Vape Review of Modus - KA E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Modus - KA E-Liquid

Vape Review of Modus - KA E-Liquid

KA by Modus is a Caramel, Vanilla, Spiced Cream, Caramelised sugar flavoured e-liquid and is available in 6 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Modus - KA E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Modus - KA E-Liquid

I have a fan going so if it's too loud
just let me know down the comments below
and we'll turn it off hello vapors and
babies welcome back today's video is all
about modesty liquid okay so we have
four flavors here today by modest
eliquid you can give them at the drip
Club I will leave a link below to these
if you're interested in checking them
out after this video but I got to scent
like this and then to scent in these
cool like box things and it has more
than suit sorry okay so let stand just
fell I know it's gonna have it's a kind
of place that on weird place then side a
little bit closer so I'm just gonna talk
louder because I don't know if that fan
is too loud and it's just really I
cannot film like I will be dripping
sweat like I'm already sweating and I'm
it's just so hot out and so hot in this
room under these lights 20 was let's
just get into it modesty liquid we have
four flavors here we have Molly Pablo we
have buzzed and Akuma these are 60 ml
bottles are $24 they are a high VG I
didn't find an exact ratio and they are
available in zero 6 and 12 milligrams
nicotine I'm just gonna try one at
random what everyone I have and that's
Molly so this is supposed to be a
strawberry sour Belle
I am of course trying these flavors out
on my troll RDA but if you don't have an
RDA tour know how to use one and still
want a flavor test you can invest in
these 510 dripping atomizer barrels I
believe a link below to these in my
favorite section they're super easy to
use super cheap
you just put a couple drops of the
e-liquid down in there put a drip tip on
top and you get a couple puffs of the
flavor so let's get started shall we I'm
excited mmm oh my god I love strawberry
gummy sour candies
and I know exactly what candy this is
supposed to be like and I'm super
excited it smells like it too just a
little bit candy heaven these kind of
candies always remind me of like movie
theaters because I either get like these
sours straw gummy things or licorice or
popcorn the fan is like affected my baby
I got some on my lip and it tastes so
freakin good it tastes exactly what it's
supposed to be it is a sour strawberry
gummy straw candy like those long ones
like there's a couple different versions
of like one that I've tried there's a
strong ones there's a flat belt ones and
this one's gonna be like either one of
them because they taste exactly the same
hmm but if you guys know me then you
know that I love strawberry babes of any
kind and so this is definitely a yummy
good flavor in my book I just eyes want
some of those candies when when a liquid
is so good that it tastes so much like
what it's supposed to be and it makes
you want to have the real thing like
then you know it's really good next I'm
gonna try top low which is another mmm
whoa which is another flavor that I
really absolutely love it's pink
lemonade and that is one of like my
all-time favorite summertime baits
so this couldn't have come at a perfect
time I'm like forgetting to talk crazy
like extra loud I'm so sorry if this fan
is loud to you guys now this flavor
smells super strong so I'm like a little
ooh not mad at all it was a very light
refreshing crisp lemonade pink lemonade
and you can taste the pink part like on
the inhale it's mainly kind of tasted
like regular lemonade but then as I
exhale it was like big pink strawberry
lemonade part 2 4 2 I really like this
flavor as well next I'm trying the Akuma
flavor and this is a cream filled this
is a vanilla cream filled cream puff mmm
oh it smell so good yes I literally
almost baked that without putting the
cap on
oh my god that would have been the end
of today's video and a few days after
that burnt lips
mmm okay so you know those little you
know the Swan truck first of all do you
know a swans man or whatever those
trucks that came around with the ice
cream whenever my grandma would always
get the frozen cream puffs and they'd be
in the freezer and then you'd let them
thaw a little bit and eat them and
they're like so little and just like
still I'm so good that's exactly what
this tastes like tastes like them like
thought out like a warmer version of it
these ones like you enjoyed whether they
were still cold or maybe that was just
I don't know but oh my god
YUM you can like the cream puffs I'm
thinking of like they're flaky and you
can definitely taste like this flaky
cream puff pastry filled with vanilla
and it's thick and it's good it's not
super sugary it's more creamy the next
we are trying buzz lastly because it is
blue raspberry and I'm going to try it
for you guys but I don't like blue
raspberry I don't like blueberry babes
really and I don't love raspberry vapes
and then they're just mixing blueberry
and raspberry together from blue
raspberry and it's like I don't like
blue raspberry candies at all so in real
life so I don't know what I'm gonna
personally feel about this but I'll
taste it and let you guys know what I'm
tasting I mean it does taste like a blue
raspberry candy it tastes like a hard
blue raspberry candy
I mean it's good if you like the
raspberry candy that's exactly what
tastes like it's not unflavored I would
bathe personally I would if it was like
the last liver on Earth for sure
oh hi Tess dad wants to come say hi
so this is this is Casas favorite spot
no no hmm
well I mean for blue raspberry
definitely blue raspberry it's not
something I like so what you're doing uh
what are you doing though oh my God he's
like attacking my eyelashes
all right so definitely a thumbs up for
these flavors I'm definitely going to be
vaping the pink lemonade and the Molly
all the way gone I'm probably gonna save
the creampuff flavor for some more of
like a cozy winter time babe like that's
the desert babes some dudes are babes I
feel like that's like a fall that's like
a fall babe
but definitely the Molly and the Pablo
are getting raped this summer because
they're perfect for summertime I will
leave a link below to these I don't know
party said that because ty was
distracting me if you've tried these
flavors let me know down in the comments
below what you think of them whether you
like them or not taste is so subjective
and varies person to person that's it
for today's video I hope you guys
enjoyed don't eat my hair sorry he's
just so cute how can I say no and not
take him up when he wants to be baked up
and I can't shut the door and welcome
out to the food pot in here but you can
follow me on with any social media site
like Instagram Twitter or Facebook
subscribe to this channel for more
did I say give it a thumbs up I have a
second channel pass you're hurting me
please join Quezada over following up
blowing smoke to org call and urge your
state representatives to support the
change in the predicate date for vapor
products currently on the market but
that being said I'm Tia vapes this is my
devil angel kitty Taz and thank you so
much for watching
he was seriously going ham on my hand
and arm I had to put him down like he is
either the sweetest kitten in the world
so loving or he is double and he has
though me and ambitious and I need to
break him of that habit any suggestions
on how to break the kitten from
attacking my hands and my feet as I walk
by and stuff let me know because like he
is vicious

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