Vape Review of Messiah E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Messiah E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

Vape Review of Messiah E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

A virtuously refreshing watermelon infusion with sweet blueberry and pear undertones. Messiah e-liquid is smooth and sweet. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Illusions Vapor Based in Canada, Illusions Vapor's raw, contemporary, urban edge is distinct to their e-liquid range with their flavours being untameable and downright defiant.

Vape Review of Messiah E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Messiah E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

hey guys welcome back to London vapor
and immediate quit a review the liquid
can take a look at today is the second
of three that I was kindly supplied from
by illusions vapor from their chapter 2
range and it is Messiah illusions vapor
are a canadian-based eliquid
manufacturer and people more information
on their company or their six currently
available in liquids head over to their
website which is illusions vapor calm as
heading to the review will be using my
co shorty with naught point 5 i'm dual
coil on the RX 200 i'm going to start on
30 watts
unless you can see the vapor production
is excellent this is an 80 VG line of
e-liquid and that flavor is one for you
fruit fans definitely straight from the
inhale on getting a really nice fresh
juicy watermelon it's not a honeydew
because it's not sweet enough for me so
it is a standard flat green watermelon
with a nice fleshy pink fruit in there
and as you get over that at the initial
inhale going back to about a third of
the way through the in how you then got
another really nice fresh flavor come
out you've got a nice juicy pear coming
up there and that's really refreshing
your mouth making your mouth water and
it's mixing with that watermelon going
right to the back of the inhale now at
the back of the inhale I'm picking up
hints of another fruit there but they're
not strong enough at this wattage to
actually poke their head up but there's
definitely something in the background
and what I'm getting basically on the
exhale is that watermelon and pear
mixture rolling out across the tongue
nice and smooth there's no harshness
there there's no art the taste of nasty
there and your aftertaste that the
liquid is a good fight to 10 seconds
Archibeque so let's pop it up to 40
watts and see if I can pick out what
that other fruit is
and that 40 watts straight from the
in-house still getting that nice fresh
watermelon punching right at the start
of the vape then as you get past that
about quarter to halfway through the
inhale you're picking up that really
nice juicy pear and that combo moves to
the back of the inhale is only now at 40
Watts that I'm actually picking up what
and I think that other fruit is because
at the back of the inhale turning into
the exhale I'm now getting a hint and I
mean it is a hint of a fresh blueberry
in there it's nowhere near strong enough
for me to be able to say it's on a level
with the watermelon the pair it is
actually lingering underneath but as you
turn into the exhale you're getting that
fresh blueberry still lingering up the
back but then that watermelon and pear
combo takes over and you've got that
nice smooth fruity exhale and your
aftertaste is a good 5 to 10 seconds but
that blueberry does disappear for me
really pleasant change to come up with
another combo fruits that really fresh
in your mouth up and really make you
feel refreshed this is a really nice
balanced liquid so who's this liquid
going to appeal to well you fruit fans
this is definitely one in my opinion
that you should go out and buy because
that combination of the watermelon and
the pair in there absolutely superb
can't really complain about it and in my
opinion you can't beat it either it's
just a shame that that blueberry wasn't
a little bit stronger so you fruit guys
are going to love it you guys that are
looking for something different from the
norm this is another one to go out and
take a pump on because it's a nice a
nice combination of fruits that's
different enough to get you away from
the norm is a really nice pleasant
liquid so there you go that was the
review let's have a look of what you
need to know now I said at the beginning
illusions like that are a canadian-based
eliquid manufacturer if you want
information on the company or their six
liquids hello to their website which is
illusions vapor calm your bottle sizes
on this range you are looking at these
really rather lovely white gloss 30 ml
bottles with the glass droppers the
childproof caps and there's a
tamper-evident seal there as well let's
take you around the labeling you've got
your Messiah name there and your
illustration underneath and at the
bottom you have got your bottle size
your PG VG ratio and your nicotine
strength and under that you've got
illusions vapor chaps so written there
as well as we go around the bottle
you've got all your ingredients all your
warnings and everything there and your
contact details and on that side you've
gotten four in French as well so you've
got double bubble on your information
there but really nicely labeled bottles
you pay gvg ratios on this range you are
looking at a TV g2 20 PG your nicotine
strengths available r0 milligram 3
milligram 6 milligram and 12 milligram
and your prices excluding shipping and
this is where it gets a little bit
complicated because these liquids are
not currently available in the UK so
these prices are from Canadian retailer
wicks and wires calm for a 30ml bottle
such as this one you are looking at
approximately 12 pound 77 on current
exchange rate but wicks and wire do
offer worldwide shipping options so you
can get it directly from them and of
course illusions vapor are also
appearing at vapor Expo UK in October so
if you're actually going to the event
you can go to the illusions vapor booth
and give them a try and maybe purchase
them as well so there you go folks that
was the review for illusions vapor
chapter 2 Messiah if you found this
review useful please feel free to like
and comment on the video and maybe give
it a share as well and if you haven't
already please also feel free to
subscribe to the channel for more
reviews coming up in the future thank
you for watching and I will catch you
next time

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