Vape Review of Maine Vape Company - Shutdown - 60ml

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Maine Vape Company - Shutdown - 60ml

Vape Review of Maine Vape Company - Shutdown - 60ml

By Nataly Komova

Strawberry Whipped Cream with hints of Sweet Milk 80% VG Ships from Maine Vape Company - Maine

Vape Review of Maine Vape Company - Shutdown - 60ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Maine Vape Company - Shutdown - 60ml

BAM how's the dollar rate world total
bacon here with another juice review for
you guys it is the final flavor in a
three flavor line but not to fret this
is a an outstanding company and they
have a few lines under their banner name
so I was fortunate enough to be able to
get a few more flavors that were sent to
me for the purpose of reviewing so there
will be further reviews for this company
this is one of their main lines it's the
white label series from if you don't
recognize that that is Maine vape Co
obviously located up in in Maine on the
Northeast just great great company
people are really really friendly
down-to-earth the other two flavors that
I've done reviews for just rocks all the
flavors on point clouds flavor just
everything about it's really good
I saved this flavor to do last because
it's one that strikes my flavor taste so
I wanted to end it with a bang so to
speak but before all of that I'm going
to jump right into the flavor review
itself first so that you guys know what
the flavor is and then I will get to all
of the the talkie-talkie behind the
behind this of the information with that
so this is the bottle the flavor is
called shutdown now this is a homemade
strawberry whipped cream with hints of
sweet milk to me that just sounds
amazing so I'm hoping if it falls in
line with the other two flavors which
you can check out on my on my channel
this should be a rock-solid flavor it
definitely hits my flavor taste as you
can see it does have a security ring on
here which is pretty solid
you can do this all day it will not open
a bottle it is a 60 ml chubby gorilla
bottle so it is going on a fresh cotton
wick as always that I do for you guys
right there quick shout out to US v
United Society of vape for the US vol
mod that i use for my reviews and Texas
stuff cotton just fantastic cotton it's
real easy to work with real fast to wick
if you're on if you're in hurry but I
like it mainly because it has little to
no break-in time so you jump right into
flavor when you're vaping and it's just
it's just really really enjoyable but
that link will always be in the comment
box along next to that red subscribe
button if you do so
oh yeah so just off the inhale
it's definitely strawberry milk to me
that's basically what I get so I'll be
interested to see if you actually taste
the difference between the whipped cream
and the milk or if it's really just
going to be a just a more creamier
strawberry milk type flavor either one
honestly would really be good to me just
depending on your sensitivity or your
your taste preference if you prefer a
more milky or vapor or a more a lighter
cream type vape because everybody's
different so everybody has a different
set of flavor taste that they go for
let's just do a quick pre-burn go ahead
and get this oh yeah definitely
definitely can smell it in a good way so
I'm going to go ahead cap this up and as
always vaping at 75 watts and this is
shut down from main base coat
definite nice clouds so I'm going to go
ahead and do a quick read rip just to
make sure that I'm not missing out
anything on the flavor so that I do not
miss inform anybody out there and then
they come back at me going well I tasted
this and I didn't see anything up in
your video about that which is why I do
the read rip since it is fresh cotton
sometimes you tend to not get all the
flavor right off the get-go
flavor profiles were shut down I'm a fan
now depending on your sensitivity to the
flavor it's gone I can almost guarantee
it's going to taste a little different
depending on the person for me I get a
really nice strawberry milk flavor out
of it with the whipped cream giving you
just a bit more of a smoothness or
creaminess to it so you get it's almost
borderline a strawberry milkshake but
that's just me you know the next person
that tries this they could definitely
get the whipped cream flavor out of it
and not get as much milk out of it for
me this definitely tastes like a
strawberry milkshake with whipped cream
on top it is a solid flavor like I said
this is the bottle label just a simple
label you know stark white with the
lighthouse logo on the back MVC for
Maine Dave Cole obviously shut down the
name of flavor the mix ratio which is a
70/30 which is why you get a good equal
amount of flavor and clouds
name of the company up in here there is
their website I'll get to that in one
second warning an ingredient labeling
and then just basically the bottle size
nicotine level and just not for sale for
minors maintain code comm is the main
website you will see this line along
with the other lines that are available
through them if you click on the
purchase now' button or buy now' button
it will shoot you over to the main
website that is retailed through which
is the vapor welkom and on there you can
purchase this flavor along with the rest
of the white label series along with the
other lines that are offered as well it
is offered in two zero three and a six
so they do offer the nicotine along with
a solid flavor and a 60 ml bottle it's
real easy to use it may be some of the
older style tanks with their fill ports
it might give you a little bit of
trouble depending on the size of the
fill port but you can always switch it
over to a normal sized unicorn bottle
but a great solid flavor like I said
with the rest of the line it definitely
fits in well just a really rock solid
free flavor line definitely check them
out if you are interested in a good
quality Aegis they're on facebook
Instagram they're on linked and you
can also contact them directly off the
website you can also email them directly
as well
real smooth you definitely get that
milkiness you definitely taste the
strawberry and there's absolutely no
throat hit whatsoever involved in this
vape at a 70/30 it is a rock-solid mix
of both Furcal if you're a cloud chaser
or if you are more of a flavor
preference but definitely check
definitely check them out like I said
down Facebook Instagram linked you can
email them directly you can contact them
off the website main vapor calm if you
want to purchase it directly shoot over
to the vapor world comm name vehicle
thank you so very much for the continued
opportunity to review your lines
rock-solid flavors so far you guys have
a great company real down-to-earth
people and real quick to respond if you
have any questions comments and concerns
as always guys I'm token vaping I'm here
on YouTube Facebook Instagram snapchat
and Pinterest anything that I myself can
do to help further enhance your vaping
experience and make it more enjoyable
for you it's the only reason why I'm
choosing to do this so definitely reach
out to me if you have any questions
comments concerns a particular video
that you'd like to see I will do
everything in my power to make that
but until next time no matter what
morning noon and night
always remember truly love yourself they
bond they've shown guys have a good one

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