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By Ekaterina Mironova

This refreshing orange treat is inspired the Sunshine State, Florida. Crisp orange sherbet is filled with vanilla cream to create a perfect balance of sweet and tangy! VG to PG ratio: 80/20 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Liquid State Orange Dream BEASTLY BECAUSE Liquid State is line with daring flavor profiles consisting of unique deep and complex blends. As part of the cosmic fog family you’ll feel right at home with this delicious variety. These flavors will have you so worked up you'll be seeing red for sure! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of LIQUID STATE ORANGE DREAM

hi guys welcome to my review for orange
dream by liquid state Oren Stream is an
80/20 VG PG blend is available in 15 and
30 milliliter bottles and nicotine
options are 0-3 6 and 12 milligrams
liquid state describes Owens dream as a
refreshing popsicle that transports you
into the warm sandy beaches of the
Sunshine State
crisp orange sherbert coats the filling
of wit vanilla ice cream creating a
smooth and tangy treat dreams really do
come true
vaping dreams that is so let's see how
it tastes guys oh wow ok so before I
start the review as much as I love
orange vapes I very rarely have the
chance to read them because that don't
they're not as often or common as what
other flavors are so when I do get an
orange it's a rare treat and it's a
treat I love now with the orange it
makes party sounds and I digress so with
but there are stream the orange dream or
the orange flavor is very there in it's
very very nice it the orange tastes like
a homemade ice lolly popsicle wherever
you come from I'm gonna call it a
inland and we call it a lolly up here so
if the my American friends I do
but yet the orange flavor does taste
like homemade orange cordial it's you
get that water there's a water element
in there that just kind of weakens it
down a bit but not too much Tynan with
that though is the sherbet flavor the
sherbet flavor isn't isn't very
in-your-face at like but it's very very
nice it ties in with the orange really
really well with the sherbet as well it
seems to develop more at the back of the
throat and on the exhale it clings to
the roof of your mouth and you want to
lick the roof of your mouth with your
tongue and it lasts for quite a decent
amount of time all right that's from
this vape I've just had I can still
taste it now it's really really nice
in terms of the ice-cream it's not as an
in-your-face ice-cream as it could be
perceived as you could think it's kind
of like the second flavor or a second
flavor down the orange in the show but
is very very prominent and the ice cream
is just there is an undertone doesn't
add much of a dimension but there's a
very very slight cream element and it
goes over the top of your tongue more on
the exhale than anything now in terms of
a vanilla flavor there's not much a
vanilla flavor at all and I'm getting
more of a creaminess than anything
that's perceiving as the ice cream
flavor for me there's not much of a
knife am sorry this for me there's not
much of a vanilla taste there at all
the orange and the sherbet a very
prominent and the cream is like a
texture more than anything
the overall it's a really really nice
flavor I do like that sherbet tie-in
with the orange II just adds a degree of
Tang that the orange kind of lacks in a
way the orange is an orange flavor
there's no it's not a genuine fruity
orange element if you were looking for a
fresh fruit flavor here at all it's
nothing like that so it is like a orange
cordial flavor slightly watered-down
you've just got that sherbet background
which it just ties in really really well
I really do like its flavor the fact
that it's knowing that I can't taste
vanilla I can kind of forgive because
there is a lot going on with the flavor
anyway so I can kind of forgive a liquid
state for that and some people may be a
bit annoyed by that but for me there's a
lot of flavor here already going on for
me it doesn't need a vanilla flavor it's
just that creaminess is coming along
just fine and it just adds a texture
what the flavor does need so yeah
overall a really really decent juice and
so yeah guys that is the review them for
orange dream yes so and where was I oh
yeah so as usual I hope you found it
informative thanks very much for
watching and I shall see you soon
okay's bad looking for there is fake
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right now peonies ice cream is very very
creamy then the ice cream is very very
sweet as well not when the st. very very
sweet it's not overly sweet not
overpowering not going to make you tea
stained nothing like that it's a nice
element of sweetness tied in with our
ice cream

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