Vape Review of MOD MILK - BLACK

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of MOD MILK - BLACK

Vape Review of MOD MILK - BLACK

By Nataly Komova

Mod Milk means business with this tasty chocolate milk profile! Mod Milk Black is a creamy milk base infused with the perfect amount of rich chocolate. Chocolate flavors are hit or miss but we can assure you that Mod Milk’s Black is a hit! VG to PG Ratio: 80/20 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Mod Milk Black BEASTLY BECAUSE Not only is Mod Milk Tasty but the entire line features 60mL bottles at a 30mL price, savings and quality? Now that’s BEASTLY! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of MOD MILK - BLACK

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of MOD MILK - BLACK

this e-juice review is brought to you by
sensual cloud vapors in Daly City
California go ahead check them out if
you're in the area and make sure you
talk to dilo or matt and mention this
review what's up guys - any Hannity's
here from lazy Tony vapes and today we
are taking a look at mod milk this is
from the same guys that brought you high
voltage has nothing to do with caffeine
this line is specifically a milky line a
creamy line if that is your bag if that
is the kind of thing that you like to
that's what high voltage wants to give
to you for me I don't do milk so if this
were to come across like if I were to
shop and I were to see this but to be
perfectly honest with you Brad sorry but
I would actually not give this a shot
I'm just I'm not into milky creamy kinds
of vapes but trying to be as objective
as I can't be here so let's give this a
go first off we're gonna take a look at
the strawberry milky goodness I think I
guess that's the full name of it sure
yeah why not
alright so doing this on my wise mech
willow and my also trusty cloud champ
from the vapors in Tracy California
brand new coils brand new cotton okay
it's nice it's not too milky it's not
too sweet definitely has kind of a
strawberry milkshake maybe not milkshake
so much our least strawberry milk
consistency going on what I like about
it's a little faint but not too much so
we're you can't really taste that all so
I guess what I'm trying to say is with
with the strawberry as far as that goes
it's not too much in your face and the
reason why I say that is there's so many
strawberry cream strawberry milkshake
you know clones out there and companies
and individuals making their own and
there's nothing wrong with that
whatsoever but strawberry in itself is
really you know cloud of the market it's
just it's just too much strawberry so
yeah if you like strawberries and you're
like milk and you like strawberry milk
this might be a good alternative for you
there's nothing really special about it
tastes good
it's not for me next up we are gonna
take a look at the blue razz milky
madness these are three milligrams of
nicotine but it's it's already hitting
my throat a little bit it's a little
harsh from the throat and this was the
same issue that we had with the high
voltage line and their premier line that
was mimicking Red Bull and Blue Monster
that the NIC itself was a little bit
harsh and I'm feeling that already with
just testing these two out with respects
to blueberry I can't believe I'm saying
this but there's not enough milk I taste
the blueberry but the milk is a little
bit faint so if you want just an
undertone of milk not bad but at least
with my taste buds I don't taste the
milk or the creaminess as much as I do
when it comes to the strawberry cream I
will say though at 70 VG you know not
bad just good club then we test out the
Key Lime milky delight I really do like
key lime pie and I have yet to really
find a good key lime pie or Key Lime
vape and right out of the gate this one
was high up on my list of vape set it's
very intriguing so for you
oh I love it okay so here's the thing
about this you know it has to do with it
being key lime - as well - but so
there's definitely the milkiness to it
not too harsh or rather not to too much
of the milk but the nice thing because
it is a lime you have that cool exhale
so it's not like ice like naked ice not
not nothing like that but mainly because
it's the citrus with lime you have that
cool exhale when it's really nice on the
back of the throat especially after that
harsh neck yeah so the Nick is still
harsh but you can get over that or if
you're okay with the throat the throat
hit you might want to give this a shot
so much cloud here last but not least
this is their brand new flavor or at
least those brand new at the time of MBE
in November this is chocolate milky
temptations just like the the the key
lime I've yet to find a chocolate vape
that I can get with if I can use that
turn a phrase
chocolate vape never never never have I
come across one where I can definitively
say yes not only is this chocolate but
this is a desert vape that I can go the
distance with a desert vape that didn't
be an adv from me so let's see if this
can be an ATV for you okay so for for
reference I had Hershey's chocolate bar
I don't know I want to say just a few
days ago that definitely tasted better
than this I guess the reason why I'm not
a fan of this one is because the
chocolate undertone is is more of a
cocoa undertone where that it is
slightly bitter it's not as sweet it's
like getting those morsels of
unsweetened chocolates from like mrs.
Fields it's the best example I can come
up with where it's still chocolate but
they don't add the extra sugar but
because there's already sugar in the
cheedo it kind of balances it out
there's no extra sugar or it doesn't
taste like there's any extra kind of
sweetener with this particular chocolate
and if you're expecting a creamy
chocolate you're gonna get the Krieg
there definitely is a milk contingent
consistency of that in this particular
vape but when it comes to the chocolate
aspect of it I don't taste it I'm gonna
give a warmer go yeah I can't believe
I'm saying this but it's just not sweet
enough it needs to be just a little bit
sweeter on the chocolate side of it and
if they have the ability to balance that
out with the milk they might be able to
find that perfect line or the chocolate
isn't overpowering the milk is just a
very subtle undertone and it's a very
nice smooth vape but as it stands right
now this isn't at least in my opinion
this isn't the best or the top line
chocolate milk vape to well to vape -
with that being said though I do want to
give a huge shout-out and thanks to high
voltage for providing this for us this
was my opinion take for what you will
but if you want I highly recommend you
go checking these flavors out at your
local vape shop if they have the ability
for you to sample them depending on
where you live which state you're in
whatnot otherwise go ahead and talk to
the guys over at high voltage on their
website the links in the description
below and big thanks to my sponsor
essential Claude vapors for not only
setting this up but for setting me up at
nve getting me to talk to all the
vendors and boots that we're out there
and if you guys are in the area of Daly
City California and you're looking for a
vape fix whether it be a mod juice
anything the store even just cotton go
talk to Matt and a dilo thanks again
guys make sure you thumbs up this video
subscribe to the channel make sure you
share this to all of your friends and
family who vape who are interested
follow me on Instagram lazy Tony vapes
and I'll see you in the next one late

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