Vape Review of MOD MILK ORANGE

April 23, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of MOD MILK ORANGE

Vape Review of MOD MILK ORANGE

Mod Milk expands their line with two new flavors! Mod Milk orange is sweet milk base infused with just the right amount of tangy orange. Sounds like an odd combination right? Wrong, you’ll quickly drop any doubts after just a couple puffs! VG to PG Ratio: 80/20 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Mod Milk Orange BEASTLY BECAUSE Not only is Mod Milk Tasty but the entire line features 60mL bottles at a 30mL price, savings and quality? Now that’s BEASTLY! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of MOD MILK ORANGE

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MOD MILK ORANGE

hey what's going on YouTube what's
happenin asthma Valley basics jaylee
thanks everybody for tuning in once
again to all about the vapor and guys
today I'm bringing you another elixir
review this is going to be on another
mod Milka juice from the high voltage
manufacturers and this one's on the
orange milky awesomeness I believe yep I
got it right orange milky awesomeness so
Astin Valley just picked up the two new
mod milk flavor so I was really stoked
about it if you tuned in to some of my
earlier reviews I did the blue razz mod
milk which I was a huge fan of ran
through that bottle in about three days
and then I did the chocolate milking
temptation which was really good but it
wasn't an all-day bait for me but it was
very very good so I still haven't had a
chance to try the strawberry in the key
lime and I think that's pretty much it
but the orange and the purple they had
now have a purple I believe it's called
I have written down here in grape milky
sweetness so they sent me these two to
review so big thank you to Andy over
there it asked for value for sending
this over my way so really excited about
this one guys automatically I started
thinking orange creamsicle I've only had
a very few orange flavors that I really
enjoyed my favorite is the milk Piazza
cuties but uh orange creamsicle flavors
for me have been hit or miss I've had a
few that were okay I do hear a lot about
the 1:20 cream pop but I was really
excited about this one so I already
opened it up already smelled it so I
know what to expect and they thrown it
just a little bit here so we're going to
get more into the flavors as I'm going
along in the review and I'll give you
guys basically my initial impressions
because I literally just started vaping
on it so what we'll do like always guys
will they bung a little bit I got it
sitting here on the goon 24 RDA I'll
switch over to the tobacco super mini
tank for all you tank lovers I've a bit
out a tank let you know if I get the
same flavor from the tank as I do the
RDA which one I prefer if it's an
all-day bait for me and of course if I
recommend it to you as always I'll put
the link down below for ask evaluate in
case you want to go over there and I get
yourself a bottle or check out any of
the other leaked liquids they have so
let's get down into a guys 60 ml glass
bottle all the mod milk all the mod milk
uh liquid started the 60 ml glass
dropper bottles just got the little
emblem on the front like all the other
mod milk line so they're real basic guys
I just got the little circle there with
the M in the middle
and basically each color replicates the
flavor so real simple I like that
cut the Montville facts on the back here
and it was a little hard to see with the
lighting and I cut in the three milgrain
comes in a zero three or six milligrams
nicotine right now I believe it is
eighteen eighteen ninety nine 460 mm so
it's 1899 60 mils of premium e-liquid
can't beat that guys and it is an 80/20
blend now typically I'm more lean
towards the 70/30 blends I just enjoyed
the flavor I get more off those blends
but since I have had mod milk before and
I do know it's an 80/20 blend it still
puts out amazing flavor
so hopefully this one's going to hold up
to the rest of them because so far I
really been enjoying the mod melt
flavors so here we go we're going to
open it up and we're going to have a
smell I'm going to let you know what I
get from the smell so right off the bat
I get really excited about this one guys
because it's definitely orange
creamsicle and I was really hoping once
I seen that they came out with the
orange flavor that that's what it was
going to resemble now it says in the
profile that it's supposed to resemble
an orange milkshake I've never had an
orange milkshake I'm assuming that it
would be just like a an orange
creamsicle basically a big cold orange
