Vape Review of Mangabeys E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Mangabeys E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.

Vape Review of Mangabeys E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.

Transporting you to the carefree coasts of the cool Caribbean, Mangabeys e-liquid by Twelve Monkeys is a delightful blend of Guava, Pineapple, and tasty Mango, which is accented by a myriad of Caribbean tropical fruits. Bright and fresh, this e-liquid is the vaping equivalent of a chilled day in the sunshine. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Twelve Monkeys Developed and made in Toronto Canada, Twelve Monkeys Vapour Co.'s premium range of e-liquids offers something for everyone. Each custom blend is steeped for two weeks and made with a high VG ratio to give great flavour and plenty of vapour.

Vape Review of Mangabeys E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Mangabeys E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.

Londyn vapor back for any liquid review
the lick we're going to take a look at
today is the fourth of five I was kindly
supplied at vape jam by 12 monkeys vapor
co and it is manga base now as we
discussed in the previous videos 12
monkeys are a Canadian e-liquid
manufacturer based in Ontario if you
head over to their website 12 monkeys
vapor calm you'll currently find
information on all their ranges and
flavors alongside information on where
you can buy worldwide and also links to
their testing certificates as well so go
over and take a look let's head into the
review my co shorty with 1.2 ohm dual
coil build and we're going to start at
20 was
and as you can see a TV Jeju so the
vapor production is excellent
and this is straight out one for you
tropical fruit lovers this juice has got
such a tropical vibe going on in it
straight away on the inhale you're
getting the unmistakable pineapple
straight smack bang in your face from
the minute you inhale and it's just like
a party going on because you've got the
pineapple there and as you're going
further into the inhale you're getting
more more tropical flavors coming
through I'm picking up after the
pineapple there's definitely in there a
mango for me
and there's another fruit right at the
back but there is so much going on there
could be more than one so what I'm going
to do I'm going to pop it up to 25 Watts
and then we'll keep the full flavor on
it hopefully some times a day that's it
and for me that extra five watts has
given it just enough power to put a bit
more heat through there and now I'm
picking up the pineapple definitely
picking up a mango in there but there's
to me it's an unusual ones it's not one
you often find in an e liquid but to me
there's a guava in there as well that
pops up towards the back of the inhale
going into the exhale and the exhale
you've got that pineapple the mango the
guava and to me there's a few more in
there that I can't pick out as well just
dancing around like a caribbean party
all the way out through the exhale your
aftertaste is lasting a good 10 seconds
and it's another mouth water is an
absolute must for you tropical fruit
fans this one can't pick any foil to me
it's reminiscent of a caribbean crush
drink but those flavors have been
blended so well that there's not one
that pokes up above the other and you've
got it all the way through the inside
vape is nice and smooth
really hit it out the park 12 monkeys
with this one in my opinion is it an all
day vape you tropical fruit lovers are
gonna literally love this one you can
have to go out and buy it there's no
question fruit lovers you're gonna have
no problem with it and you guys look
like you drink vapes as well if you're
partial to the Caribbean crush drinks
you can get in supermarkets and whatever
you're gonna like it as well it's a real
all rounders juice this one so there you
go that was the review let's have a look
at what you need tonight now as I said
12 monkeys are a Canadian e-liquid
manufacturer and information on their
entire range as Long's like they're
testing certificates on where you can
buy them it's available from their
website which is 12 monkeys vapor calm
your bottle sizes you're looking at
these really nice attractive 30 mil
glass bottles with the childproof caps
and the dropper tops your labeling
clearly on the front there you've got
your nicotine strength you've got your
female label there and on the side you
have got your information regarding the
ingredients the batch numbers the expiry
dates and some warnings as well and I
also noticed looking closer
you also get them in French as well so
it's really designed for a wide market
and those labels little really fantastic
your pg/vg ratios on this one you're
looking at a 20 PG a t VG so it is
really only for sub tanks and rippers
your nicotine strengths available are
zero milligram three milligram six
milligram and 12 milligram and your
pricing excluding shipping and these
prices are from local UK for a 30ml
bottle just like this one you are
looking at 16 pound 99 but Fight Club do
offer free UK shipping on all orders
over 20 pound and they also offer
worldwide shipping options as well so
there you go folks that was the review
for twelve Monkeys mangabeys thank you
for watching and I will catch you next

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