Vape Review of Little Dipper by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Little Dipper by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Little Dipper by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

Little Dipper e-liquid by The Milkman will rejuvenate your taste buds with this expertly crafted flavor. Imagine yourself vaping a freshly-baked warm homemade sugar cookie and satisfying your thirst with an ice cold glass of fresh milk. The warm sweet sugar cookie is masterfully combined with creamy milk for a flavor that just cant be beat. Satisfying and delicious, satisfy your sweet tooth and pick up your 60mL bottle of Little Dipper by The Milkman today!

Vape Review of Little Dipper by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Little Dipper by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

howdy fuckin Duty put his up and see be
suave fans or to host friendly
neighborhood Bieber's you guys having a
nice fucking moist night babes we'll be
reviewing the The Little Dipper or just
little dip or not even the Little Dipper
by a milkman eliquid Zoar the milkman
eliquid some producers what the fuck
it's called this was sent to us from the
drip Club calm so a huge shout out to
the drip Club % in our way but I'm sorry
description for you right now off of
drip Club calm and it says from the
milkman Little Dipper is the milk man's
take on a timeless a delicious classic
freshly baked sugar cookie dipped a nice
cool glass of criminal team it wasn't
shit I know at the max VG call the shit
is zero three zero three and six
milligrams of nicotine yeah we're just
kind of hopefully they get a 120 miles
it soon cuz it's pretty good on flavor
we'll go over that though 7095 yeah 1795
for the cost though ain't got no
discount code or anything neither oh
shit so what'd ya go over the smaller
game first really quick
smells like super straight bomb the
sugar cookie like me someone almost like
some a cappella sugar cookie that's your
version a nice creamy ass fuckin I got
ears like it smells like a bomb ass have
your cookie free sure yeah that's like
everything that that what was supposed
to be a
that ordered that Oriole one was a call
oh yeah golden yeah I think that's what
the golden cookie should have been like
when we just dead yeah really makes you
fucking like crave like one of like a
fuckin like a like a fuckin cookie dude
fucking eat some sugar cookies so well
baby this off of the smoked alien 98
IV a point one e-fuse Clapton's sittin
in here it's got a twenty six gauge
Cantor yeah can't ball core with that 32
gauge stainless steel outside 316l
stainless steel outside oh yeah max VG
used to say that off of the a milkman
one mm-hmm but maybe they got rid of
that maybe because they're either new
they're lying or because a lot of people
are giving him shit for them it's good
though I made like like fucking cookies
soaked in a glass of milk just like a
nice really creamy sugar cookie that's
how I can explain it it's nice and
creamy um then nicotine in it is a
little peppery it's not as bad as the
strudel Hass was the strudel Hass was
really hard should we haven't gone back
to try that one again I'd really should
yeah this one's not bad though this
one's I was I'm saying it's really good
the Nick teams old
peppery but it's not anything
overbearing nothing that I can't babe
yeah I feel like all I feel like it is a
truth three milligram on the nicotine
I like the drugs and stuff but it's just
a little more pepper than I want it to
be I could kind of feel it almost
peppery in my lungs that I don't know
but just me or what but I mean I can
almost like peace no you can feel the
pepperiness in your mouth but I mean
like in your chest can you feel any kind
of like peppery burning in a sense not
am I really not in my chest
yeah see freaking I feel like I feel it
it definitely tastes like a nice creamy
sugar cookie not bad flavors fucking
pretty good there's got like you said
it's peppery it's very nice on your
coils ii don't think it's overload it
was sweet or anything cause i mean or
dark of course but any juice is gonna do
that but uh they're not like really
gunky or cakey or anything like that and
I've almost made the whole bottle I
think I'd be more than half these
bottles don't come very full they come
like right to where like the bottle
starts rounding off here on top that's
like where they come filled to like all
of them I think that's why they really
like filling them in these white bottles
is just kind they can kind of under not
under fill them they are giving you 30
mils but they don't plug it to the top
of a lot of juice companies do so well
other juice companies are giving you
like a few extra mils so oh no free the
price and shit like 1795 it's good it's
not worth 1795 the 30 mo bottles they go
way too quick that's an $18 I paid 30
miles in a day so that's $18 down the
drain in a day basically if you think
about it so kind of on the pricey side
in my opinion if they really want people
to make they being affordable for them
to the point they're gonna actually be
able to bathe maybe even save money from
it or even have it be the same cost as
cigarettes you can't be spending $18 day
on a juice honestly you know I mean
you're just gonna rather go back to
cigarettes so they need to make a little
bit cheaper maybe encourage more newer
vapors people that are trying to get off
smoking cigarettes but they can't
juice would be too expensive for him you
know so but I definitely get like I've
been juice like a thumbs up like flavors
like pretty bomb like they did they did
a good good job doing uh doing a fucking
sugar cookie beep like a fucking other
than the price really like I think it's
like good I'd recommend it like cheaper
can't really say fully recommend like
buying it for 17 bucks flight like and
if you got it on sale is to find it
cheaper elsewhere go ahead and pick up a
bottle we'll check it out yeah it's fine
teeny teeny bit pepper just a teeny bit
though like a flavor gets like like a 7
mm mm I'm gonna give the overall flavor
on it I'm gonna give the flavor you
probably think it's 7 or an 8 the
flavors good on it boy never done that
gets like a 7 or an 8 it Stephanie a
very good cookie babe it's just pricey
and a little peppery that's all but I
definitely give it a thumbs up for sure
I'll definitely finish the bottle and I
mean complaints with it so yes that
wraps up the video if you found this
video useful make sure you help us out
by liking the video subscribe if you're
not ready browse that like button play
with it stay fucking moist stay tuned
for the next review deuces

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