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By Ksenia Sobchak

Large 100mL bottles are quickly becoming a must with all the recently released hardware, go big with Modzilla Titan Grape Watermelon V2! Taste the refreshing grape watermelon and experience a fruity and sensational vape! Titan Grape Watermelon has a great mixture of the sweetness of vine ripened grapes and the juiciness of freshly cut watermelon. Have the best of both with the Titan Grape Watermelon V2! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 100 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - 100mL Bottle Modzilla Titan Grape Watermelon V2 BEASTLY BECAUSE Today’s tanks, RDA’s and RBA’s depend on more e-liquid than ever before. Modzilla is crafted for those seeking monster big clouds, awesome flavor, and big value!. PLEASE NOTE: MODZILLA contains a higher level of Vegetable Glycerin and therefore it is thicker. It will produce large clouds of vapor. However, because of the thicker viscosity, this e-liquid may not perform as well in conjunction with some tanks such as top fed clearomizers. All our flavors are made using the finest in natural & organic flavorings found in the USA! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MODZILLA TITAN GRAPE WATERMELON V2

yo what's good guys at your boy teddy be
with vapor viscom AKA wizard of eight
senior smoke free technology consultant
end product specialist and today we're
going to talk to you about a new line
that's made right here at vapor beast
called mozilla and as you can see you
could get some monster clouds with this
thing so with the mozilla it's a blend
of 70 DG 30 PG now you're probably
wondering why we went with the 70 VG and
30 PG and not like an atv g or 20 PG or
max VG and the reason why we went with a
70 VG and 30 p g is because we don't
want to sacrifice the flavor but we also
wanted to give you guys some decent
clouds and as you can see you can get
some monster clouds to mozilla the
strengths that we have in the mozilla
are 0 3 and 6 so this is more gear for
the drippers so if you're the type of
guy that likes to drip on a 12 or an 18
or 24 more power to you but the montel
is not going to be for you like i said 0
3 and 6 it's really prime i mean i love
basement on the three it is just so dang
gone good there are seven different
flavors in the Mozilla and what we did
is we took seven of the best flavors out
of our vapor beasts proof and we brought
it over to the Mozilla and now I'm going
to talk to you guys about the different
flavors first up we have atomic which is
a raspberry lime being this one is
really really good if you're a big fan
of raspberry linemate you're gonna love
the atomic next up we have Big Bang
which is our blueberry limiting if
you're a big fan of blueberry lemonade
you'll be a big fan of big bang another
one that we have is Titan Titan is one
of my number one favorite Titan is a
grape watermelon whoo
grape watermelon then I could drip it
I'm all about that so if you like grape
watermelon you're gonna love tight this
one is really really fierce this is the
Raptor Raptor is our watermelon
wintergreen so you got that nice good
taste of watermelon with those nice cool
hints of wintergreen if you're a big fan
of watermelon wintergreen you're gonna
love Raptor number five on the list is
nuclear nuclear is our fruit punch if
you go gaga over fruit punch you're
gonna go gaga over nuclear mmm mmm good
number six is another one of my
favorites which is Jurassic it's a fruit
stripe gum and unlike the gum the flavor
last longer so if you're a big fan of
the fruit stripe gum you're gonna love
Jurassic last but not least we have
molten molten is a smooth tobacco now
I'm not a big fan of dripping tobacco's
but the molten is really smooth so if
you like dripping tobacco's you're gonna
love molten in closing Mozilla only
comes in 30 ml bottles there amsa
certified made right here in a clean lap
in USA you get safety proof child caps
and it has a plastic so cover over you
can pick these bottles up on the website
for 1599 if you're a retail shop and
you're interested in carrying Mozilla we
do offer a Mozilla starter package for
more details just give us a call 877 821
60 62 and ask to speak to a smoke-free
technology consultant this is Teddy B
with vapor bees com tell Anita keep it

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