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Sweet Washington apples slow cooked to caramelized perfection and blended with spiced cinnamon. The result? A taste that rivals your grandma's homemade apple pie. VG to PG ratio: 80/20 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Liquid State Apple Butter BEASTLY BECAUSE Liquid State is line with daring flavor profiles consisting of unique deep and complex blends. As part of the cosmic fog family you’ll feel right at home with this delicious variety. These flavors will have you so worked up you'll be seeing red for sure! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of LIQUID STATE APPLE BUTTER

how's it going my cotton killers all
good I hope so
I'd be having a good it's bear with me a
sword so what do we have today
not a bad little juice at all
I've been vaping on this one on and off
for about three weeks now and I'm
enjoying it it's very nice it's the so
many juices that are done of this flavor
profile I find you know they're just
there's 10 to the Dozen really is
there's so so many I've had some really
really nasty ones where it's felt like I
was vaping puke and yeah not nice and
I've had some pretty good ones as well
this one's up there with the best of
them so yeah it's good it's very
enjoyable very smooth but I'll go more
into detail as I vape on it and
obviously do a bit of a smell test for
you so why do I keep doing that I said
another little fucking tick I've got
today sake my lips what we're doing that
for don't even do that right
another thing I'm going to try and stop
so every video we're doing is a new
little twitch what the fuck
anyway right today we have liquid state
why do i we'll start off with the name
of the company as well right I'm gonna
start that one again and I'm gonna do it
like this all the time only try to this
is apple butter by liquid state American
juice very lovely lush red bottle
beautiful lovely labels really like the
bottle on this sort of design very nice
very clear flavor ratio sorry
the mix ratios on this is an 80/20 a EVG
so it's very thick very very very much
for the drippers blend comes in zero
three six and twelve Nick and the flavor
profile for it is apple and cinnamon
however when vaping this personally
there's so much more going on than just
the run of your meal apple and cinnamon
and yeah again I'm digressing on getting
ahead of myself it's quite an exciting
juice very enjoyable I've really enjoyed
this one in fact I've got another bottle
upstairs so I'm pretty chuffed I did pay
for this myself okay so I haven't been
gifted this or anything I paid for with
my own money a night support is for my
local vape shop but this is widely
available which it's you know they're
stocking it everywhere nowadays it's you
know it's like your space Germanotta
thinkest it's going to be one of those
that's just you know it's it's not gonna
cook would kind of thing but they're
much about so smell test
smells Mouse smells like grandma's house
grandma's kitchen lush apples so sweet
and crisp lush apples apples for days
this stuff is really Apple II you do get
the slightest bit of cinnamon in the
background and you also get a
caramelized note as if the apples have
been caramelized where once have been
cooked the you know cameras and a pan
with some sugar because they've got that
caramelize no which is pleasant very
nice smells
banging anyone that's an Apple freak out
there's gonna be all over this lot white
on rice I'm tellin ya so Oh already
dripped on this one so we're ready to go
I've got some aliens in here again
six wrap off side jewel blardy blardy
blar comes out at point zero nine on a
two point five millimeter screwdriver so
some some favorite production for you
thick beautiful thick dense really thick
clouds clouds icing comps whatever yeah
this is the stuff you need to take me up
this has been my arsenal definitely this
Chuck's big time so I think there's four
or five of the flavors on the liquid
state line and I'm not too sure of what
they are if you want me to review them
put in the comments below review liquid
state and I'll get the rest of them in
on the inhale straight away on this one
you get that lovely tart apple it's not
overwhelming its its ban on it's just
just right I get a pastry crust in the
background as well I'll tell you what
this tastes like
right and this is pretty much on the
money identical McDonald's apple
strudels right you know those things in
the little long wrapper the air got the
sugar on top
and that yeah the strudel you know what
strudel is but yeah but Donald's Apple
strudels they've got like that mushy
Apple in the middle when it's like
spiced with like a bit of cinnamon and
maybe a bit five-spice I'm not sure but
definitely cinnamon and it's got that
black Brown Demerara sugar sprinkled on
top this is what I get when I fake this
it's got that lovely strudel tart taste
to it
very pleasant it's beautiful our fuckin
love this stuff
silky silky smooth on the throat silky
smooth coming out the nose no bye no
rasping us nicotine is proper top-notch
stuff really good quality ingredients go
into this you can just tell when you
vape it you know there's no harshness
whatsoever so yeah this is available in
a lot of places but if you struggle in I
know you can get it on the vapor club
online you can get under born ejuice
online as well you know it's everywhere
though it's you know it's not rocking or
shit you can find this anywhere alright
guys so that's it for this one if you
want to get older me or contact me
anything related long as it's not sexual
it's long punch kid at I'll
leave it link in the description for
that and also what else was I going to
mm-hmm I've got a brain fart right okay
yet please subscribe like share comment
all the usual and yeah I'll see you on
the next one guys keep it clean real
clean con Gillis

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