creamsicle in a cup I guess that's what
you put a milkshake in so that's what
I'm going to compare it to because a
creamsicle basically is the cream and
the orange so orange milkshake I would
assume would taste exactly the same so
we're going to say that I'll call it an
orange creamsicle you can call it an
orange milkshake whatever it doesn't
really matter but that's 100% the flavor
you get from this if you were to take
off this whole entire logo and you were
just to hand me a clear bottle of uh e
liquid just like this I would be able to
tell you right away it's orange
creamsicle without a doubt so you
definitely get that creaminess on the on
the smell you get that orange flavor
it's not too overpowering with the are
just a really really really nice
pleasant smell smells really good so
let's go ahead guys already got it
dripped here on the goon 24 millimeter
RDA we'll go ahead Mohave and I'll let
you know what I get from the inhale any
exhale and then we'll talk about it a
little bit so I got 115 Watts I got a
point 1/2 own build on here it's a pair
those a trike or alien buy clean bills
I'll put that link down at the end too
here we go
and I'm 80/20 blends man they just pump
out the vapor as you can see the vapor
production is just stellar I mean it's
cloudy guys let me just say right now
this is absolutely living up to the
expectations that I that I've had for it
it is let me just drip a little bit more
on there it is phenomenal
from the inhale I can tell you already I
just give a nice little zesty orange
flavor on the inhale on that exhale
though that's where that's where this
juice is really standing out to me on
that exhale I'm getting that that creamy
undertones coming out it's identical to
an orange creamsicle more or less
because obviously an orange milkshake is
going to be cold or getting it in bait
form so it's going to be warm but you
know what the comparative you definitely
can tell it's supposed to replicate an
orange milkshake or an orange creamsicle
I mean if you took a bunch of the orange
creamsicles you put them in a cup and
just mash them all up sort of drinking
it 100% so well in that excel I'm
getting that a creaminess coming out and
I can taste the orange creamsicle flavor
just kind of sticking to the back of my
throat there it's really really good I
mean this one is this one's on point let
me go ahead do a couple more
oh my god and if you're worried about
vapor production as you can see these
80/20 blend just pumping out I mean the
thing I don't really like too much about
the 80/20 blend is a lot of times if you
try to put them in tanks they sometimes
don't always wake up as good and
sometimes it can take a little bit
longer to break in when you have it in
the RDA but I got some cotton bacon in
here too version 2 so it wakes up
perfectly fine I just feel like I always
get a little more flavor out of the
70/30 blends they're a little thinner
but I'm telling you right now with this
mod milk the 80/20 blend is perfect I
don't think it could get any more
flavorful than what it is too much more
of the flavor on this would probably
kill it for me honestly it is perfect
perfect amount of orange um perfect
amount of orange flavor to it like I
said it's a little zest the orange
flavor on the inhale but that exhale
manage is beautiful even out the nose
really Pleasant get that orange
creamsicle taste coming from here you
can just feel it coming out your nose
you can taste it it's it it's really
good guys I can't really say enough good
things about this one right off the bat
without even having to drip or vape on
this that much I can already tell it's
going to be absolutely in the inner
rotation and it's absolutely going to be
an all day vape for me would I buy more
of it I can tell you right now 100%
I will be buying more of this this is
phenomenal I'm a little skeptical about
the grape although I do enjoy a few
grape flavors especially the great big
league juices from big-league juices
great does the flavor where I don't to
mean just putting grape with milk in my
opinion just doesn't really sound too
I've never had a great cream cup I do
know they make them I'm sure they're not
that bad but I'm going to assume that's
what the grapes going to be like like a
great like a grape creamsicle basically
I don't really know what else said I
never had a great milkshake the flavor
profile is great milkshake so I'm going
to say it's going to be like a great
popsicle with the cream in the middle
and hopefully it's going to be good but
I can't see it being better than this
orange one because this is phenomenal if
you're in orange flavors and you're in
