Vape Review of Lux E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Lux E-Liquid

Vape Review of Lux E-Liquid

Lux E-Liquid features butterscotch, chocolate and espresso flavours. Available in a single, nicotine free 120ml (100ml of e-liquid) bottle.

Vape Review of Lux E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Lux E-Liquid

what's up guys my name is killer cloud
and in this video I'm going to be doing
a juicer view of Lux Lux e-liquid
company great five flavors to full line
all day vapes really good I think you
guys are gonna like them a lot I've
liked them a lot a lot I've liked them a
lot I mean it take it took everything in
my power not to vape every bottle of
juice okay now what's really sweet about
these balls is a little bit different
from other your bottles is you normally
see glass bottles plastic bottles as
boring gold bottles down look at that
shine oh I like that a lot so we got
five juices from lux we got bambam which
is a foodie breakfast cereal got mango
down which is a bold tropical food type
of flavor bad idea which is a fresh
green apple type of flavor strawberry
cuss word which is a smooth strawberry
custard and super good which is
watermelon strawberry and Apple really
good flavors guys is you really good all
day babes so let's bust off into it so
first up Raph the chopping block is
bambam huh so fruity breakfast cereal
what they say about as welcome to
breakfast and bedrock damn son anyway so
what mod i'm gonna be using for you guys
is the soul of 213 just like in my jusef
ur juice review i did the same exact mod
temple on the top nice and gold sexy you
gotta have a gold bottle you gotta have
the gold mod you know i mean so just
saying got to keep it classy like that
alright so bam bam let's get this review
on so have a nice and steeped when they
get one when you first get them their
little strong so i recommend
like you know maybe a few days steeping
before you start vaping them out of the
bottle but that's just my preference
though all right so bad bell alright
bamm-bamm is really nice guys really
really nice I'm getting a lot of fruit
in their berries mixture very nice I I'm
not quite sure exactly what type of food
since I but it's really strong it too
it's a really fruity very sweet blend of
a cereal I've tried a lot of breakfast
cereals out there and they kind of bland
uh not that good but bamm-bamm really
nice refreshing and it wakes you up to
it's nice to by the way all these juices
i'm reviewing lux did not pay me to do
this review they sent me the balls and
said hope you enjoy it and can't wait
for the view so that's what I'm doing
also all these dudes are at seventy
thirty blends seventy percent VG thirty
percent PG so really nice vapor
production and really good flavor at the
same time so you get that two and two
combo boom okay so I'm gonna mango down
now mingo down here it is right here may
go down all the juices come with a babe
and right here that says luxe with that
diamond on it great for your tanks and
something that if you don't want your
glass to break you know something to put
on there it's nice to keep them on the
bottle though but all these juices are a
3 milligrams of nicotine I like to stay
of three it's just my go-to basically
here's mango down you set up
alright so this is a apple peach and
heavy dose of mango round out the super
smooth babe bold tropical fruits that's
nice that's really nice wow yeah wow
okay so subtle sweetness with subtle
sweetness with the mango but the apple
and peach are like on inhale I'm tasting
mango on exhale really refreshing subtle
sweetness not too in-your-face sweet
it's a nice pretty it's a pretty good
vape I I like the combinations that he
chose it's nice very tropical like this
said it's very refreshing though very
nice yeah that's nice all right next up
is bad idea well you don't want a bad
idea we had a lot of bad ideas going on
in this noggin I like to keep them to
myself though all right so bad idea is a
Crips green apple so good vaping
anything else would be a bad idea what
what I can't read a crisp green apples
so good vaping anything else would be a
bad idea why that take me two times you
read that I don't know I don't know
anyway let's try this out let's try this
bad boy out
that's nice that's really nice ok so
imagine your disneyland if you've never
been to Disneyland what have you done
with your life is joking I the like
apples on a sticky note with caramel on
top I basically without the caramel it's
a green apple granny smith apple tastes
really good if you if you have granny
smith apples to eat them it's basically
the exact same thing it's pretty spot-on
and there's really nothing else on
inhale exhale it's just a green apple I
it's nice it's not anything different
than I've had I mean like how all the
