Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Lemon E11even E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

April 21, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Lemon E11even E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Lemon E11even E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

By Nataly Komova

Lemon E11even is a soft, subtle lemon flavour which leaves just a tingle on the tip of your tongue. An expertly blended flavour with the delicious, but not overpowering, taste of glazed donut. A citrus flavour that is ideal for vapers with a very sweet tongue! Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Cheap Thrills Juice Co. Cheap Thrills Juice Co. is a UK based e-liquid company. They embarked on a lengthy R&D programme, holding 20 customer tasting sessions, and worked with the UK's leading retailers and wholesalers to develop the flavour range they are known for.

Vape Review of Miami Drip Club Lemon E11even E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Miami Drip Club Lemon E11even E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

good they're youtubers and welcome back
to moonshine vapor and I love a juice
review and today we're looking at free
new juices to the new juice if the to
the juice I'm looking at here so I was
launched at the expo just gone the
company's called cheap frills that you
should all know about by now and they
put out another line of their juice is
called a mammy drip Club I'm telling you
now these flavors are actually kicking
some fucking serious ass now this juicer
launched put that month ago summer
summer strip Sunset Strip let's get it
right son Strix sono Sunset Strip it was
launched about two weeks three weeks
back now I didn't have a chance to get
my hands on them cuz I've got a lot of a
range here you can see in front of me
and all these flavors absolutely as the
ballpark knock it taste buds into the
next century
my favorite Saturdays is a glory glazed
donut I've gone through personally 60 ml
bottles up a little bit about 12 bottles
of this juice 30 new front million 14
there's no one in this box as well rush
rush as well
stunning flavor well done reviews
reviews and these juices already darling
one haven't reviewed is the Sunset Strip
and obviously the Miami drip Club that
the launch of the expo
so the first juice we're gonna look at a
today and the mammy drip club is one
called Little Havana TPC in regulations
already so they're up there ready to
rock and roll forever everything can
there 10 mils you could still get 30
mils and probably onion 20 moles off
them but there
to rock'n'roll you can see with the ten
milk bottles anyway I've never baked
these juicier before some is keeping the
juste profile undies mammy good club buy
cheap thrills juice Co the revolution is
not an apple that falls from falls when
it is ripe you have to make it for take
me to a place full of naughty caramel
Eden cinnamon and deep and intense
biscuits last myself dear ii where eyes
of tobacco lingers in the hot summer
night hair take me to lick allah vana
roll on the tight roll in the fires of
thousands of Cuban miss mr. su
mistresses my fault
75 70 VG 30 PG served in 10 60 ml 120
more bottles and you can't go wrong with
that so that's the flavor description
top of this we topped and P juice them
suck we just get straight into it just
could be more juice onto that baby there
Clapton's limitless from top to bottom
my bandana sleeve excuse ain't now
not one or two back off flavors
whatsoever I can honestly say from the
first short Paula just took off this
juice I could back this motherfucker all
day know the combination of got aired is
cinnamon caramel cinnamon and a tobacco
the biscuit as well all falling together
absolutely spot-on
there's not one hour power in the necks
on this juice whatsoever just blend
absolutely like a pop and marry straight
in bank locked in you know they get the
caramel and the cinnamon but barely get
the cinnamon with a biscuit as well and
at the back all just lingers in the back
of your palate it's a very clean fresh
stunning face if you ask me really is
clock says income tobacco flavor is not
for me whatsoever should be pleasantly
surprised it is babe it's a very nice
way cheap thrills off that off to you on
that one
that is lush it really is and that's the
first one some lose myself here a little
writers this look for the second juice
so I'm on their webs web page yeah
looking lemon eleven is the second one
you're gonna look at she just won again
free meal so I tend not bottle free meal
on nicotine
profile the bottle chopped you crap so
sorry look hang this baby let's get
looking a profile strip back up in a bit
in a bit inhibitions peel your lemon
right down to the skin and glaze all
over a ring doll not tonight
lemon eleven is a new secret six percent
seventy VG thirty PG and you can get
this in ten 60 ml and not even 20 ml
bottles free meal nick up to six the
smaller this is a lot honestly it really
is it's like where you got the glory
glazed donut I think this baby really
like the sister tada
have a look so it's baby safe
right fuck you know fuck you know fuck
you know fuck you know fuck you know so
by the language but fucking out fuck you
know that flavor punches exactly like
the cheap I'm sorry I like the glory
glory glazed donut what a stunning
well absolutely Wow
you get everything of the vibe from in
our Excel the lemon in this eye in line
tia is not it's a sweet lemon now it's
really got me why the concoct it is the
donut in the background never perfectly
blended juice flavor is out of this
world like for chalk in a vapor in a
