Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Little Havana E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

April 21, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Little Havana E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Little Havana E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

Little Havana is made by masterfully combining a haze of tobacco, decadent caramel, scrumptious biscuit & smooth cinnamon. The flavour has been crafted with the tobacco being beautifully blended so it is not overpowering, while the savoury combination of caramel, biscuit and cinnamon will vie for your tongue's attention. An assorted flavour that is ideal for vaping in the hot summer night air! Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Cheap Thrills Juice Co. Cheap Thrills Juice Co. is a UK based e-liquid company. They embarked on a lengthy R&D programme, holding 20 customer tasting sessions, and worked with the UK's leading retailers and wholesalers to develop the flavour range they are known for.

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Little Havana E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Miami Drip Club Little Havana E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

hey guys welcome back to other chappies
vape reviews video now I'm gonna be
doing a set of three videos I will be
reviewing the brand new line of ejuice
by cheap thrills
Miami drip Club
okay the bottles there look sick come in
big unicorn bottles this time is to the
glass bottles with a dripper and as
always the boxes look wicked turn the
next in this video in the next two
videos I'm will be reviewing all three
flavors okay
as always I'll do a couple of vapes and
I'll talk about the flavors
vapor production and I'll give you my
right in and afterthoughts as well
now this brand new line is the exact
same as their original line 70/30 VG
split comes in 60 ml and 120 mil and it
comes in 0-3 or six milligrams strengths
that's all three bottles I'm going to
review okay so in this video the first
one I'm going to review is Little Havana
okay this is a caramel cinnamon biscuit
flavor with a hint just a hint of
tobacco okay so as always I find my mod
as always I'll do a couple of vapes okay
I'll talk about flavor on the inhale on
the exhale
after smell any thoughts about it a
vapor production and then I will give
you my rating out of 10
very nice very nice I don't I tend to
stay away from cinnamon and tobacco
flavor the juices they're not my
favorite and in fact I hate cinnamon
however I have been vaping on this for
the past couple of days since I picked
up at the expo in Birmingham and I'm
pleasantly surprised I am pleasantly
surprised the the tobacco and the
cinnamon play very much a back part to
the caramel and biscuits or flavors
which is ideal for me they are there
they are noticeable but not too much if
you know what I mean okay so on the
inhale you get the caramel a little bit
of the biscuit and a little bit the
cinnamon on the inhale the caramel is
there though okay I'm on the exhale
that's when that that light tobacco sort
of after flavor comes into play and you
get a mix of all four flavors on the
exhale the after smell is very pleasant
very caramel the caramel the biscuit and
the cinnamon are there in the after
smell not so much the tobacco though the
tobacco only comes into play on that
exhale for me but it's a very nice after
tone to the other three no throw here
I'm not getting any throat hit with
these with this with this juice at all
but it's what I've come to expect
especially from the cheap thrills juice
so definitely definitely a nice
definitely a nice nice juice I would say
it's a warm flavor it's a warm flavor
it's not cool like your citrus or your
fruit flavors because that caramel the
cinnamon I think helps and the biscuits
and they're that lingering tobacco's or
after after flavor it definitely makes
it a warm taste a warm flavor warm the
vape and it's very nice very nice I
could fake this all day
I could definitely rave this one all day
is a pleasant taste I have found myself
vaping it more in the afternoon though
more in the afternoon or the evening
time sit chillin watching something on
TV watching a DVD watching to film or
whatever it's I tend to find myself
reaching for this one rather than any of
the others so yeah but rating out of ten
eight and a half nine eight and a half
one nine out of ten I think I think the
only thing for me that's keeping it down
or it's not giving it a higher rating is
the maybe the cinnamon tour of tobacco
you know but as always I will put my
Instagram and my Twitter in the crotch
box below come check me out and give me
a follow I do regular updates I am quite
active on Instagram I'll also put cheap
thrills their Instagram their Twitter
and their website in the crotch box
below as well go and check them out sign
up for the newsletter on their mailing
list on the website you won't regret it
next video I will review the second
flavor from the Miami trip clubs line
ocean align okay that'll be the second
flavor that I do
but until then thank you for giving me a
couple of minutes your time I'll see you

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