orange creamsicle flavors which a lot of
people out there are absolutely pick a
bottle of this up I can guarantee you're
going to like this if you do not like
this then you must not like orange
creamsicle as much as you think you do
because it is spot-on
I mean spot on to the tea one on a
this one's really good guys let me go
ahead and do a couple more and then
we'll switch over to the tank we'll wrap
this one up and it's so consistent
there's no other flavors popping through
it is just straight orange on the inhale
nice little zesty orange flavor running
inhale then on that exhale you get that
creamsicle flavor just sticking to the
sides of your cheek and just really
sticking it back to your throat you can
actually taste the cream on the excel it
is phenomenal I'm telling you guys right
now if you get a chance I can see if
people catch on to this asthma Valley is
going to be running out of it not to
order more because it's phenomenal I can
definitely tell you that I haven't had
the orange cream pop yet I know they do
carry it over Aspen Valley so that's
probably going to be one that I'm going
to purchase next just to compare it to
see how to see which one is better in my
opinion I don't think it can get much
better than this though guys this one is
spot-on perfect in my opinion so we're
going to do we're going to go and switch
over to the tank I'll let you know from
getting the same flavor out of the tank
as I am the RDA and I'll let you know
which one I prefer I'll know about you
guys but it is hotter than hell here in
New Jersey right now and I got the air
on and I'm still sweating boats my
Duty's reviews I keep all the windows
open seidel completely fogged up the
room but it's like I'm cooking in here
so if you see me sweatin I apologize I'm
fat and I'm not so here we go guys I got
the super mini tank we're going to go
ahead and take that all the way down
from 115 to about the 660 Watts 0.25 ohm
coil here we go
so big difference with the vapor
production obviously because I'm doing
it from the tank but I'm still puts out
plenty plenty of vapor for me oh my god
it's delicious I mean it's wicking up
fine I'm not getting any dry hits I was
a little worried about that 80/20 blend
no problem with the wicking here it's
just quaking like a dream and it tastes
beautiful that flavor is phenomenal what
do I prefer more tanker RDA I'm gonna go
with the RDA on this one just because of
the simple fact I'm getting so much of
that creaminess on the exhale but on the
inhale at this one I'm still taking up
on that zesty orange a little bit more
tone down than the RDA on the exhale
you're absolutely still picking up on
that cream flavor and it still you get
that stickin to the side of your cheeks
a little bit of them back to your throat
there it's just spot-on it's perfect
whether you're going to make this out of
a tank on RDA you can't go wrong it's
going to be perfect either way so my
recommendation for me anyway would be
the RDA I do any more towards the
rebuildable than I do the tanks but it's
perfect either way so do I recommend it
both ways 100% in my opinion I would
stick with the RDA before I went with
the tank but it's perfect either way
guys so that's pretty much it on this
one guys I highly recommend if you're
ignoring flavoring the orange creamsicle
flavors absolutely get your hands on
this if you do not like orange
creamsicle you do not like orange
flavors simply don't buy it it's not
going to be the flavor for you but this
is 100% spot-on to an orange milkshake
or an orange creamsicle definitely check
it out guys I'll put the link down below
make sure you subscribe to the ask
valley news feed so you can get all the
daily steals and get a great eliquid for
awesome prices all the time like every
other day they're throwing up a
different daily steel there and guys
don't forget to Like comment subscribe
make sure you let me know down below if
you have this flavor what you think of
it or if you had any of the other mod
milk flavors and if you had to grape let
me know what your thoughts on a great
bar it's pretty much it for this one
I'll put the link down below for my
favorite vapor lounge here in New Jersey
if you ever get a chance stop by Poppy's
vapor lounge I'll put a link down for
the coils for the clean builds if you're
looking for all different types of coils
to accommodate all different builds
clean bills has you have has you covered
so I'll put the link down for them to
until then see on the next one remember
smoking takes lives they being saves
you guys be safe thanks again take care

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