Vape Review of Milk and Honey E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

April 23, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Milk and Honey E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

Vape Review of Milk and Honey E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths About Cosmic Fog Founded in sunny Orange County, California, Cosmic Fog Vapors was formed with one mission in: "Craft only the most unique, thoroughly tested, highest quality e-liquids the vaping world has ever seen". Their excellent range of eLiquid have become a hit in the USA and Europe, with ejuice recipes respected and renowned around the world.

Vape Review of Milk and Honey E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Milk and Honey E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

what's going on guys this is JTG Maddy
ice of convicted vapes and we're back
here with another review for you guys
it's been a while since we got to sit
down together but here we are back again
what do we got today men today we're
doing a juice review on on a company
that's been causing some stir in the
vapor community cosmic fog cosmic fog
milk and honey I'm sure you guys you
know if you guys are into e juice into
the high-end stuff I'm sure you guys
heard of this stuff it's making its
rounds in the vaping world um it's um I
don't know what the VG PG is me and Jeff
yeah we were just trying to look it up
before the video we couldn't find it
yeah and you went on with most liquids
we can't find a video VG PG anywhere
yeah it's like the same story but I
guarantee someone's gonna comment and
tell us somebody knows someone will
comment please do if you go on the
cosmic fog comm it's just like pretty
much set up for wholesale inquiries um
it just it gives you a phone number and
then it doesn't really do anything you
can't click any link to go anywhere
really it's just for wholesale um but
you could get this off giant vapes you
could get it off a lot of the websites
carry it I got this from VV vapes in
Belmar shout out to them they can be
carrying a lot of good juices lately so
I picked this up from them and I'll say
it one more time it's cosmic fog milk
and honey and we don't have we don't
have a description yeah we don't have a
description for you so we're just going
to wing this as far as flavor goes um
we're vaping this tonight out of the
Panzer Blackhawk the real panzer
Blackhawk and the the magma dripper by
Peres dig'em Banat para Diggle para para
dig'em para Digambar is a paradigm
powered dig'em peridot whatever same
thing I don't know uh really cool
dripper though I can't really tell you
what it smells like honestly it smells
like smells like hot like honey not
almost like it smells like honey nut
uh you know maybe like more more like
honey you know it's like a honey smell
honey it smells like honey nut I'll
smell milk I don't know if milk has a
distinct smell but it smells like it
really does it smells like honey nut
cheerios to me dude it's not a dripper
it does smell like honey nut cheerios
you get a good honey note when you smell
it um I like honey nut cheerios by the
way fucking good to me guys this flavor
is like a vanilla honey custard it's
like a honey custard it smells very
similar to uh to the lion by uh
loominatee vapors I don't think it
smells like it smells exactly like line
I don't think it smells similar to me
but I don't think it smells exact if you
held the bottle of lion in this
side-by-side it's almost the exact same
smell I very very familiar I have like
three bottles of wine at my house and I
don't it's it's like very similar it's
similar but did the honey the honey is
different I see no more I smell much
more honey out of this than yeah there's
no honey that's a difference this is
like um it's less less of a nutty flavor
like the other juice the other um the
Illuminati uh is more of like a nutty
flavor this isn't this is a honey it's a
honey custard great vapor production um
out of this juice
great day for production as you can see
um flavor is good it's it's it coats
your mouth on the exhale with like this
sweet honey flavor it's really good I
like it I'm really liking this cosmic
fog milk and honey
I'm liking a lot I gotta tell you taking
a few hits of this this is this is 0.6
like anything else we usually review
there really is no on you know um
there's no disappointment I mean the
vapor production is great the flavor is
great it tastes like honey nut cheerios
like it tastes like very similar to
honey the taste to me is very
reminiscent of honey nut cheerios now
blown the vapor out of my nose I don't
get any sort of burning stinging or any
sort of undesirable sensations through
my nose there's no unnecessary strong
throat it's a very smooth hit the flavor
is great it I mean there's nothing I can
really compare this to but you really
taste the honey and it for some reason
