Vape Review of Liquid State Sweet Leaf E-Liquid (60ML)

April 25, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Liquid State Sweet Leaf E-Liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Liquid State Sweet Leaf E-Liquid (60ML)

By Ekaterina Mironova

The sweetest leaf on the tree, this infusion of sweet, Georgia peaches, Southern-style sweet tea, and fresh squeezed lemonade is a mashup of refreshing taste! Straight from the Dirty South to your tank, this vape juice is equal parts charming and delicious!

Vape Review of Liquid State Sweet Leaf E-Liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Liquid State Sweet Leaf E-Liquid (60ML)

sup everyone vaping through and Sancta
tune in back to Dave another eliquid
review this time I'm gonna be looking at
sweet leaf this was from liquid state so
sweet leaf this is the face liquid state
juice I've tried I bought this off Moon
vapes with a Zed and propylene blow this
ice good size I use it and every now and
again when I'm buying juice some things
so they're pop a link below for them
that's where I got my own phone book of
course it's widely available being
liquid state and I believe liquid state
is made in the US it's made in the US
and apparently it's made by cosmic fog
vapors and this is a 30ml bottle three
milligrams of nicotine and as I said the
flavor that I've got today is sweetly
really like these are liquid state
bubbles just read isn't it nice red
bottle standout red and white and
obviously you've got your your logo bits
and bobs in a new ingredient some
warnings on the battle yeah a nice
eye-catching bottle and like I said I've
not had anything from liquid state
before so a fourth I'll treat myself get
something a little bit different and
nice little 30 more bottle there so
sweet leaf what is sweet leaf here's why
I bought sweet leaf I love ice tea mmm
I drink I see daily other than soft
drinks and fizzy drinks definitely my
favorite might go to drink on drink
nothing like that a drink I see and I
love peach iced tea absolutely love it
not a massive fan of lemon I see but I
will drink it but I do love a go peach
iced tea really I can't say no fun which
I enjoy a very refreshing drink and this
is an icy flavor the liquid face one of
art again so two fists so when I jump on
online I was gonna Google this and I'll
get you a flavor profile so sweetly feel
acquit by liquid state vapors liquid
state sweet leaf is a flavor Cintiq on a
refreshing iced tea and is characterized
by sweet juicy peaches and tart lemonade
so I have lemon and peach iced tea um
and yet I'll give you the give you the
lowdown on this today but how about you
dear like I see have you add and I see
and you liquid if you have if you know
any others by the way pop a comment
a massive on I see and I'd like to try I
feel as if I can get my hands on them so
if you're aware of any companies that do
a nice icy eliquid then give me a shout
out proper comment below and let me know
what type of icy like would you like and
today's review I'll be on the smoke
alien with the XJ RDA on top I've got a
dual console coil build in this tree
exactly point 2 ohms I'm some fresh car
and I've already drift as well for
convenience so we're gonna jump it I'll
have a vape and I'll let you know
exactly what we get called Imam cloudy
cloudy liquid again it said does it give
me the pg/vg on the bottle
let me see but I'm fine though I don't
think it says so easy yeah it's an
eighty eighty twenty massive masses of
clouds there now this one and when the
both it adds a smell of it
it didn't smell her I thought it was
been a smell it doesn't typically smell
like a peach I see I think it's the tea
like tea leaves like yeah I'm smelling
tea a little bit of peach but I did I
did smell it and I was like oh you know
I thought it would have smelled nicer it
was the smell literally like the peach I
see a drink but that's where the
negativity stopped because the I
absolutely love this stuff it's not a
sweet little that's all if anything
that's got a bit of sharpness to it and
like it says on the description there
it's a juicy peaches with the tart lemon
heat and you get in the tart lemon and
when I first read that I was getting it
on the back of the tongue guitar lamb
and I'm thinking this isn't this isn't
peach I see what's going on so I read
the profile I was like oh sweet peach
iced tea with a bit of lemon in it
perfect and it made sense and then as I
vaguely within about 20 minutes add it
in the guy'll beast in the baby beast on
I'm after 20 minutes of getting into it
and I've chained and I've shade and it
going going going
only a little bit left of captive for
the review and but yeah it's said on the
inhale you get in a peach and only
exhale you get in a tart lemon tart
lemon and break through the city what I
love about it is on the exhale and then
the aftertaste you know anyone who
drinks even see not just iced tea you
get that dryness in your mouth after
you've drunk tea after you've drunk I
see like a drying this on your tongue
you get that and you get a literal
sensation same sensation as though
you've just drunk iced tea it's a
delicious e-liquid on reason I'm
reviewing it is if you're a nice seal
over I totally recommend this and again
it's subjective though you know this is
it's just me and it's not for me to say
necessarily what's good and bad but yeah
this for me I've never had the idea and
I see never hadn't eaten by liquid state
and a very pleased with it and delicious
juice really good really good and that
that lemon that that's hot lemon on the
back that song is what caught me off to
be effaced I was thinking this isn't
what I wanted not what a for but then as
I got into it has me taste board kind of
raspily okay okay her name yeah now I've
got a little bit left and let's say
absolutely delicious mmm and yeah good
flavor like it's not in any way like a
strong eliquid because it's it's not
sweet it's not sweet it's got that
hardness to it a freshness to it it's
got the tea right through PG inhale and
then a tart lemon back of the tongue
exhale and then flavor in your mouth
like he literally just drank a peach
iced tea with a little bit of lemon in
it but if that's what you're street then
google and where you go from moon vape
sad it when I go before Christmas so
whether they've still got it I'll put a
link below though you can check out and
book definitely recommended and it gets
a solid forms up through me
and all day vape all day v for me
so I was sweet leaf from a liquid state
solid ICU liquid there very enjoyable
and for me it's an all-day or thanks
very much everyone for tuning in and
I'll be back again soon with some more
eliquid reviews

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