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The Loaded E-Liquid 3 Pack Bundle is an incredible value and combines all three flavors from the Loaded E-Liquid brand with Cran-Apple, Glazed Donuts and Smores. NOTE: Loaded E-Liquid 3-Pack Bundle includes one bottle of each flavor. 3 Bottles - 360ML total.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of LOADED E-LIQUID | 3 PACK BUNDLE

what's up recruit and welcome to another
review video today's review is all about
four different illiquid flavors that I
have from ruthless and I've got a coupon
link for you guys down below you don't
need a coupon code it is a direct link
down below for some really good deals on
these flavors it's like I said I've got
four flavors that I'm gonna share with
you guys today I've got two from the
ruthless line and I've got two from
they're loaded line as well and these
are their brand new flavors they just
came out I've really been looking
forward to trying them so let's quickly
get into some pricing here so once again
follow that link down below right now
the loaded flavors are on sale right now
it crazy deal okay you can get a 120 for
$20 they come in zero three and six
milligram and these are all 70 VG it's
30 PG blends now for the ruthless line
these are $17.99 for 60 mil or $34.99
for a 120 they also come in zero three
and six milligram and they are also 70
bg-30 PG blends so let's get into these
flavors shall we
today my MA that I'm using I brought out
got out my good ol 44 from Drollet this
is the very first dna200 mod I think
that was on the market ever you can't
buy him I'm gonna be vaping all these
today at 55 watts using original recipe
recoils and the first flavour I've got
to share with you guys today this is
called Tropic Thunder Tropic Thunder it
is described as a tropical storm of
exotic guava and striking strawberry it
will take you to a flavorful tropical
paradise alright let's see let's see if
it does just that let's go tropics Samba
mmm that is really nice that guava guava
and strawberry are just kind of like
melding together in this they're almost
impossible to differentiate one from the
other really really smooth - I'm almost
getting like no throat I am vaping all
these today at 3 milligram and you are
getting that nice lovely sweeter guava
laver blending really nice that
strawberry strawberry is kind of like a
jammy strawberry almost like on the cusp
of going candy okay it's a nice sweet
fruity vape not too sweet but definitely
a little bit on the sweet side they're
blended really nicely the guava and the
strawberry it's a simple nice flavor if
you've been thinking about getting into
more like fruity vapes or more tropical
vapes this would be kind of like a nice
one to like bridge the gap okay so it's
not all like mango guava papaya all this
stuffed squab and strawberry a nice way
to maybe check out some fruity flavors
alright so the next flavor I've got to
share with you guys it is another fruity
one from the ruthless line this one is
called Striz II okay and Strozzi is
described as a perfectly blended a
liquid that consists of raspberry kiwi
and strawberry Striz II vape juice is
unbelievably flavorful and any fruit
lover can enjoy this all year long well
there you go there's the pitch let's see
if it holds up to their pitch alright
raspberry kiwi strawberry and another
fruity blend let's give it a go oh
that's really nice I could definitely
taste the raspberry I'm actually given
quite a bit of Kiwi off of this which I
like I'm definitely getting a lot of the
Kiwi first and that's a really nice Kiwi
I'm getting a little bit of Roz and then
that strawberry is just kind of chilling
out there in the base kind of supporting
all of the other flavors I like the
raspberry that they're using in this for
sure and these are all just like really
nice basic flavors okay there's nothing
like insanely crazy you don't have to
think about the sea like we're too hard
by any means it's just a simple fruit
blend and the berries are nice and
they're not too Barry okay sometimes you
can get a little bit too Barry yeah
absolutely it's still really nice light
easily could be an all day vape because
it's not too sweet alright so far so
good next up we're gonna try these
loaded flavors so the first loaded
flavor that we're gonna try today
is melon milkshake does say in this
little graphic here with a hint of honey
all right let's go melons okay Oh
interesting that is very interesting
definitely sweeter than the other two
flavors that we've been checking out
you're getting a nice honeydew here also
with like I'd say a vanilla cream I am
getting a little bit of vanilla and then
yeah there is a little hint of honey in
here although it's almost more of like a
I'm getting more vanilla than honey the
honey and of course the honeydew flavors
are balancing each other out okay you're
getting that nice little blend in there
and you've got that lovely like whipped
cream kind of like a vanilla whipped
cream base in there too definitely a
little bit sweeter so if you like
slightly sweeter melon vapes maybe give
this one a shot it's really nice though
ooh oh it's definitely curbing my sweet
tooth I can say that for sure
so yeah awesome if you like melons maybe
give it a whirl that like honey vanilla
it's just kind of lingers in your mouth
for a little bit it's really nice all
right and the final flavor that I have
to share with you guys today
from the loaded line is apple fritter
and I haven't had a good a really good
apple fritter vape in a while I'm gonna
diet and I can't have sweets
so I'm and I would love to eat an apple
fritter right now but I can't so we're
gonna bake one let's see how this goes
oh that is delicious holy crap oh that's
good really really really nice at first
I am getting that kind of like apple
compote okay that like apple pie filling
all right you're getting apples of
course like a nice tart apple with that
cinnamon and that like sugary you know
goo but you get with an apple fritter
and then you've got this really really
nice almost like a fried dough base okay
really kind of doughnut II definitely
sweeter I'd say that the bakery
component with this the spice component
and the fruit component are all really
nicely balanced
getting too much of any of those flavors
Apple fried dough mmm oh sweet a little
bit of cinnamon in there wow that's
really good that's exactly what I was
hoping for there you go guys those are
the four new flavors offered by a
ruthless right now just a huge thanks to
those guys for sending these my way for
review and to pick a favorite oh man
it's gotta be this apple fritter flavor
like I'm not even a huge bakery flavor
person I usually go for more like candy
or fruit vapes but this one is so good
it's so well-balanced yeah the apple
fritter is nice if you're looking for
like a nice dessert vape okay something
a little on the sweet side oh yeah go
for this one the apple fritter is it's
really good so like I said guys the two
loaded flavors are currently on sale for
20 bucks for a full 120 plus when you
click that link down below okay you do
get a 15% off discount and that's not
gonna show up until you go through
checkout by the way so you will see that
discount at checkout once again you
don't need a coupon so just click the
link down below and I don't get any like
kickback from that link or anything just
a cool thing that Ruth let's put
together for you guys so you can get a
little discount and if you're interested
of course I will leave links down below
to ruthless Instagram Facebook Twitter
all that stuff all their social media so
if you're interested give them a follow
links down below okay so that is it for
today's review thank you so much for
watching everybody and don't forget that
you can follow me on instagram and
twitter at rooby-roo vapes you can also
find me on facebook babe me if you gotta

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