Vape Review of Melon Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Melon Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Melon Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

By Elena Ognivtseva

If you're searching for your next all day vape, Melon Milk e-liquid by The Milkman Delights is one you'll definitely want to try. This vape juice will remind you of those melon & cream pops we all loved. A refreshing and sweet honeydew melon is met with a silky and smooth top quality cream base for a truly tasty experience. On the inhale you'll really get the juicy honeydew while the exhale keeps things rich with a smooth creamy base that lingers. Meticulously crafted and tantalizing, this is one sweet treat you simply cannot miss. Buy your 60mL bottle of Melon Milk vape juice today!

Vape Review of Melon Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Melon Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

what a dude Grizzlies howdy-doody and CB
it's your two hosts your friendly
neighborhood vapors matpat here to bring
you the e-juice review and dad pads to
close like freaking straight hit me in
the face but so I'll review it good
shout out to drip Club for sending this
our way making the review possible this
is coming out of their milk man line I
call this the delights I don't know the
mean by that but whatever so some more
milk man flavors this does come in a 60
ml bottle as you can see right there on
the label not really sure on the pricing
on it this is on pre-order and it's made
with tobacco free nicotine I don't know
if the other ones were made with tobacco
free nicotine or not I can't recall this
might be like the first one out of them
so uh same shit as all the other milkman
bottles same description same Commission
nice little simple elegant label and
whatnot I'll give you a description
right off the trip says memo
captures refreshing essence of a
honeydew melon in cream flavored ice pop
you'll find the luscious juicy honeydew
flavor and melon milk really kicks in on
exhale and they switch three Ballon tops
call you creamy rich and smooth
throughout throughout in this
tantalizing and refreshing evilly so it
sounds pretty far being pad aren't
really too big of honeydew fans but
we'll go over that more more talk about
the flavor
like I said we're not sure on a pricing
on this some pre-order right now so
doesn't even give you pricing Susan you
can log in which is really fucking weird
so we got it what kind of really strong
coming up it's like a really strong like
honey do you like smell like it's bomb
like that it's not like a bad honeydew
smell me because I've smell like honey
bee gees it's like yeah it's really
overpowering oh yeah I know this is
super faint it smells good like lady's
just like a nice creamy honey that's
like a nice faint honeydew with an ice
cream base to it that's really what I
smell it smells good in my opinion I
think it's it's definitely a good
smelling Diaz salons fire which I can't
really say too much about hunting agent
who says tastes better than it smells oh
it's fucking fired up definitely yeah
cuz I'm gonna say like what we've had
like Dewberry cream I didn't like do
very creamy very cream by a kilo and
eating that that's probably wrong the
same basis kind of but do better cream
had too much to do very one thing these
are her honeydew and berry I should say
yous Clapton he said don't add these
quantities I'm at about twenty four
gauge Kanthal with 36 games they are
still and we got them on the Greek oil I
mean so I went out to 0.12 and 90 watts
twisted messes with box mod here we go
it's definitely good juice it's pretty
bomb I've been vaping on this like for a
while and I actually like for like a day
like since the yesterday like when did
you like when was it that we got this
yesterday before that day before that
yeah like two days pass the vapor
Donnie's gone through like 2/3 of the
bottle - yeah really see but you could
definitely feel it he's going through a
nice chunk of it definitely is good
I say it's probably the best option for
out of the delight Nick definitely the
best out of the four out of the delights
that we've tried so far well wrestle
reviews on them but this is the one that
we've been liking the most definitely me
and Matt can both say it's definitely
the best honey deal like beef that we've
had - so that's that's obviously a good
thing coming from two dudes you don't
like to be funny to you so I think it's
really matches the flavor description -
well the inhale it's just like a nice
creaminess exhale is when the honeydew
kicks in and then you get like a slight
sweet honeydew there with a lot of cream
so like it says it kind of balances out
the flavor it makes the honeydew so it's
not too overpowering so really good I
really like to do that yeah I really
like it and I like it see I've been
enjoying it I definitely give this shit
a thumbs up it's probably gonna be
expensive though I don't know how drug
clubs prices are for a six-mile bottle
cuz normally they're like 20 or 30 miles
off they're like 20 bucks and stuff's
like you know I know I'm gonna surprise
like I can't really like recommend it
and long like not recommended a good
price for sure man find that someone
like my supplier someone starts carrying
it I would definitely say check it out
and be worth through dollar because you
know you're gonna get a good deal offer
premium babes quite expecially with the
discount code they always got good deals
on juices and like a
smooth juice to like it is it is a stuff
going like really like smooth nice and
definitely it's under nicked don't me
how I like my juices oh yeah and it's um
I got some sweetener in it cuz you can
tell fucking by looking at Pat schools
they yeah I am tiny buqun's time right
off and really anyway definitely like
flavor what do you want to give this
juice like solid eight solid a it's
really good
that's I need new flavor art right hands
down you don't like honeydew flavors cuz
the honeydew is really overpowering cuz
I like honey doing real life and
cantaloupe and stuff just with kind of
the vapes it's kind of more like a candy
honeydew or a candy cantaloupe or
candied cantaloupe I should say and I
it's just too sweet overpowering for me
this is nice and mellow nice creamy
touch there to it yeah this really good
really good
so coming from us we recommend this
juice if you could find it out in a
decent price and whatever whatever is
affordable in your price range we don't
know but well I guess we'll leave a link
down below like trip club it's not there
to buy yet but you can pre-order it I
guess like once it's available so we'll
be down there below make sure you like
the video that helped you out and
subscribe for your new watching and stay
tuned for the next a juice review and
we'll see
remember to keep it fucking moist you
guys keep it moist Grizzlies see in the
next one please

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