Vape Review of Molly Frost by Modus Vapors E-liquid (60mL)

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Molly Frost by Modus Vapors E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Molly Frost by Modus Vapors E-liquid (60mL)

Molly Frost vape juice by Modus Vapors provides all the goodness of original Molly but is now enhanced with the addition of cooling menthol. This delicious strawberry belt candy delivers that fruity, sour experience you've come to love and is now finished with the perfect kick of frosty menthol at the end. Give into your sweet tooth cravings and pick up your 60mL bottle of Molly Frost e-liquid today!

Vape Review of Molly Frost by Modus Vapors E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Molly Frost by Modus Vapors E-liquid (60mL)

what's going on vapors wrong tomorrow
review for Molly by modis vapors Molly
is classed as a high V GE liquid
nicotine options are 0-3 6 and 12
milligrams has been described as ever
hear the old saying first impressions
last you probably have because well it's
true so with the first flavor from the
modis line we've pulled out all the
stops to bring you the best damn
strawberry it's our belt on the market
it's simply the best period now go try
it for yourself oh wow oh yeah that is
have got a very big sour edge onto it
which is quite nicely Wow so on the
inhale you're getting a very strong sour
run throughout throughout the entire
bait not just in how it stir everything
nice candy texture in there
candy sweetness as well with that
strawberry the strawberry works well
with what's going on with the candy
alone it's not got much of a property to
it it is just a strawberry flavor which
tastes nice
I can't tell you on how gutsy modus have
been with that sour flavor it is
biblically strong it is really good
actually because I wouldn't have thought
anyone who'd go as gutsy as they have a
bit with this one this is good the candy
flavor on its own is really good say
you've got the candy texture which I
want to say tastes like gummy sweets but
doesn't at the same time you getting a
bit of sweetness like candy like
sweetness in and out and then you get in
the sour belt edge on top it works well
and it will all of it as a whole worked
well especially the strawberry it's very
after the inhale the sour edge the
longer you hold it actually the longer
you hold it the sour edge does go down
ever so slightly which lets the rest of
the flavors come through especially the
sweetness the gummy light taste and this
the strawberry as well it's combined so
well it's it's complete there's no way
of describing this to you without you
guys actually trying this this is Bob on
problem this is the best
sour belt flavor I've had I thought
laughs II from clown was good but this
is is it Luffy
it's one of the clown ones Pennywise not
laughing bit the complexity of the candy
alone is on its own is on another level
it doesn't need the strawberry it can
just be any flavor it can be absolutely
it can be on its own it's just good it's
just topped off well with the strawberry
now on the exhale the sweetness sticks
to the cheeks the the sourness sticks to
the tongue and the strawberries just
going everywhere and that's combined
with the texture of the candy sweets all
on its own the complexity for something
like this is off the chart it's
thoroughly enjoyable to vape I could
vape that bottle in an hour
this is enjoyable really enjoyable
overall um I'm amazed on how gutsy
motors have been with that sour run
throughout the entire vape that's
brilliant and what I do like is the fact
that no other flavor within it have been
overshadowed by that flavor on its own
it's well-balanced it's been well
thought of and it's cold it really is
good and that can be texture throughout
is the just cherry on the cake it's it's
good is very good very impressed
well the modus well done okay guys that
is a review for Molly done I hope you
found it informative make sure you like
this video and subscribe to my channel
thank you very much for watching guys
I'll see you soon Cheers sourness in in
in there somewhere but you're getting a
fizz as well at this point and it's
cutting through the fruit flavors which
is absolutely great it's not just there
it's moving around which kind of
provides a bit of bitterness that I was
talking about which it's absolutely
great its flavor is really really nice
it is robust it's got a lot

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