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By Ksenia Sobchak

Glazed Donuts by Loaded E-jucie brings a warm right out-the-oven donut, topped with sugary glaze. This is one guilty pleasure that you don't need to feel quite so guilty about. So, go on and stuff your face! Overload your tastebuds on sweetness and allow Loaded E-Juice to become your new all-day favorite!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of LOADED GLAZED DONUTS EJUICE

what's up peeps Mike Beebe's here today
we're going to do a quick juice review
and this juice was sent to me for the
purpose of this review from vape society
it is the juicer we'll be reviewing is
loaded glazed donut delicious juice
right here they come in 120 ml bottles
basically it's a glazed donut and I've
been like destroying it it's almost gone
so good stuff right here nicotine levels
for this juice our 0 3 & 6
and the price is $39.99 so 40 bucks for
120 ml bottle of juice prickle pretty
good so VG PG is 80/20 blend and the
profile that they have for flavor
profile is a doughnut sugar glaze
alright so basically it tastes just like
a glazed doughnut and another thing what
they have written down here is a glazed
doughnut spy loaded e-liquid which is
made by ruthless vapor I guess uh guys
we've heard of ruthless 120 ml is a warm
right out of the oven doughnut topped
with a sugary glaze and a hint of sweet
cinnamon so pretty cool alright
I'll be vaping it on my boxer sx350 J
with the twisted messes RDA and nicotine
level that I'm using is a 3 milligram
nicotine alright
stuff smells so good
it's like I just want to drink it and I
think I'm good on here alright
I vape this already as you guys can see
and I can guys tell you hands down this
juice is delicious one of my favorites
one of my tops right here this juice it
reminds me of I don't think I've ever
had like a Krispy Kreme glazed donut or
have you gone to like a Dunkin Donuts
and got their glazed donut tastes just
like it it's gotta be hands down the
best donut flavor I ever had for a
straight up donut a glazed donut flavor
the best you know very good stuff right
here I highly highly recommend it nice
it's the whole flavor of it is to
getting just a sweet glaze the doughnut
the cinnamon part is very very little I
really don't get it I guess it's just
there to enhance the flavor a little bit
you know I'm not getting that cinnamon
but um for a glaze sweet glazed donut
it's on point hands-down highly
recommend this one pretty good I think
that's it you know short quick video let
you guys know about loaded glazed donuts
good stuff here check out vape society
$39.99 great price alright so the
description below I'll have the link to
vapes vape society supplied calm I'll
have my Facebook and Instagram link and
I'll also have a link to casa org
because we all need to sign up the fight
for rights to vape all right thank you
and remember keep on vaping

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