Vape Review of Liquid State Apple Butter E-liquid

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Liquid State Apple Butter E-liquid

Vape Review of Liquid State Apple Butter E-liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

Caramelized apples baked to perfection and dusted with cinnamon: that my friends, is the essence of this indulgent treat that will give you a serious apple pie fix. Deliciously smooth, succulent, warm, and brimming with apple flavor; grandma's pie has nothing on this vape juice!

Vape Review of Liquid State Apple Butter E-liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Liquid State Apple Butter E-liquid

today I bring you two flavors from
liquid state hey there ladies and
KJ and EO is back in the house this time
I bring to you an illiquid review of two
flavors from liquid states they're
manufactured out of Southern California
I want to give a big shout-out to Ian
thank you so much for sending me these
to review they were sent from vape
society supply the prices and the sizes
they have three different sizes
available a 15 mil bottle is $9.99 30ml
bottle is $18.99 60 ml bottle is $24.99
and if you decide to order in the
comments tell them KJ an do sent you
their way
alright this shipping I decided to place
130 mil bottle in my basket and do a
fake check out and it looks like
first-class shipping is 3 dollars and 35
cents Priority Mail shipping is five
dollars and 56 cents the ratio is an
80/20 blend of both these flavors so
that's ATV g20 PG nicotine Sphinx
available r03 and six milligrams I have
mine in 3 milligrams today that's what I
prefer there are five flavors in the
liquid state line and they also released
a liquid nation line which there are
three flavors I'm just going to go over
these two today the ones I'm going over
are Coney cake and apple butter the
flavor intensity I would say is slightly
above moderate with these flavors are
caso moderates in the middle it's just a
little bit higher than that they're
definitely all-day vapes
you're not going to get sick of them if
you like the flavors that I'm going over
definitely not gonna bother you to vape
them all day so check it out you know
alright so you can purchase these from
vape society supply calm I will put a
link to them in the description down
below so you can easily navigate there
and get your own bottles today the first
flavor I'm going to go over is apple
butter and here's what it says for the
description over Advait society supply
apple butter a juice by liquid state is
the flavor inspiration of Washington
State the nostalgic flavor of grandmas
old fashioned apple pie is comprised
of caramelized green apples baked inside
a warm flaky pie crust and topped with
pinches of cinnamon sugar you will be
blown away on how delicious apple butter
is so sounds good so it's like an apple
pie type of thing and I just got 15 mill
bottles I wish I had bigger ones because
I haven't been able to sample them and
that much that I've actually been
sitting on them for a few months you
know all y'all know I recently had to
move so I'm just trying to like unpack
and figure out where I'm at so I'm at
apple butter right now is where I'm at
let's do a smell check yeah I'm
definitely getting the caramelized green
apple pie crust there's like a pinch of
cinnamon just like they're saying in the
description it's not a lot of cinnamon
it's not like a cinnamon overload or
anything all right let's do a taste test
yeah I'm getting the caramelized green
apples I'm definitely getting the pie
crust it's a little bit light the
cinnamon is in the back end there okay
it's cinnamon sugar okay it's not just
like raw cinnamon it's definitely
cinnamon sugar there's a sweetness that
goes along with it okay all right so
this flavor I have loaded in the
mutation X version for oops wrong mod ha
mutation X version four on top of the
limitless luxe and let me make sure
she's all juiced up and ready to go for
you guys I actually got um all five
flavors I just chose to do these two at
first because they're both kind of
deserty flavors alright here we go so
I'm at 84 watts it's a straight bill 22
gauge wire five wraps dual coil and
resistances coming out to point one two
here we go
Wow really delicious really really good
smooth on the throat smooth out the nose
exhale definitely gonna have to drip a
little bit more on the way in of mostly
getting the caramelized apples okay
that's like the first flavor that hits
me all right then after that on the
exhale you're getting the caramelized
I'm definitely getting the cinnamon
sugar okay the flaky pie crust is very
very light okay
very tasty flavor very solid flavor and
I know where I'm at I'm gonna give Apple
butter from liquid state a kg and EO
flavoring uh four and a half out of five
I would have given it a full five if
