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Dapple Whip is delicious treat brought to you by The Lost Fog Collection. A sweet and sour granny apple is dipped into warm caramel and topped off with fluffy whipped cream. The perfect balance of sweet and sour, Dapple Whip is an excellent all day vape! VG to PG ratio: 60/40 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle Lost Fog Collection Dapple Whip BEASTLY BECAUSE Inspired by culinary art across the world, The Lost Fog Collection brings together the richest flavors the vaping world has yet to see. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of LOST FOG COLLECTION DAPPLE WHIP

Aurra vapors everybody here again with
another a juice review and this is the
new flavor from the most Fall collection
by cosmic fog DAP whip ok quick
disclaimer first of all as you all know
I work for a company called fake base we
are the UK distributors exclusive for
these this range the lost bog range so
as such do have a kind of vested
interest in this because we distribute
it however other as I've said in
previous videos if I'm not honest in my
review then you won't buy it and you
don't like it or it doesn't match what I
say and watch my review so it's in my
interest to give you an honest review of
this liquid okay so this one is it's a
30ml bottle they only cover 13 milk
bottles and the description is it's
basically a I'll read the full
description description
duh quit from the lost bog collection is
the latest in their study range of
juices and features of Thomas but juicy
Granny Smith up all dumped into smooth
caramel and finished with a dollop of
whipped cream okay so a creamy Tom apple
flavored with caramel it does come in 0
3 6 12 and 18 milligrams and the VG PG
ratio is 17 percent of VG 30 percent PG
obviously made with USP grade
ingredients and obviously made you know
in full for laboratory conditions being
cosmic fog and it also has been tested
and no hidden masses have been found so
as a clean liquid as well
so let's have a quick look at the
packaging it's very distinctive as you
guessed for the lost bog collection and
it's got this nice shiny green cover to
packaging to it as well so there your
loss Foulke double whip bg+ is say on
there for the cosmic full details ism
tobacco warnings on there as well and
some stuff over in on the back which
other tell you what that isn't now okay
okay this is very small writing so my I
said does have traceability on does have
the ingredients etc has a written
warning as well it would be nice calcium
the batch number is on the bottom and
the best before end date as well and I
think that these dark bottles as well is
even a matte black when you turn it
upside down you can actually see the
liquid contents in there can you see
that in there just about so it showed
you how much liquid you've got left
which is a nice touch to see because
obviously boxes like this you can't see
through them do have a childproof cap
there well Chapra lock should say it's
not a particularly childproof one of
those ok 30 mils of juice let's give it
a go
as always price exam build and we're
doing at 21.5 watts we'll do our 40
watts and that's 60 watts okay there's a
nice apple flavor in there it's
different because it's not you usually
cooked up or taste or you can be fined
up on it is quite a fresh tart apple and
you're getting hints at a can under the
camels quite stop it doesn't move a
Friday it works well with the Apple not
really getting the cream at know what
but the Apple and Canada working really
well together it's a good Apple taste
okay let's tail it 240 you get a little
bit sweeter bit more other camel comes
out forty watts and it's quite sweet
camel still with that nice tart apple
tasting it kind of the Apple so topic
enjoys a mouth a little bit
once its seller just a large tart apple
so you get a sweetness at the end
they're still not get much cream
although there is an element of
creaminess to it
so hopefully is going to come out when I
get to the 60 watt let's go there now
little bit more is needed on that corny
yeah so the cream starts to come out 60
watts not massively over creamy but all
the flavors really work well together
yeah it gets on the aftertaste get some
real creamy flavor to it so yeah it's a
when you exhale you get the Apple first
and the camel kits and then the
creaminess takes over so well made
liquid yet nice complex liquid that so
wholesale obviously and you can email me
or message me up or maybe more down
below in the description for you or you
can just go and go and do it online or
go and support your local
B&M your local vape store and get it
from there the loss Foulke collection
dapple wick check it out

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