Vape Review of Melon Head by Mr. Good Vape E-liquid (100mL)

April 21, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Melon Head by Mr. Good Vape E-liquid (100mL)

Vape Review of Melon Head by Mr. Good Vape E-liquid (100mL)

By Nataly Komova

Crafted for vapers seeking a cure for their fruit cravings, Melon Head e-liquid by Mr. Good Vape showcases everything a melon lover could possibly ask for. A medley of ripe, juicy fruits collide in this sweet fusion all while offering tremendous value in a 100mL bottle. A juicy cantaloupe meets sweet Hawaiian Papaya, sweet Mango and a touch of fresh cut citrus for a juice packed with flavor that will keep you vaping all day long. If you're search for a perfect fruit vape has led you astray, look no further and buy your Melon Head vape juice by Mr. Good Vape today!

Vape Review of Melon Head by Mr. Good Vape E-liquid (100mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Melon Head by Mr. Good Vape E-liquid (100mL)

hey what's up YouTube we are about to
get started with another quick review
this review is on melon head which is by
mr. good vape melon head it is 12
milligrams of nicotine just like all the
other stuff I smoked I've already
cleaned out my protank I'm gonna fill it
up so I'll put the camera here so you
can see it we have a special guest with
us today who will join the video a bit
later so they say you should shake up
your bottle so it's shaken shook and now
we will fill up the tank it's a fresh
tank shit I forgot to put in the coil
but these are my one point here and
actually what I do when I put these in
is I drop a few drops right onto the
empty wicks or the open wicks these
things right here I drop like a drop in
there just to make it prime so I don't
have to prime it myself it makes it a
little easier take this and you put a
bit there on the sides and basically all
that does it gets the cotton or the
silica wicks to soak in the liquid as
you can see now we'll put this little
cap back on that's just snaps on
okay you hear that little click move the
plastic piece up a bit because then the
bass will push it back as far as it
needs to be pushed now we'll fill up the
I'm just gonna fill it up a bit I don't
need to fill up the whole thing
that's enough and now as I showed you
after you fill it up always put your
finger in here and clean up the
threading otherwise the liquid will
harden there over time it'll make a very
difficult face back on soon enough when
I make these videos I'm not going to go
over this again this is more for the
people who have Pro tanks that don't
know what the fuck they're doing which
is a lot of us apparently don't know
what the fuck I'm doing
go on asshole weird usually goes on
here we go it's because my thing wasn't
clipped on properly okay
there we go are you serious
what the fuck is going on
there we go okay now it's plugged in
ready to go let's try vaping this once
again the one that we're reviewing today
is mr. good vape melon head right there
a melon head 12 milligrams here's this
view back let's see how this battery is
fully charged I'm gonna vape it at all
the different levels with two different
types of inhales first inhale will be
the classic lung inhale at the lowest
level tastes pretty good
I feel like I'm not getting too much
vapor and let me do it another primer
puff okay when I kick up the voltage to
purple which is the second voltage level
of the x6 flavors really good it's kind
of strong strong melon flavor it tastes
excellent and it gives you quite a bit
of a throat hit you can feel it going
down let's kick it up to the highest
a lot more vapor much more of a throat
hit on the highest level like shit I
need some fucking water mm thanks good
though okay now I'll do the mouth too
long inhale that's when you hold in your
mouth and then inhale it tastes way
better that way I get a lot more flavor
when you do long inhale you're not
really tasting it it's not hitting your
tongue much it's just going right
through to your lungs and you just get a
lot more that throat it if you put in
your mouth first you taste it you get
the flavor of that melon and it tastes
good tastes really good
another mouth along very nice very nice
now I'm gonna take it to the lowest
voltage which is this voltage is just
like if you have a regular small size
ego battery just the thin battery let's
taste it also tastes great actually a
lot better that way it's just not this
the vapor isn't as heavy so it feels
better so let me do it one more time on
very nice very nice okay on the medium
level smokes a little bit heavier flavor