that flaky pie crust was just a little
bit more evident to me it's just it
could be a little stronger I don't know
that's just my you know taste remember
tastes they're subjective everybody you
know we all taste different things and
we sometimes prefer them in a different
way you know so that's why I'm out of
four and a half and the vapor production
I'm gonna say to the very end okay that
being said let's just go on to the next
flavor right about now the next flavor
I'm going to go over is Coney cake and
by the way these are glass bottles
childproof dripper caps I really like
their labeling design it's very simple
to the point let me show you just real
quick what it looks like
really nice design I really like the red
balls too even though you can't see
through them and you can't tell how much
liquid is left they just look nice they
look different you know so Koni cake
that's what we're at right now and
here's what the description says coney
keiki juice by liquid state is the
flavor inspiration of New York the
mouth-watering dessert of slow churned
creamy vanilla bean ice cream with a
handful of fresh strawberries and
blueberries don't forget about the
sprinkle of powdered sugar on the very
back end it's all ready for you in a
30ml bottle dog I was reading the 30ml
bottle description remember they come in
three sizes so it looks like liquid
state they're getting like tastes from
all different states okay I think that's
pretty cool it's unique all right let's
break this open and do a smell check
yeah I'm definitely getting the
strawberry and the blueberry
I think the strawberry just a little bit
more than the blueberry the vanilla
beans they're definitely and powdered
sugar can't really smell that but you
can tell there's a sweetness that goes
along with it there so let's do a taste
test yeah I'm getting strawberry I'm
getting blueberry definitely getting a
little bit of vanilla and that powdered
sugar has definitely at the end like my
mouth on my mouth I'm tasting like what
would normally would be powdered sugar I
mean it's very similar to it okay all
right this one I decided to put in a
tank I just got a new tank and I have to
review it yet it's coming up for review
and it's the OBS engine right here that
everyone's raving about so I put a
Clapton build in here dual Clapton's
there a traps
24:34 I think is the wire I used and the
resistance is 0.34 I'm at 88 watts here
we go
nice smooth on the throat smooth out the
nose as well just like the first one
this flavor is really good you know me I
love like bakery type flavors I like the
first one too don't get me wrong but
this is definitely my favorite of the
two on the way and I'm mostly getting
the strawberry maybe a little hint of
blueberry again and it just as soon as
you're done tasting the fruits on the
exhale the vanilla bean is right there
through the whole rest of the exhale and
now left on your tongue is that powdered
sugar at the very very back end really
bang in flavor right here I love this
I've been dripping it also and I'm
really getting about the same flavor out
of this engine then I went out of a
dripper it's really a good performing
RTA really man really banging flavor
right here and I know where I'm at I'm
gonna give this flavor at Coney cake
from liquid state a kg and EO flavor
rating of 5 out of 5 that's what I feel
it deserves it is really good flavor if
you like the flavor profile I mentioned
totally pull the trigger and get this
flavor both of them actually they're
both really really good so that about
sums up the flavor rating on to the
vapor production we go right about now
these are an 80/20 blends so they're
definitely gonna clot up quite nicely
you know the way I do it one this way
one that way I'm gonna go with the
engine I turned it up to a hundred watts
here we go nice dense clouds that drop
down they definitely stay in the air I
mean it's an 80/20 you know here we go
here's one for you guys out there in
YouTube land really nice indeed great
vapor production so I know where I'm at
I'm gonna give the vapor production of
these flavors a kg antio vapor
production rating uh four and a half out
of five that's what I feel they deserve
okay really good flavors I have three
more from this line I also have the
three from liquid nation coming up gonna
get to those as soon as possible but
that's my take on apple butter and kony
cake from liquid state head over to vape
society supply calm and get your own
balls today definitely recommend it
double thumbs up KJ and I yo approved
guys thank you so much for watching
y'all have a stellar day be excellent to
each other and most of all remember me
I'm KJ Andy oh your host for the most
take care and I'll see you on the next
video peace

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