Vape Review of Liquid State Coney Cake E-liquid

April 23, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Liquid State Coney Cake E-liquid

Vape Review of Liquid State Coney Cake E-liquid

By Ksenia Sobchak

The classic taste of Coney Island fun in the summertime! A boardwalk fave, this decadently delicious vape juice consists of sugary carnival cake, topped with rich vanilla bean cream, and finished with a sweet drizzle of ripe strawberry and blueberry compote!

Vape Review of Liquid State Coney Cake E-liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Liquid State Coney Cake E-liquid

what's going on vapors welcome to my
review for Coney cake by liquid state
Kona cake is a 80/20 VG PG blend it's
available in 15 and 30 milliliter
dropper bottles and nicotine options are
0-3 6 and 12 milligrams liquid states
description of Kona cake is delicious
soft cake topped with powdered sugar and
rich vanilla bean ice cream that's
finished off with scoops of sweet berry
compartes made of fresh strawberries and
right summer berries so let's see how it
tastes guys mmm that's interesting ok so
the first thing comes through made me
for me is the ice cream these ice cream
is very very creamy then the ice cream
is very very sweet as well not when I
say very very sweet it's not overly
sweet not overpowering not going to make
you teasing no nothing like that it's a
nice element of sweetness tied in with
our ice cream and with the ice cream as
well it's I say it's very creamy it
bushes over your tongue really really
nicely it also it makes it a very very
light texture but the flavor itself is
very very it but it's very boastful
in terms of berries the berry and the
strawberry in the blueberry isn't there
as much as I'd like there's a element of
tartness coming from the berries
themselves I can't really give it to the
specific fruit because it doesn't really
taste like a strawberry tartness or
another berry or a blueberry it just
nothing specific in my opinion and
overall the very presence is not there
at all
which is a bit frustrating really
considering it supposed to be an ice
cream and with a very calm part that's
how it's described and it's just not
getting that very calm pop flavor come
through at all it's not as apparent as I
thought it'd be it's not apparent at all
over the ice cream in my opinion is the
main event here it's overpowering the
flavor but saying that the ice cream
flavor is really really nice in my
opinion it's one of the best ice cream
flavors I've had for a very long time
it's says genuine as you like it's light
it's got a nice light texture to it but
it's really it's got that element of
punch to it or light the fruit which I
don't which is knowing really because
it's supposed to be that ice cream of
berry combo and it's just not there in
my opinion so really if you're looking
for a creamy ice creamy flavor then this
is one to go for but if you're a fruit
lover with that element of ice cream
then you're going to be slightly
disappointed with this because for me I
can't taste the fruit bat or it's not as
apparent it's not as obvious as I
thought it a bit I said I thought it'd
be a slap in your face bang yep nice
fruity elements and otherwise I thought
I'd get a nice degree of tartness but
it's barely there and yeah it's to me
this is just an ice cream flavor it's
gonna divide this is I think
but in my opinion a flavor that doesn't
deliver the flavors it describing is a
fail for me and as nice as the ice cream
is it's it's not good but overall the
ice creams nice berries
what berries so yeah there we go guys I
hope you found it informative and thank
you very much for watching and I shall
see you soon
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on the exhale the zingers and the butter

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