Vape Review of Liquid State Cali Colada E-Liquid

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Liquid State Cali Colada E-Liquid

Vape Review of Liquid State Cali Colada E-Liquid

Because ordinary doesn't fly in Cali, this is how a colada gets done in the ‘Golden State!' The classic colada vape juice gets amped up with the addition of juicy mango, tart pineapples, and just a touch of delicately sweet guava. Sit back, relax and get laid back!

Vape Review of Liquid State Cali Colada E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Liquid State Cali Colada E-Liquid

all right vapors everybody bigger again
it got some what we do to you and to
from liquid state very kindly sent to me
by the guys at vape club as fake Club
coda you gay and they send you these
through to review we have got Callie
colada and cowboy cobbler a liquid state
they named their liquids after space in
the US and also a kind of food or a
taste that's associated with that state
or at least they've tried to it's
bottled in the US and by cosmic fog and
then it's so it's then given to liquid
state now it says the US company but
looking at the bottles the bottles let's
say that it's sold from Dublin so I
Irish so I'm not really sure about that
bit confusing it's made me USP grade
ingredients there's no information as to
whether it has been tested for any
hidden nasties etc but yeah so I'm USB
grade ingredients is all eighty percent
VG there's no option to change that
mixes drinks in getting in is zero three
six and 12 milligrams and a 15 milk
bottle ever can just dig the information
out here is going to cost you 899 from
fake club ok so the one we're going to
start off with is the cowboy cobbler and
this is based on Texas taking
inspiration from a traditional text and
dessert cowboy goblet features a tasty
pomegranate pon me granite and blueberry
cobbler that's decorated with a crunchy
graham cracker crust and finished and
finished and the dusting of cinnamon
finished with a dusting of cinnamon as
both of men say okay so as always with
my reviews and we are going to be doing
this or 26 I'm build 21.5 wats 40 watts
and 60 watts okay let's go to go then
there's no information as to whether
these are being tested for any hidden I
see no need a cell etc
okay taste-wise what we got coming
through is am definitely getting a
graham cracker cross and then the
blueberries there as well should get
this grand crack of flavor not really
getting the cinnamon yet and I'm not
getting the pomegranate but the
blueberry and the ground crack are the
ones are coming through low what forty
Watson little bit of cinnamon it very
very light does the wind says a dusting
it is is a really subtle cinnamon there
and that grand clock is a really good
taste blue breeze really good
pomegranates very subtle at the moment
it's there but it's very very subtle the
blueberries a little bit stronger okay
let's take it up to 60 watts really
bring out that grand crack across that's
a good flavor this is a nice sweet
liquid good dessert flavor bloob isn't
it the pomegranate again is still very
subtle and that cinnamon is just a light
dusting as you can see eighty percent PG
so it is certainly creating a fair
amount of vapor okay so we're going to
look at the bottles on the next bottle
i'm going to review because the exactly
same except for then obviously the name
of the liquid okay so that was um from a
liquid state that was cowboy cobbler
let's have a look at the next flavor so
the next plane all equipment is cali co
Lara there let's just have a quick look
at the bottles you get an idea of what
these boxes are what they and our kind
of matte red finish which is again and
aren't the way that people are now
playing around with different colored
bottles it's giving me a little bit
reproach with a color-coded drop on the
top there childproof caps on there nice
and we look at it there's cali colada on
the pitch one we have Ozzy cowboy
cobbler not peach from monitor ok and
then on the back there we have a written
warning with the ingredients also
traceability where's bottle then that's
where you'll find the information about
it comes from Dublin like ingredients
there written warning and then some
various warnings on here with a tattle
triangle covering this warning sign here
there's near enough CLP compliant it
just doesn't have a batch number or at
best before any date anywhere on it and
I said look on the bottom so then we
have a quick look on the bottom just see
no it has the bottle size on the bottom
doesn't have the VG p d ratio written
anywhere either not that i can see ok so
there's the bottles quite attractive
looking bottles what we're going to do
is obvious 10 try this one out and let
me just dig out the flavor profile cali
colada now set at the drip result cali
colada is a death is definitely a
laid-back fate that's based around a
creamy tropical pina colada taste I
characterized with juicy fruits
including mangoes pineapples and guava
okay so pila kalila taste you're really
tropical taste coming through it's got
all the elements a getting the mango
getting the guava and definitely getting
that pineapple in on the sharpness of
the piloting so again this one is
available in through zero three six and
12 milligrams
yeah not so much of the creaminess
coming through that they've gotten a
flavor profile by those three flavors of
coverage it's got a real tropical taste
to it they've got 240 awesome yeah it is
the fruits give it a creamy kind of
taste it I can't taste any cream coming
through not not yet i went 40 watts at
the moment i'm picking out the mango you
can pick out the different tasting that
the guar with a mango and the pineapple
and as you can see stacks of a
production up for an eighty percent VG
liquid okay let's take it up to 60 then
I'm going to just like a little bit more
on the drug there see it's nice and easy
to use these trippers they and the
actual droppers themselves you know
sometimes you can get really squeeze you
want these odds are quite firm which
gives it a good tactile feel to it okay
here we go 60 watts there's a creaminess
to it although i don't know whether it's
cream weathers of cream is rounding all
out then you've got the three
distinctive flavors that we mentioned
earlier coming through so if you like
your tropical liquids if you like your
tropical tasting liquids if you like
pina coladas then liquid state a cali
colada well worth looking at big thanks
to vape club for sending them out thank
you very much don't forget to check out
to the new everyday weight that everyday
vapor website as everyday vapor doc coda
UK link will be up on the screen also
down below lots more information and all
reviews are categorized I've done on
them so thanks very quick center out
liquid state check them out

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