Jesus what separates us from another one
really not that much but if you like
green apples then you're gonna like this
use a lot basically uh next up on the
chopping block is strawberry cuss word
and stuff I'm because right now this
fucking strawberry custard is so blah
blah blog I'm not gonna read that uh
that you'll have to say blah blah blah
mocking to read everything though a
smooth strawberry custard now we'll
start because trees a lot of ejuice is a
lot of brands for that they do
strawberry custards a lot so ah I don't
know if they're gonna change anything
with this maybe they'll have a new spin
on it I don't know but we'll see right
now this is my first time vaping these
so I mean a few of them I have been I've
been vaping a lot of Bam Bam and a lot
of bad idea but I haven't been vaping
any of these other ones can I get this
bottle off Jesus Christ what the thank
you for cooperating with me was it tight
I don't know what it's like they don't
watch us tape it they just like no no
you cannot fake this juice it's possible
all right so here we go
ah alright so strawberry cuss word is
nice get me wrong it's a nice all these
uses I'm going to be vaping are probably
going to be amazing I mean most of them
so bam bam may go down bad idea really
good juices okay strawberry cuss word
I'm not a big fan of it just because a
lot of other juices have done the kind
of the same thing it kind of tastes like
the same thing what you're getting is
strawberry custard it's the strawberries
are good it's not like a burnt
strawberry so it's nice i like the fact
that they did you know a good extract of
that it tastes really nice and the
Custer is on exhale you can die really
thick creamy custard at the at the end
but it's really kind of the same
compared to all the rest of them it's a
not very different but it's very smooth
and it's nice I like it a lot I it
definitely would if I if I never had
strawberry custard before I think this
is probably the best one but I've had a
lot of scrubber custards and they all
kind of seen the same but uh that's kind
of ant on that one but super good is the
last one take three super good foods and
mash them together for a super good vape
water Malone strawberry and Apple so
this should be pretty damn good I can't
wait for this one so this one I the ones
I've baked a lot like I said bambam may
go down a bad idea i haven't babe super
good at all yet so let's see how i like
it seems nice though it's got water
ballon and I love what I'm alone love it
I like watermelon a lot so let's see
about this
okay so the first thing I'm getting off
right now is the watermelon the water
Malone right off the bat that's the
sweetest thing I could taste then I'm
getting like a little bit of the apple
kind of mixed in with the strawberry I'm
already tasting the strawberry from this
I'm tasting more of the watermelon and
then the apple and then the kind of the
strawberries like faded at the end I
it's a good juice guys it's a really
good juice I'm liking it a lot I'm
a-comin to vape it more that yeah really
nice okay so that's the five went by
pretty quick but uh so here's super
goods bottle I'm loving the gold bottles
guys I gotta say I'm loving the gold
bottles uh your strawberry cuss word bad
idea may go down and bab I think my
favorite point out of all of them as an
all day vape I like deserty stuff I
bambam is really nice for like that
cereal blend I like that cereal blend a
lot a lot of companies do cereals but
this one very strong very strong it's
very bold and I like that a lot a lot of
other ones you get too much milk at the
end and it's like but the the fruity
breakfast cereal that's really nice the
contents like of fruit loops in a sense
a little bit like a fruit loops but I
bam-bams very nice i like Bam Bam a lot
I I like super good a lot because of the
watermelon it's very nice the rest of
them are super good but I don't like
strawberry cuss word just because
everyone else has done it I feel like
every single juice brand has to do
strawberry custard it just seems like
that's an overdone think it's either
vanilla custard or strawberry custard
like they have to do those two I don't
know but I this is luxe guys I hope you
guys enjoy the review um I'll give you
guys a link down where you can buy it in
the description box below I it's a
really really solid 55 juices though I
like them most of them I four out of
five I like it a lot anyway guys I hope
you guys liked the review guys I've got
the review I hope you guys enjoyed it I
hope you guys vape it I mean like if
anything get bambam get bam bam do it
now do it now get bad bad now get bam
bam now peace out guys have a great
night or morning where you guys live and
hope you guys enjoyed this review see
you guys later peace out

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