Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Ocean Lime E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

April 16, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Ocean Lime E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Ocean Lime E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

Ocean Lime from Miami Drip Club is a mouth-watering blend of juicy mixed fruits, deliciously punctuated with a powerful zing of lime. A refreshing hint of cool, crisp menthol provides the perfect balance to this rich zesty backdrop. Even more invigorating than a trip to the ocean! Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Cheap Thrills Juice Co. Cheap Thrills Juice Co. is a UK based e-liquid company. They embarked on a lengthy R&D programme, holding 20 customer tasting sessions, and worked with the UK's leading retailers and wholesalers to develop the flavour range they are known for.

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Ocean Lime E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Miami Drip Club Ocean Lime E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

hey guys welcome back to other chappies
and vape reviews of video now this is
video two of three that I'm doing on the
brand new line from cheap thrills that's
it they're called Miami drip Club see
that they're okay now the first flavor
we we reviewed and if you dare before
this was Little Havana okay
the caramel cinnamon biscuit tobacco
flavor D juice very nice
eight and a half to a nine out of ten
this one I'm going to be reviewing the
ocean line okay the ocean align so as
always I'll take a couple of apes talk
about flavors inhale exhale
after smell vapor production throat here
and as always we'll finish with my
rating at a ten for you guys okay
okay ocean line lime flavor very cool
slight candy flavor to it so on the
inhale the lime is there and in fact on
the exhale the lime is there on the
after smell the lime is there very much
a citrusy lime flavor however on the
exhale there is a slight sweetness to it
that just takes the edge off of that
tart citrusy line but it's also a cool
flavor it's not menthol it's not mint I
think the fact that it's a citrus flavor
that they've done actually very well
with this one
is a very cool vape I don't like I don't
like menthol or mint flavored a juices
so I tend to stay away from them but
that I've been a couple of you juices
that I've tried that have given that
nice cool vape flavor without actually
having to have menthol or mint in them
okay this is definitely one of them very
pleasant vape again I have been vaping
on this for a couple of days now same
with the other two flavors since I
picked them up at the expo okay so the
vapor production I have I am using my TF
v8 beast so as you can see the the vapor
production is is very good
okay I'm getting no throw hit at all
again as I've come to expect with cheap
tools juice and just superb
absolutely brilliant flavor from from
this from this line so ray in our 10
we're going to give this one well give
this one online as well we'll give this
one a 9 out of 10 as well
very pleasant cool citrusy but not too
tart a very enjoyable lime flavored
ejuice okay so I will put my Instagram
my Twitter in the crotch boss below go
check me out
give me a follow I am very active on
Instagram I do regular hand checks
updates set ups that might be vaping on
you juices I might be using that day I
will also go ahead and put a cheap
I'll put their Instagram their Twitter
and their website in the crotch box
below as well go and check them out head
over to the website sign up to the
mailing list you won't regret it
and as always give the video a like
subscribe to the channel I have plenty
more review videos coming I just need to
try and find the time to do them for you
ok thank you very much forgive me a
couple of minutes of your time and until
next time
I'll see you soon

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