Vape Review of Liquid State Passion Punch E-liquid

April 19, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Liquid State Passion Punch E-liquid

Vape Review of Liquid State Passion Punch E-liquid

Whisk away to an island paradise with a bottle of Liquid State Passion Punch. Immerse your tastebuds in the warm tropical sun with juicy and luscious island fruits. An inhale of sweet and tangy passion fruit crashes on the shores of your tongue. The exhale of Passion Punch contains a fresh serving of sweet pineapples fused with garnish of citrus peels sprinkled on your palate. Be sure to buy a bottle of Liquid State Passion Punch E-Liquid (30ML) today!

Vape Review of Liquid State Passion Punch E-liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Liquid State Passion Punch E-liquid

we're here to do another one a juice
review so again as I stated in my
previous video this is gonna be a run of
four I did previously record this and
found there was no sound so I'm redoing
it again now I still have not looked at
the company's description of this juice
so a list of their description up here
but I'm gonna let you know what I'm
tasting as I meet but this is this is
liquids States passion punch this is a
30ml bottle at 3 milligrams of nicotine
as you can see you have all your
warnings and labels on the side there
and your SKU looks just like that I'm
gonna be vaping this today on my mini
can 1.5 with my recoil RDA on top at 50
lakhs let's go ahead and get this a
smell I really really like that it
doesn't have that overpowering tropical
punch smell if I compare it to anything
it's not going to be a hawaiian punch is
something we're gonna be like a minute
made of fruit punch it's when I first
tasted this you could really taste that
there were natural fruits not candy
fruits which I think helps with some of
the citrus flavors you're gonna get from
a child over for not being overpowering
or give you any kind of throw him
this is a really really good tropical
fruit you can definitely taste there's
some kind of like orange a pineapple and
there maybe even a little bit of
strawberry if the melody of the fruits
they're using really gives it that nice
natural tropical taste and I really
really enjoy it smooth on the inhale
smooth on the exhale great cloud
production so for me this gets to thumbs
up as always you can find this at
premium vape you can use the
code vwm 10 to save 10% off your order
other than that that was it for this
review I hope you guys enjoyed it if you
did please give it a thumbs up leave any
questions or comments you have down
below and as always I hope you're having
an amazing day or night whenever you're
watching this
stay tuned to the next video and until
then beep on

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