April 21, 2018 3 min read



By Tatyana Dyachenko

Lyfe Flavors Sour eJuice is a delicious and satisfying sour hard candy flavor that you will not ever want to put down. Bottle Size: 100ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of LYFE FLAVORS SOUR EJUICE

hey guys thank you for coming to check
me out now today's video is going to be
about another eliquid that I picked up
from a juice calm and today I'm going to
be talking about the light flavors
fruity now they have a fruity version in
a red version I am assuming that the
flavor profile in the red is like
watermelon strawberries and cherries but
this one is the fruity and this is what
the packaging looks like these eliquid
come in a zero three and six milligrams
of nicotine on the back of course they
do have some warnings this 100 ml order
is going to run you $24.99 and this one
comes in a 60 VG 40 PG now when you open
up the box you are going to get this 100
ml guerilla-style a bottle and this is
what it looks like it's really yellow
it's really thick even though it's only
a 60/40 and yeah this is what the bottle
looks like now the flavor profile for
this one of course looking at the
packaging is supposed to be like a hard
candy the similar to the lifesavers
candy I really like the packaging
because you can tell exactly what you're
going to get inside the box the only
thing is not that kid-friendly but by
now shit in your a liquid be somewhere
where your kids can't really get a hold
of them that's how mine are anyways I am
going to take a vape off of this one and
let you guys know what I think and yes
let's just take it
right off the bat I feel like I'm
tasting like a green apple or like a
pineapple it's almost tarnish and in my
iPhone it might even be like a cherry
flavor and the fruit flavors are really
there is really good I think I'm getting
like a cherry Apple II orange II kinda
maybe pineapple flavor because it's kind
of tart it is sweet like a hard candy so
I do like that and I'm not a hundred
percent sure to what the actual flavors
and light flavors are my flavors I'm not
doing 100% sure what the actual flavors
and lifesavers are but I think I'm
getting a cherry candy apple candy and
maybe a pineapple because it is sweet
but it's more like a tangy sweet that
hits your tongue so it's a really nice
flavor if you guys like lifesavers you
will definitely like this one the only
problem I really have with this one like
I have with a lot of the candy flavor
face again I'm not the hugest fan of
candy flavor face I like more like
custards and desserts but the only thing
I really don't like which I do get with
this and it's kind of annoying
is that it kind of makes the roof of my
mouth kind of raw almost like I'm eating
like 72 candies or something like it
kind of rose up the top of your mouth up
here so I don't love that but as far as
flavor is concerned it's really on point
you get all of the flavors in there the
3 milligram of nicotine is this is nice
and get a nice little throat hit and
it's a really nice flavor I'm not mad at
at all the rawness of my top of my mouth
though turns me off a little bit so I'll
put a link down below so you guys can
pick one up if you're interested in this
one and that's all I have for now so
I'll see you guys in my next video and
until then happy vaping

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