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Mod Milk means business with this delectable strawberry blend! Mod Milk Strawberry is a strawberry overdose finished off with sweet creams. Perfect harmony between strawberries and cream, don’t miss out on one of best strawberries and cream profiles created! VG to PG Ratio: 80/20 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Mod Milk Strawberry BEASTLY BECAUSE Not only is Mod Milk Tasty but the entire line features 60mL bottles at a 30mL price, savings and quality? Now that’s BEASTLY! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MOD MILK STRAWBERRY

what's going on YouTube everybody out
there and they planned it's uh your
hosts Matt and Pat friendly neighborhood
host we should add back to you guys with
a nether premium ejuice review thank you
to the guys at mod milk for sending us
this way to review on our channel and
it's a manufactured by a high voltage e
liquid sketchy uh show you guys little
babies what's on our way for the purpose
of this review will not change our
opinion on this juice but I kind of see
the bottle and stuff get it to folks a
little bit just nice very simple label
you can kind of see this juice is
fucking almost raw and I don't like salt
myself or whatever there's still quite a
bit left but this stuff's fucking bomb
I'd say max VG 80/20 it comes in
nicotine levels of zero three and six
and spawn I'm gonna have a pad just give
you a flavor description this is coming
off of vapor beast calm fuckin shitty
website they just have a fairly good
description or whatever they actually
rip try to rip off at one time
maude milk means business with this
delectable strawberry blend Maude milk
strawberry is a strawberry overdosed
finished off with sweet creams perfect
harmony between strawberries and cream
don't miss out on one of the best
strawberry and cream profiles created
now when they say like strawberry cream
profiles definitely I would say it's the
best strawberry cream balanced created
now me and Pat were talking about this
and you know if you ever vape milk man
by one-hit-wonder that's more on a
heavier cream side when it comes to a
strawberries and cream or there's
certain strawberries and cream where
they're heavier on the strawberry and
it's lighter on the cream or airy on the
cream or like with this it's a perfect
balance like I don't know how to explain
it of just where I not explain it I'm
just strawberry and cream it's just like
there's not one flavor it's gonna
dominate the other the other and this
shit is long yeah so uh let's uh give
this smell test taste test everything
like that we'll let you guys know how it
is I mean I already know how it is
it's a fucking delicious I've been
vaping on it fucking for the past few
days now you can get in sixty milliliter
bottles for 1995 off of my freedom
smokes calm we'll make sure to put that
down in the description let's go and
start this off with a smell you guys
it's really good pricing yeah I mean
what I get from it is like a nice creamy
custard II like strawberry milk almost
it's really good and when they say like
it resembles and that's quick it
definitely does it does like that's
pretty much like what I smell here's
like a mess quit yeah it's a mess but
yeah doesn't get a stronger asperger's
one more taste of this shit mmm like
with this juice what it reminds me of is
like milk man it's got that same bomb
flavor that sorry ah sorry that same
bomb strawberry flavor that's in
man accepted stronger on the strawberry
so it's a better balance to me for sure
so we're gonna be baby didn't s off of
the sub own box sale limited edition
time bomb vapors it's like a little
decal on it just rockin some my mm
batteries and this she's around like
going three volts basically we got it a
22 gauge wire we fuckin maps to do like
10 raps whose own not to like a point
two or whatever working good though
basically perfect blend perfect balance
like when I was vaping this earlier in
the week I didn't even checked out a
flavor description I already knew it was
a strawberry and cream I could smell it
just by checking it out I fuck him right
when I got this shit in the mail fucking
I automatically started vaping the shit
right away and so I was telling Pat
about like damn this shit's fucking good
you know I'm gonna have a hard time like
fucking saving any for you like honestly
like fucking shits bomb it's gone
through a bunch of it already definitely
like something that if your strawberry
and cream fan you want to go check out
throwing 20 bucks yeah your bottle this
stuff all 60 milliliters can't go wrong
with that
I get chain bait this shit yeah I'm
gonna stop two non-stop chain bait this
shit no joke with your strawberry and
cream fan I would definitely go check
out some of this stuff right right right
away 60 mils $20 you could basically get
120 ml for only 40 bucks if you think
about it that's a really good fucking
deal for 120 ml of some premium juice so
and it will come in two different
bottles or if you want they also have
another flavour which is their Key Lime
like pie and milk and I haven't tried it
yet but that one fucking ice melted and
I can't wait to fucking try and do that
shit that one smells just as good or
even better than
yeah I don't even like lime like lime
aid or just like straight limes and
stuff or a candy lime I don't really
would prefer it but this smells good
something you want to something you want
a baby like this right here I'd give
this like a ten solid ten because so
perfectly balanced exactly how they're
describing it only 20 bucks to 60
milliliters for me do you think I mean
shit I'd give it a solid 10 it's
perfectly smooth the throat hit gets a
solid fucking 5 out of 10 yeah in smooth
going in and out and you get that nice
nicotine fix that you need off of it it
doesn't feel like it's too light on the
nicotine I actually feel like it's
probably a three milligram for sure it's
worth it you guys perfect label I mean I
give them big props on the label I
really like how it's like that pink Mod
milk label and stuff too they give you
the mod milk facts on the back like the
nutrition facts I mean no biggie on that
but it is manufactured by high voltage
and stuff so I mean it's definitely
something worth checking out
definitely definitely yeah let's try
voltage anyway you guys make sure

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