Vape Review of MOD MILK PURPLE

April 23, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of MOD MILK PURPLE

Vape Review of MOD MILK PURPLE

Mod Milk expands their line with two new flavors! Mod Milk Purple is sweet milk base infused with just a smidge of grape goodness. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how good this blend tastes! VG to PG Ratio: 80/20 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Mod Milk Purple BEASTLY BECAUSE Not only is Mod Milk Tasty but the entire line features 60mL bottles at a 30mL price, savings and quality? Now that’s BEASTLY! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of MOD MILK PURPLE

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MOD MILK PURPLE

hey what's going on YouTube what's
happenin ask the valley basicaly
thanks for tuning in everybody once
again to all about the vapor I said I am
bringing you another alig review of
another mod milk flavor this one is on
the grape milky sweetness so if you
tuned in to a few of the early reviews I
did on YouTube
I did a blue wrath and the milky
chocolate contagion from mod milk
thought they were both awesome the
chocolate milk a temptation wasn't
really an all-day bait for me but the
blue rads was phenomenal went through
that bottle in about two days it was an
excellent flavor earlier today I had the
best mod milk flavor so far and probably
the best orange milkshake er orange
creamsicle flavor that I've had to date
it was the orange milky awesomeness and
it was awesome it was spot-on to an
orange milkshake ur orange creamsicle
everything from the smell to the exhale
to the to the inhale to the exhale was
just absolutely perfect it was an
awesome awesome flavor could not
recommend that one enough can't say
enough great things about it it was just
an awesome flavor so I'm a little
skeptical about this one at the same
time excited I've had great milkshakes a
few times in my day and that's what this
one is supposed to resemble I was never
really a huge fan of them but I have had
a couple and the Greek creamsicles I
kind of prefer more sorry guys I met
this said never had a grape creamsicle
but I think I would prefer them more
they seemed pretty good and some other
milkshake flavors I'd rather have before
I would choose great but I am a little
excited about it just to see how these
flavors are going to complement each
other so we're going to get down into
this one guys anyway 60 ml glass bottle
here it is seemed like all the other mod
milk flavors they give you the color to
resemble the flavor this one's grape so
you get the purple emblem high-voltage
is on the back which is a manufacturer
because y'all Daman know effects
80/20 VG PG blend just like the rest of
the mod milk line and normally you guys
know I like to 70/30 blends but this mod
milk is perfect with the 80/20 they do a
really good job with re liquid right now
it's going for $18.99 on the asset value
website so an awesome price for 60 mils
of premium liquid and comes in a zero
three or six milligram then Catina I do
have my name f3 so what I'll do guys
I'll go ahead open it I'll smell it let
you know how to get from the smell will
they point it in the eco sick pet RDA
talk about what we get from the inhale
the exhale we'll switch over to the big
baby be strong tank lovers let you know
the flavor that I'm getting from
thank if I prefer it over the RDA or
vice versa if I recommend it to you if
it's an all day big for me
and of course I'll put the link down at
the bottom where you can pick it up at
so big thank you to Andy for massive
value vase for sending this over my way
purpose of review greatly appreciate it
let's go ahead and open it up and take a
smell yeah you pick up one grape and
creaminess I mean you definitely get the
creaminess comes out a lot in it so it's
almost kind of resent to me it's almost
like a like a creamy they a couple years
ago they had these creamy Jolly Ranchers
they were like Jolly Ranchers flavor but
they had like cream creamy cream to it
cream creamy listen I can't even talk
they had like the creaminess to it they
were like like a Jolly Ranchers smoothie
I think they were called and that's kind
of what this smells like
yes smells will get you out it smelled
exactly like that candy like a Jolly
Rancher smoothie so I know it's supposed
to replicate a great milkshake but I'm
getting like a jolly rancher grape
smoothie flavor it smells really good
sorry you got it dripped here on the
cotton guys we're going to go into vape
I got a pair of fuse collapses in there
from clean bills I'll put the link down
for them too if you're looking for some
awesome coils to accommodate all
different bills you can find them on the
clean build site so I'll put that down
below 112 watt 0.15 ohm build here we go
damn it's so thick there's so much vapor
I can I'm so using a 70/30 blend that I
can only take short short pulls off this
it's like right there
so vapor production as you can tell
phenomenal for those of you were in the
cloud chasing you like the blow big
clouds you like having a lot of vapor
come out of your RDA or your tank these
mod milk 80/20 blends are just perfect
for that okay let's talk about it so
only inhale and definitely picking up on
great I'm going to say it it's kind of
like a great milkshake I'm going to say
on the exhale you're definitely getting
all those creamy flight all those creamy
notes to it one thing mod milk does
perfectly is put just the right amount
of creamy undertones in there a liquid I
mean the creative if I didn't get no
creaminess from this and all I picked up
on with the grape
I wouldn't like this one at all I'm just
being honest with you but the the
creaminess from it on the exhale really
just really blend it all together very
very nicely so I still prefer the orange
and a blue razz over the grape but then
again grape is one of them flavors where
I'm very picky with besides great big
big juices or hasn't really been too
many that I've been a big fan of it is
good now the grape flavor on the inhale
I'm still going to say is more like a
it's like a great buy scream pretty much
I would say a great milkshake grape ice
cream if you ever had a great buy ice
cream on you know if they make that I
just kind of made that up but um let's
