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Smores by Loaded E-juice lets you get ready to take a bite of a rich graham cracker sandwich with warm marshmallow and smooth chocolate in the center. 120mL bottle of memories for $29.99! We will do our best in offering you the best e-juice flavors and cheap ejuice prices. Thank you for choosing us to be your supplier of your favorite vape juice and vaping hardware!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of LOADED SMORES EJUICE

ruthless loaded illiquid s'mores stay
tuned welcome to the reaper Cornish
hello and welcome to the vapor
chronicles we are back and today we're
gonna take a look at an illiquid from a
company called ruthless now ruthless
made a whole bunch of other liquids
before and I think they're involved with
other they have other lines and other
flavors besides this but if you look in
the on the back of your the popular
loaded glazed doughnut liquid you'll see
a little ruthless logo now loaded my
local vape shop got it there hadn't been
reviews nobody was talking about it and
I was vaping it on the vape team and I
just knew that it was something special
it was special for a couple of reasons
number one it was delicious
and also it was a good value 120
milliliters for like thirty nine forty
dollars at a local vape shop I thought
that was pretty awesome
and so I've ate the hell of it multiple
120 ml bottles and you know the flavor
was you know a rich dessert bait like I
like was it a glazed donut flavor well
no he juice has gotten that Krispy Kreme
hot out of the oven glazed yet but it
was you know a doughy dessert sweet vape
and it was really really tasty uh it
blew up most people love it most people
really appreciate it and talk about it
and you know I kind of get a feel for
these things cuz I'm involved in a whole
bunch of groups and I get messages and I
watch videos and I can see how many
views things get and loaded glazed donut
was extremely popular well they're back
with another loaded and this time it's
loaded s'mores and I picked this up once
again from my local vape shop great
escapes in Cherry Hill New Jersey and he
always gets the newest stuff and when I
saw it took me like three days to get
over there but I picked it up and it's
been a day and a half and I'm down
pretty far so it's been really tasty
a couple of things to talk about I'm
gonna drip some of the liquid I'm
actually gonna drip the loaded and also
the s'mores and this is a s'mores review
but I have a feeling that you're gonna
want to hear what I have to say about
this so what I'm dripping it I am
dripping in the throwback Ellie a tea
from Lotus which I still love and I have
the brand-new rafail RDA X from ul I
have a dual Clapton building here and
it's hitting pretty hard so I have the
s'mores in there and then in this which
is just a regular John Ross series box I
also have a rafail in there so I'm gonna
bake both of them and in this I have
loaded glazed donut so let's do loaded
glazed donut first so I can get a little
bit of a fresh hit of it
little squeak little smack man it's a
squeaky lip smacker lacking day over
here in New Jersey so there's that
flavor that I'm well familiar with you
know it's it's kind of almost like I
don't know it's like a sweet doughy
flavor to me that's what it tastes like
to me now the s'mores okay I'm not sure
if it's the sweetener they use or
something in there is from the loaded
there's there's a piece of the puzzle
that's from the loaded in there it's a
good flavor it's just that can taste
that it since it's made from the same
company so there's a sweet little
there's some sweetness on the inhale
definitely get some marshmallow in there
the exhale is where I get all the graham
cracker and the chocolate flavor I get a
little bit of chocolate on the inhale
tube but definitely it's smooth soft
milky chocolate but marshmallow graham
cracker and light chocolate it's
freaking delicious I actually like the
s'mores better than I like the Lodi
glazed donut buy a lot and I love the
glazed doughnut so this is a really
tasty liquid what more can I say let me
drip a little bit more than that we'll
get out of here I don't want to make
this too long for you it's a just a
quick juice review and this is a juice
that I bought and I'm just trying to
share pass along you know my you know my
opinions and my preferences I know you
guys are all on a budget like I am and
getting 120 ml juice for 30 dollars on
the website I'm going to link you to is
a steel deal and
if it's a quality juice and it tastes
good I'm all about value fuck $30 20 $20
30 mil bottles you know those days are
long gone and this is the future and you
know what we made four times as much as
we did back in the day when we used to
go through I mean when I first started
vaping I would go through like five to
ten mills a day now I'm vaping 20 to 30
mills a day so you know juice has to to
increase in in volume and decrease in
price in my opinion
so seventy thirty seventy bg-30 PG
flavorful you can easily tank it it
hasn't really killed my my coils or my
cotton and gunked it up you know 70/30
has been great with like Atlantis coils
any of the sub ohm style coils are gonna
be able to wake this great and artis
great and rdas obviously changing your
wattage changing your temperature
settings changing your coils changing
your coil types that use the pre-built
coil all changes the flavor so you need
to adjust and play around and find that
sweet spot where you enjoy the heat and
the flavor pop that you get from your
liquid some liquids you know I like it a
certain way some some liquids in the
morning I like it a certain way in the
afternoon I like it another way so play
around just don't dry hit that shit
because I do it and it's not pleasurable
alright so click the link below go to
ejuice direct calm and you can pick this
up they do make you login to see the
pricing it's $40 with a line through it
so I think I heard it was 30 bucks
don't pull me on that but I know it's
pretty affordable the liquid does come
in 120 ml bottles and it comes in zero
three and six milligrams so for you
mouths long vapors or vapors that they
behind Nick level this is not going to
be a juice line for you I'm sorry I
apologize but it's just not should they
do it well
yeah but do they want to spend all their
money you know making bottles and labels
and everything for something they sell
such a small percentage of I don't think
alright personally I'd love to see like
a nine and a 1218 there you know I think
that the higher you go in the Nick level
the lower the amounts of people that do
it I mean I was a two pack a day smoker
and I was Nathan you know eighty
milligrams when I started but as soon as
I went sub ohm I was at sex because I
was you know I try to do 12 I tried to
do dine and I would get nauseous and an
upset stomach that was just me and you
know and I vape you know full flavor of
Marlboro mint balls you know two packs a
day anyway that's it thanks for watching
if you like my videos if you like
hardware juice all kinds of apes
subscribe to my channel you can also
find me on the bait team show every
Thursday night live or not also the
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when I'm when I'm doing my reviews and
I'm in the process I'll upload a video
of me doing that so it's sort of a
behind the scenes look and it's a cool
place to hang out get help get
information and the community is growing
I think in like three weeks we have a
thousand members and growing so it's a
great place to be and that's pretty much
it so I have a lot more content I've got
a lot of eight mail today so I will see
you more this week thanks for watching
and I'll see you soon

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