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CranApple by Loaded E-juice brings tart sweet cranberries and ripe juicy apples together in this glorious fruity concoction. An apple a day keeps the doctor away...let's see if your doctor can be fooled by the sweet and fruity scent of this delightful flavor!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of LOADED CRAN APPLE EJUICE

oh yeah today's review loading crane T&S
only the best come on I'm coming that
child with a review no honey why didn't
you know I like the drip I like the drip
and drive I didn't rip your I like
observing walk you know that's what I go
50 wagons he ain't enough for me enough
it's like that you see that that's fine
hey I'm back I'm gonna do this redo like
I do all other team know state reviews
I'm gonna do this team test the fog
testing the taste test
then let me see if this hassle free up
too far worth the price good after that
I'm gonna see if this team most people
proved enough you with that not with
that Oh y'all let's get with that I've
been check this out loaded man nice day
baby but I'm just gonna talk about
loaded real quick this is loaded cran
juice kick this off right open the
package before I went to work back then
I came home and I'm like oh go ahead and
see what's going on what's going on
something new I ain't never had a crash
I ain't never had a cranapple juice big
fly had to go in and go in I did so I
was sitting in gear a doing reviewing on
my whole let me try the truck wait sly
just ride it that's the holdup scratch
that with you distant huge first cuz I
gotta let you I know what's going on
with the going on you know what I'm
talking about
wait let me get it here do this alright
so I got it loaded up in my Ruby 25
better growing up in the Ruby 25 man I
love this god damn mind I can't put it
down anyway
the Reuben 25 with the just drip drip
tip on there I got that full wrath Duke
age 20 I got that full rap to boil 20
grades man alright alright Jamie should
have a bottom look I know y'all like to
see the bottles and all that I don't
care I care about what's inside
hey it's a nice big bottle look at that
big giant 125 drop is gonna be crazy on
that concrete little slow up it's too
big 126 mg of course how clear that is
Wow no Steve time I ain't give it a
chance to speak budgets got this matter
of fact just drop so I had to get it out
there to y'all and Plus somebody the
group asked about it and when they asked
about it
anyway they put a little something on
there let y'all know how to stay in
Tesco with this full rap to the games
night 20-gauge night clone that's that
bad rabbit why man smack promised like a
night prone blend they put it down with
that man Brad why big shout out man
love you wired man pack a while last
level - man let me tell you about that
right there anyway
steam test guys stealing 25 smell it off
break oh great smell cray i smell apple
and i can still like I can smell the
cranberries cranberry think guys
distinct smell and I can smell it they
put some more near fuck up now this is
max DG guys I'm going at a 6 mg so it
doesn't tick one in trauma let you guys
know I love the way this cap go on man I
ain't got the line up the air hose at
none this Bobby more poppy morph here
that's what's up ain't scared to fit
it's gonna plow why I don't like to get
a new you know ain't gonna fit though I
ain't never been in the battery yet
anyway let me get in here with the fart
I'll be holding y'all I'm gonna be
badass and let yo get on with the kid
nor Donny Donny with the hell I take us
along Oh room Steve room tasty
now like I said the intro when I came
home and I said let me crap the bottles
captions going on going on man let me
tell you I went in I went in and I
changed my mom I said this review gotta
go up now right
it's definitely funky Mad Max PG man
this made by armed love it loaded ejuice
mad this is made by the ruthless guys
again think it's so mad I'm not sure
yeah it's made by the mukhlis guys man
out fear it on Cali Cali no I guess it's
a Cali California something like that be
close to it you know lean back with the
lean back from anyway I'm gonna get in
with the taste test let's not know what
I taste on this crappy how's everybody
doing that every night I've been in the
world man I love that man I'm feeling
good I'm looking good man I think I'm
looking good bullshit if I think I'm
looking good that's all that matters
right I'm happy with the appearance
that's the affair such that I'm happy
with we tell you man my dad yeah he's
shaved in about seven bucks
what'd I do anyways we get in here man
taste test yeah so I'll keep you guys
along with the going on you don't talk
Kisel break their diet coke guys let's
die coke in my gear right now what I
taste is I taste what it's a it's full
of taste like man I taste cran-apple
tooth like cranberry apple juice like
that Ocean Spray jump off you know you
want to clean the system and all that
you drink a lot of cranberry juice but
this right here is like the Ocean Spray
cranberry apple juice man tastes good
man it's on point like a sniper man
that's a home run they did a home run
with this right here man definitely a
home run with this one right here man I
ain't I can't take the fuck on it you're
gonna talk about this hassle free
guaranteed no doubt indeed I came home
you see how play the juices right I came
home I crack the bottle on twister kappa
i'm filled up unicorn i shake the bait
back let me tell you something guys look
man rave too much man you know in
committee to start rave about but this
room right here is half a site man this
song back back it ain't half bad size
it's right here it's on point like a
sniper man it's a homerun that's very
this is Barry Bonds educe right here
cran apple juice and that's exactly what
it tastes like tastes like crayon apple
juice now it's definitely hassle-free
man no Steve Tom needed him you know I'm
Stephen I is it up to par I mean no
doubt indeed man taste cranapple dude
that's what I taste
I don't taste nothing else man no more
no less I taste cranapple juice
I got a tick on intro no whistle on an
outro and that's with a 6 mg guys that's
a 6 mg
you know how many videos I posted to set
up and I got a crazy throat hit on intro
and I feel it on altro and people left
comments and we need to lower your
nicotine level or my nicotine level I
like nicotine that's why that's why I
used to smoke cigarettes anyway is it
worth the price now over here where I
got it from I got for premium big this is a team no steeper of course so it was about
twenty four ninety five is the sticker
price on that 120 ml bottle 2495 the
price is right - man come on down you're
the next contestant on The Price is
Right let me tape up that 24.95 but hold
up I can make that price better for ya
check this out if you use a coupon code
ten that's 20 and take 20% off that 2495
timeout let's go bring that joint down
low it's gonna bring it down low swing
low Sweet Chariot call it a trap it's
not that anyway it's hassle gray stuff
to park and it's worth the price is it
teen no staple food and that is the
if keynote speaker pool and you know why
cuz your boy the cloud angel the drip
angel Donny MS meetry says so that's why
to million Facebook guys like that's
kind of cool where I just made that up
this man for 20 guys in a bun that's
like your trip andrew is sitting on a
hop in the cloud angel heaven get a
little sense your boy the trip came to
dining M F and G says so that's why do
me a favor guys like comment share
subscribe get online but a glow stick T
and that's only the best anything eyes
letting the do on a Monday thank you 10
to 12 call it to the truth phone lines
open ain't no show without you and know
me and do me a favor guys whatever you
do don't panic
everything's gonna be I promise T&S only
the best

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