its milk and honey there's no not that
I'm aware of but like I said we don't
have a description right now but it
tastes to me like honey nut cheerios I
think it's pretty fucking good I'm gonna
have to buzzes mady's but I'm not they
get a bottle for myself I actually
really like it I'll pick you up a bottle
Jeffrey I'll do that for you buddy it's
pretty fucking good the vent let me see
something here let's check the vapor
here on this so I'm gonna blow cloudy
make countdown you need to drip for you
good I think it's good
the vapor all right when you blow the
cloud you do get you know you do get
your especially on mechanical mods you
do get it you know you do get a cloud
but it does dissipate pretty quick you
know yeah you get a decent amount of
vapor dissipates it does it doesn't
linger as much as some other stuff I'm
pretty sure this is gonna be like 70/30
as it says the same thing probably about
is 70/30
um 70/30 or 65 35 or somewhere in that
but like I said someone will comment
someone please comment and tell us what
the VG if you know it share it you know
what I mean because we looked and we
couldn't find it sorry about that let me
uh let me talk a little bit more about
flavor because I'm really glad you like
this on that I like it a lot too I think
it's a good I really I just can't I just
can't think of what else to liken it to
describe its everybody this is really
good and not only am I getting I'm
getting subtle subtle hints of vanilla
custard along with this beautiful
semi-sweet honey flavor and they just go
together so well it's so good it's it's
a very good honey
vanilla custard type vape and I'm also
getting some nutty undertone right now I
could vape this all day it's a good fly
it's an all-day vtune I can vape that
all day that's why I want to get a
bottle cuz I'm looking forward to vaping
it all day I've been baking it all day
Jeff I've been vaping it all day at work
blown clouds my boss yelling at me for
vaping in the office he turns around I
blow one right at his back you know what
I mean that's how I get down that's
that's how we get down a convicted babes
we're public vapors we you know anything
is not a crime no vaping dating is not a
crime we tell you right now even though
you know with all these drip on you
would think it is with all these fucking
new laws that do it syrups not drip on
it here you go you would think that it
is a fucking crime the way some of these
assholes are fucking acting you should
see there's these two fucking douchebags
on YouTube that posted this anti vaping
video swear and it's like the stick of
death and it'll kill you fucking idiots
man it's just these uneducated
douchebags that know absolutely nothing
and they don't bother to do their
homework before they open their fucking
mouths I actually read an article in the
new SKU I read an article on GA for the
other day I fuck I think it might have
been in New York Times man you know all
for the next video I'll find the article
and I'll
and I'll fucking cite it for you guys so
you guys can check it out too it was
just like I was reading about like their
arguments for vaping and shit and they
just make no sense like to just
uneducated like and I think that's the
main thing is like we need to help
educate people about vaping so they
really understand because I don't think
people really understand like what
vaping is what it means you know what
the implications are how positive it can
be you know what I mean not to mention
all the jobs it provides you know
there's so many different arenas and we
get vaping communities get services from
so many other different you got to think
labeling you think manpower there's a
lot of businesses at stake here it's
more than just smoking cessation people
are making money off this people are
making their livelihood here and the way
things are going right now it looks like
shits going to change it's going to be
very difficult to maintain here in the
future but that's that's that's for
another time as for this liquid I give
this like what a fucking solid thumbs up
like I have no problem being a solid
thumbs up this I will buy this I will be
Tommy I give it a two thumbs up to who
thumb I will fade this again I'm looking
forward to getting a ball guys give it a
world milk and money cosmic Fogg worth
how much is it dude umm I paid $12.99
for this bottle is it 15 mil 15 mil
blast river balls yeah 15 mil glass ball
guys here's the thing I don't think this
comes in 30 ml bottles because
everywhere I've gotten it and every
website I've been on it's only the 15
mil bottle so I believe that's all you
could get is the 15 ml bottle so um
you know I don't know what to tell you
about that but that's that's a review on
this stick us enjoy vape on thumbs up
double quadruple thumbs up vape on take
it deep take it really deep good night

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