just go a great milkshake because crave
ice cream I don't know if it exists
so we'll say great milkshake milkshake
ice cream kind the same thing once just
a little bit thinner once thicker so
great milkshake pretty much that's what
I'm getting from this guy's I mean I
really can't pinpoint anything else I'm
not going to say it's like a great Jolly
Rancher because I'm not getting that
flavor from it that would be more of a
really sweet grape it's a nice mellow
grape flavor with that creamy undertones
to it on the exhale it still sticks to
the back to your throat there to
creaminess and kind of just tingles the
inside of your cheeks I really love that
quit and it puts off a really good smell
so the aroma of this e-liquid is is
really good in the clouds
they don't dissipate at all I mean they
just keep going I'm looking in the room
now and they're going all over the room
so if you're looking for something
that's going to chuck the vapor that's
when mod milk is the way to go so yeah
guys I mean that's pretty much it on
this one it's really good it's more or
less I'm getting a great milkshake
flavor from it could I think this all
day know I would definitely end up
switching over to something else but
after dinner after lunch something like
that it's definitely a good flavor I can
see this being a nice summertime flavor
for me chilling outside by the pool
honestly I mean that's where I think
this would go hand-in-hand this isn't
something I'm going to run out the house
and grab just to be honest with you but
I will say this right now if you like
great milkshakes and if you like that a
grave ice cream type flavor you can't go
wrong with this you're really going to
like it because it 100% resembles a
great milkshake in my opinion I don't
get a jolly rancher flavor from it like
a lot of those great flavors have like
that artificial really sweet
overpowering a great grape flavor to it
not getting that just getting a nice
subtle grape flavour followed up with
really good creamy undertones and it
just blends together makes a really nice
deep sea when it comes to grape I'm not
the biggest fan so that's why I'm not
really a ranting and raving and super
excited about this one but it is very
good and I will recommend it to your if
you're into those flavors if grape is
not your flavor don't buy it plain and
simple it's not going to be the flavor
for you find something else they do have
mod milk has plenty of other options
that you can choose from and they're all
on the Aspen Valley website but I do
recommend it for all you guys out there
who like purple or like great milkshakes
I think they call them purple cows is
the name of the milkshake around here in
New Jersey anyway when I see them listed
at like ice cream places as you can tell
I go to a lot of ice cream spots that's
how I maintain this beautiful physique
that you're looking at here so basically
I mean it's great by screen great
milkshake really know no other way to
describe it so let's go ahead over to
tank we'll see we get the same flavor
from the tank as we did the RDA so yes
it's not something I could do all day
but it is good I do enjoy it again this
would come really good for me sitting by
the pool relaxing
all right so go ahead and throw the baby
beast on there how do we can open this
coil for quite some time now so we
should be good to go let's just turn
that down we don't want to be running
that at 112 because it'll be the end of
that coil so let's bring it down to
about 65 here we go so we've got the big
baby beast 65 watts grape milky
sweetness give it a go in the tank I
like it more in the tank definitely um
in the tank it's not let me say it's
definitely calmed down a little bit from
the RDA that that's that eco sick pet
RDA just kicks out the vapor and kicks
out the flavour I like it more in this
tank it's a little bit more mellow I'm
able to enjoy it a little bit more I'm
not getting that um so I'm not getting
that directly right to my lungs so it's
not all that vapor coming in from that
80/20 blend it's wicked fine for an
80/20 sometimes I worry about them but
the wicks loss on these corals are so
huge they wake up perfectly fine but I'm
enjoying it more out of this tank I
still couldn't do it all day but I can
definitely make them more out of the
tank than I could the RDA
just a really nice calm mellow of a bomb
getting that that gray pony inhale that
creaminess on the exhale I'm still going
to compare it to a great milkshake or
grape ice cream it's really good I mean
it's not it's definitely like I said not
something I could vape all day I don't
want to keep repeating myself but it is
good I could definitely take it out
periodically and be pulling it out from
time to time so if you're into great
flavors again I'm going to recommend
this one a little more out of the tank
than I would the RDA but that's my
opinion again takes a subjective if you
really like the grape flavors and you
may like you more out of the RDA because
you're getting a lot more of the flavor
from it but I just think it's going down
a little bit more in the tank and it
just gave me a really nice mellow vape
so I enjoyed out of the tank a lot
still put out great vapor production in
the tank so that's pretty much it for
this one guys I'll put the link down
below of course for Aspen Valley don't
forget to subscribe to their news feed
so you can get all kinds of awesome
steals in your email for premium
e-liquids every other day they're
putting a different um Dahle steel up
there so you guys could make sure you
subscribe to the ESCO Valley news feed
again so you can get those in your email
also make sure you like comment
subscribe down below let me know if you
had the grape yet what your thoughts are
on it and let me know if you have any
other model flavors and what your
thoughts are on any of the flavors for
that matter so I got a couple more
reviews coming to you later on guys so
please stay tuned again remember smoking
takes live vaping saves lives
you guys all be safe if you have any
questions please make sure you comment
down below I absolutely get back to you
as soon as I possibly can you guys have
a great day thanks for watching

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