minute the flow the flavor is actually
punching the shit hi Mia absolutely
stunning ripe this can be more all day
vape as well along the glory to glory
glazed donut
what a beautiful beautiful vibe the
flavor is just out of this world really
isn't refreshing so the lemon is really
refreshing it's a real baked anything
like this I haven't really haven't and I
bagged a lot of vapor a lot of juices if
these trees don't win an award
something's wrong I swear to God now I
don't have to be honest everybody it may
be I got like a lot of sweet or any
sorry but I don't give a fucking Arats
this is song called lighter vibe day in
day out because it does quench all your
first is that you got when it comes to
vaping I'll get a lot of juice of a vibe
that don't satisfy me at all
I like a sister I've gone through this
probably got my 12 bottle of the glazed
doughnuts and that's how potent these
flavors are kicking it raw I can't get
enough of this juice and this lemon one
man that's kicking us it really is then
lemon eleven I need more than that
flavor in my life I really do beautiful
absolutely skin over at my partner in
he's young cause here as usual right
and let's go on to a last but not least
some stretch Sunset Strip a pop so look
some money our website is clicking
through as the Sun sets the strip
becomes alive crawling with the
forbidden fruits of blueberries and
blackberries whilst a tiny twist of
Californian California are in
so lights your mouth refusing to take no
for an answer
mmm yeah so later yeah
this pocket beef comedy so this
particular juice comes in 60 ml an onion
20 ml as well so mister all communists
all know Yogi's sorry everybody
some excited man 60 ml bottle this is
free Miller nicotine okay just get away
from this baby girl Miller berries on
that baby as well she proved making some
dawning flavors I mean like I said on
the first and the last ex-con one for
this one is gone I was down here and I
had too many juices I'm gonna go home
and wait what I had what me I'm gonna
shoot myself I'm not relying I was
telling everybody about these juices
they'll go get that hands-on you know to
mean everybody was telling stunning
absolutely stunning flavors but I says
those dead juice does contain especially
the glory the glazed donut contains a
lot of sweetener so prepared to keep
waking every like three to two days
depending on your vape
okay we go absolutely stunning
I knew that goose was gonna let me down
absolutely fucking beautiful
we're kicking your face off all the
berries are absolutely beautiful
stunning fly every season man when we're
making your duties I take my hat off two
years because you just made yourself
well at the moment I've gone through
four five year old juices and everyone
in my can vape all day every day and
that's a lot coming from me to Seder
sweet and creamy on the you know and on
the exhale you're skating all the
barriers that you the barriers just
fighting amongst themselves here was a
cock front when you taste one ski it's
fantastic flavor it really is fantastic
well come on coop again he's smelling
that one yeah yeah he likes
because they're good boy stunning man
cheap thrills
mammy good club your second line of
juices 1000% spot-on from me mate the
flavors of spot-on
not funny aftertaste there's a clean
Pleasant all-day vaping juices I
actually loved them you donut I think
this but I saw the fucking distinguish
up it's all about the mood I'm gonna
being at the day between this news
sunset Sunset Strip the glory days where
I can't stop vaping anyway we forgot in
the OBS right now I'm fucking spawning
in that tank and man
your mommy dude club you look like Vanna
and you Lemon 11 stunning flavors I
suggest anybody that's looking for
something new if you like his sweet like
fake sweet babe sorry and your berries
and stuff like that he's got the rain to
satisfy everything there so getting
contacted them I'll leave a description
in the drop box we can get these juices
from as well I know evolution is
stocking the whole range evolution
vaping so you can get in their website
and start purchasing I'm not sure if
evolution actually got the Miami trip
club on their shelves yet but if they
haven't I don't know what a waiting for
you need to get that range on their
shelves as well because he's spot on
really is now having said that there's
an online website just launched
yesterday and I'm telling in there
price of a spot on the stocking all the
range of juices and mods and everything
you can possibly think of but the only
deal online so you can come you can go
I'll leave the description here in the
drop box the dress where you can get
hold of them from go online look at
their pages so what you know you can get
your hands on they've got all the
hailing range there
everything's there mate trust me top to
bottom nice easy side to work as well
the only that site is called Scott Anson
and his lovely partner
he's called Jessica okay just at the top
of my head is wwm the own store UK
dot-com I'll leave the description of
them in the drop box as well get online
support them like I says I know a friend
of mine has been dealing with this group
of people here I'm telling you know
there will be stocking from Boston men
nuke arranged and iron the goods
Juicy's they've got the contacts to get
the stuff in as well so you won't be
whatsoever okay this is moonshine vapor
right excited with a jewel punched in my
head just now from cheap thrills my
hammie drip Club and lock it just says
the new online store the home store UK
dot-com get on it
she's moonshine vapor 8 and C is another

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