is still great I don't see any
difference from the first level in the
second level really they try the last
level on blue blue blue
the vapor is more dense the higher I
kick up the voltage so you may want to
smoke this on a bit of a higher voltage
if you like more vapor I prefer the
lowest voltage because it makes my
atomizers my coils last longer and it
burns less liquid so I prefer the lowest
voltage if I get the same amount of
flavor flavor is actually top notch it
tastes really good tastes like straight
up like candy like a melon candy that's
what it tastes like
mmm it's awesome I don't eat sugar
anymore so this is pretty good and I
know VG if you don't know this VG
metabolizes into sugar not very much but
it's still metabolizing sugar great
juice normally I'd give you a rating
here but I'm not gonna do that yet I'm
gonna let our special guest vape it
first and she'll tell you how what she
thinks of it and then we'll do a rating
on it that combined rating now one thing
you should know about our guest she's my
girlfriend she is gonna go by the alias
way no sneezy I said that once by
accident I think or she said it by
accident that became her alias so yeah
let's have her taste it and she'll tell
you how what she thinks baby yeah come
on hey guys I'm gonna be doing a quick
impression a first impression of this so
let's see how it is
now you should know this the way she
she doesn't inhale she doesn't like the
nicotine so she's actually just giving
you a little bit of her impression on
the flavor she's gonna tell you what she
thinks it tastes like and how she likes
the taste hmm I'm actually it yeah it's
a bit sweet but I'm actually getting aid
tastes kinda like like sweet tea almost
sweet tea yeah it's actually really good
but um comparison to all the other
flavors that I've tried I definitely
like the Jolly Mellon much more though
zero nicotine one of course that's gonna
be the next the next review we make is
gonna be on the Jolly Mellon with zero
nicotine because that's what she loves
to smoke and that's what she loves to
vape and you know who better to give you
a review on it than the beautiful lead
that's right
you you definitely have that aftertaste
like when you drink sweet tea it's kind
of like on the tip of your tongue
afterwards there's good though yeah
that's good
okay so let me ask you this baby what
would you rate this out of a scale of
one to ten on a scale of one to ten ten
being the best I would give this about
like a seven seven out of ten yeah okay
that's pretty good it's not the worst
thing I've tasted for sure hmm
I would have to give this roughly a 7
out of 10 also I mean I would man
yeah I would give it a 7 out of 10 I
mean it's too good to give it a lower
rating than that like it is pretty damn
good you will like this if this is the
only flavor you try it'll probably be
your favorite once you try the jolly
melon you'll like that a lot more active
as far as melon flavor goes jolly melon
is the best I've said that plenty of
times I'll say it again but mister good
vapes melon head which we're doing now
very good flavor gives you a good throat
hit the flavor kind of like she said it
sticks on you're telling you it gives
that gives you good aftertaste and if
you like sweet tea that's what she says
it tastes like trust her she's smart
wait so what is the name of this flavor
again supposed to be melon melon head
melon head it honestly doesn't taste
like melon at all what it tastes like it
tastes like sweet tea
hmm that's what I taste all right you
might you guys might have a different
power I think you're right it kind of
does taste like sweet tea but I don't
know I maybe it's just impressioned on
me because of the name of it like it
says melon so maybe that's what I think
it tastes like I don't know but it's mr.
good vape melon head in 12 milligrams
great juice tried out I've tried one
other flavor from mr. good vape called
sunshine daydream which is awesome I'll
go over that at a later date but for
right now that's all seven out of 10
combined review from both of us we hope
you give it a try we hope you like it
and mr. good vape thank you for making a
good juice it's pretty awesome thanks
for watching guys and definitely click
like if you like this video and
subscribe we will see you later look at
you telling them to subscribe I never
tell y'all to do that but yeah subscribe
if you want to subscribe
all right we'll catch you later peace
out peace this is ninja mint and buenos
sneezy out

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