Vape Review of Lost Fog Baie Creme E-Liquid (60ML)

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Lost Fog Baie Creme E-Liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Lost Fog Baie Creme E-Liquid (60ML)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Gourmet chef-inspired e-liquids that are crafted to surpass all generic flavors are exactly what this brand specializes in, and these flavors are no joke! Like the finest fusion cuisine, this is an vape juice blend that was intended to make your tastebuds scream in delight! Involving a splash of lilikoi passionfruit, a wave of tart acai berries, and a full dollop of whipped honey cream, surrender to the bliss that awaits!

Vape Review of Lost Fog Baie Creme E-Liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Lost Fog Baie Creme E-Liquid (60ML)

overdose face oils tight
here we are going down down down town
yeah doing it for you you clicked on it
you know why you're here babe a scream
this is Josh I'm Travis we're overdose
babes we knew juice reviews she she
goofy a juice yeah you know what we're
talking with bottles of booking
delightfulness exactly yeah so we have
done this is this is another juice in a
line that we had started before mm-hmm
there was only a couple juices available
at that time free yeah
well it's the last fall this is their
collection to Las Palmas populous from
the cosmic clock people yeah and this is
their last one collection I think
there's three maybe four but I believe
three yeah we did streak which was a
yoga strawberry yogurt
yeah remind us I'm running me and just
of the strawberry yogurt pops that you
get totally really good flavor and this
is this is Bay cream Bank Bank cream and
it's like creme the AES cream no no no
no just be a ie o baie not Bay's today
let me read the little product
description here first and then we'll go
close and look at the bottle yep no
okay so it says inspired by today's top
hybrid fusion chefs
oh no we've got some wankers going on
here so it starts off a little
pretentious but we'll move on a custom
blended whipped honey cream spiked with
the essence of sweet passion fruit and
topped with chart exotic berries bones
oops will be mixed in a high V G base
okay so let's stop there and that is the
complaint that Josh had the most about
the last juice the streak was that it
was not high VG in all reality I wished
it was a little thicker yeah I think it
was maybe it felt like it was coming in
at 60 40 if it was a 70
because the flavor was fuckin spot on on
the freakin just great and I'm sure this
is part of the same mix it looks pretty
thin as well but I mean who knows in my
twenty sixty something like that all
right yeah let's check out the bottle
then we can come back and take a look at
the lost bog collections Bay cream that
beautiful bottle hey babe a black with
silver gotta love it hey we're back
we're looking at the jus if it does seem
a little thicker than the streak which I
just wasn't happy with the thickness of
it I love the flavor if they thicken
that up i buy it again yeah me too yeah
I love the flavor of streaks I did yeah
so I'm so this one I'm looking at we're
gonna hunt honey whipped cream
passionfruit and mixed berries exotic
mix exotic okay the bottle itself is
nicely a beautiful boys got no problem
the other one I think was a gold gold
trend silver trim very good stuff no
prob it smells a little strong
we had a fruit side of it I would say
like I get really strong berry and
passion fruit smell yeah alright let's
do a twisted messes here the RDA
I got some crazy shit going on oh yeah
popping when I got on the old one
fifties to go there you go
in fates thicker it does it does yeah
it's guessing especially be so cottage
and it's decently densest yeah come on
fill it does I like the honey cream part
of it I'm not eleven the the past minute
of passionfruit yeah okay so let's dig
into this I definitely do like the the
honey whipped cream part of it is good
it is it is actually good it is what
they say it is it feels like a really
nice whipped cream with that honey
essence but then comes along this mixed
berry which to me tastes very generic it
tastes not exotic to me it tastes very
candy ish oversweet the passion fruit as
well I think is very candy it's very
sweet I don't mind the berries as much
as I mind the passion fruit I could
probably make this without the passion
fruit he just the berries and fucking in
the passion fruit I thought like it the
berries Amina I don't know it's nothing
special as far as I'm concerned yeah
especially mixed with that pastor
British it just it's too much sweetness
and too much flavor I guess I do like
the aftertaste like the like it the
honey cream I do like that part of it on
the ending I'm enjoying it because I
also get a lot of the honey cream on the
inhale yeah but then quickly followed by
that really intense fruit pretty intense
I just
dragon fruit me and just never really
gotten along very well and it's gotta be
a really righteous berry for me to get
down I just it's not the best I would
I'd much rather have streak and it makes
me wonder if they put a little more VG
in streak I'm gonna check it out
yeah streak was definitely the superior
flavor and yeah if you're looking for
one from the lost fall collection I
would go streak before bakery thumb shot
unless you're a passion fruit person and
a berry person because this tastes a lot
like other berries that
and so if you like other berries you
probably gonna like this as well yeah
and just does have that nice with
whipped honey cream absolutely behind it
was just really delightful that part of
it is excellent actually and I thought I
wasn't gonna like it because a lot of
times honey baby I don't like right they
come low grimy or yeah you know dirty
I'm gonna go 7.3 I'm gonna say six
that's it's I like the honey cream part
of it and that's the only reason I'm
actually putting any as high as it is
the other part of it the the fruit parts
of it are not well done in my opinion I
think that they're very generic and they
taste a little a little artificial it's
more like a candy kind of flavor to me
as opposed to what they kind of proclaim
it to be which is like this hybrid Top
Chef fusion shape it's taste more like
damn I win them all
can't win them all we did love Street
and will probably be grabbing the third
one and just pop it all yeah top it off
there's one called neon cream neon cream
there you go love the name great name
good I remember right when I read that
name I was like that's a great name for
a sherbert babe and it's a sherbert
cream kind of so I definitely want to
take a look at that sure yeah yeah keep
your eye out oh and I should say I did
buy this at my local being him at build
me sick I bought it with the sole
intention of doing this review because
we had already done one before whoa
there it is all right people thank you
so much for joining us we hope you had a
good time because we sure did go to the
Facebook group hit the subscribe button
and keep your coils tight keep your wigs

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