moto e liquid
comm we gots a tiny room expo he's the
man that actually runs the whole
business announce them and this is an
80/20 VG PG nicotine strips of free
milligram bottle sizes of 60 mil for 15
pound and 120 ml for 28 pound and the
flavor that we're doing today is drizzle
drink and basically we're going to show
you in and around a packaging we're
going to talk more about the Proform
what's inside it whether it does what it
says on the tin and then we're gonna be
checking out the clouds being it's like
u-20 that should be really nice so
catches back in a minute right welcome
back to spit ninja reviews a lot was
said to before on the desktop we're
gonna be doing this lovely juice at a
front we've done before on all the other
flavors we haven't done this one and
this is Momo e-liquid and as you can see
I'm representing the Hat and the t-shirt
big up to Tony we met and Danica Expo as
well real nice guys the self
representative for them as well as the
owner the basically you can add them up
on Instagram as well at my Murray
liquids and the web addresses wre liquid
calm so let's jump straight in we've
each got a a little toys to use on this
one so I like we're all we're all gonna
pick one up we all read your stuff you
can use this one as well thank you is
the bottle as we showed you before it's
a lovely drop reduce this I mean
smelling it had a bowl it's got out that
well fat done do you want to just read
out the profile is fun but this is
people drink its tantalize your taste
buds and enjoy the flavors of a freshly
played lemon sponge cake straight from
the oven that's big mr. sweet is
tarantula and drizzled with a zesty
citrus liminality whoa and you can taste
that brown sugar and s the icing as well
like why the nd just lashing his right
on the end of it but to me it's all
about that lemony sort of type of
cheesecake that they've got going on a
sponge cake is just off it's lovely it's
it smells like ugly they have what light
sponge juicy gooey one you know like
that it's just come strata I mean you
know you know it's got no when you get a
quality juice like this one they're
doing 60 ml or hundred and twenty milk
exactly thank you very much yes and the
prices on them as well 15 pound for 60
no 120 mil for 28 which off it's a good
door for that you know for that man the
juice when you can find a lot more
juicers there are a lot more expensive
dance ice nowhere near as good as this
mmm but if they do my glide right and it
is is that sponge cake drizzle to that
lemon glass look on Vicky swaps
getting back in back lovely sugar lip on
a ha ha everything that is to mean what
this one is about it's about that sugar
lip even though it's not pushed with too
much extremes of sugars or anything like
that it's got that wow factor for the
sugars you can actually taste that brown
sugar in that then sort of lemon icing
right there yeah exactly
it's a little occurring it definitely is
it definitely is that exposed citrusy
and there it's right up there with the
good ones like the dinnerladies and that
you not I mean if you was gonna down try
this I would advise you live special
view into your lemons yeah then bc2 you
know this is like easy 9.5 out of 10 for
me this one and it's not not have 11
places on living Josie's out there at
the minute it's quite some a little
thing going on in it it's lovely I love
it I just think it's got yeah and now
icing then that lemony ice and just a
post that lemon even more because it
starts lemonade then it goes cakey and
then it comes back with a granulated
brown sugar and then a bit more of a
lemon icing and and and cuz of that
it just makes you want to go back and
back and back again like you know my own
guys back the boat love to teach as well
love to hats and check them out there
we're going holy was
I'm gonna put down keep baking I mean
we've talked about as we did we've done
all the others I was really looking for
I was really impressed with the plumber
pink me
oh yeah the pink I was nice Oh has to be
over drink maybe the nice ones obviously
at the you know the regulations but yes
you learn that stuff so that's why I
charge that back up to Pinkney and well
it's not bad were to say about any of
them not they are and I will tell you as
well there is a couple new coming out
yes sir yes a minute will let you know
more when that comes along but this one
has to be one of my favorites if not
leaf idea from the line other than the
other than the pink me I mean don't get
me wrong the actual the Sodor one its
world actual purple one that we've done
a review on you could check that but
that was just as well if you like Lopez
and stuff that he's a good blue but but
the the plum one the actual plum so that
that was a lot more in his great fruits
and stuff but to me it was more of a
plum light plum me lemonade and it was
it was son yes you know a lot but this
one it's just well factor to a whole
nother level you know as is it anyone
that watches any of every juice I have I
do love my strawberries but this tops it
I mean I loved the Momo strawberry one
to drink me which is now called pink me
so as this know that this is my new
favorite this is my new all day vape
love it but I think it's amazing it's an
amazing juice bigger time they know what
you're doing breath best experiment yeah
I think that's I only let them we've
only got it in sixty milk we need it in
120 yeah mimes freak but yeah don't
forget to subscribe to us don't get to
know your friends about sign us up on
Twitter Instagram Facebook as well as
YouTube I mean this has been my mode and
last in the range from these until the
new flavors the new flavors come out
we'll be doing more of them as they come
along but wowzers this is easy at 9.5
maybe even pushing a nine point seven
out of ten for me it's like it's got
that wow factor it's got that
rollercoaster of a vibe going on that
vape explosion that we talked about and
any entry this lovely granulated branch
sugar and our lashings of that sort of
lemon icing that you can really lot
not bad copper saying if it was that you
want to buy it and it's that good you
know and when it's that good you can't
fault it you know and
even go as far as to give this a 10 say
I love it
you see what I mean so you know guys
alone right up there with the best and
you must check out if you've already
checked it out please put some
information in the show more we'd love
to hear from you guys
yeah you know we've got a lot enough
love for all your viewers out there and
and and there's plenty of people that
watch what we do and then see our faces
and think wow I'm going to do well all
three of us work well on this one so
please you need to check if you're a
lemon guy this is right up your alley
while you'd very long definitely
I know yeah catch us back next time I
spend interviews

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